Assa Afflock needs to go

The most brainless zero skill comp since Ret war fistweaver, except it’s twice as strong and ten times as c*ncerous.

Dispel? Dead
Dont dispel? Whole team dead
Go rogue? Afflock 1shots
Go afflock? Rogue 1shots
Go healer? Your healer is one shotted.

Stay far? Step garrote dots, you just rot to death. Random proc damage stops drinks permanently. Warlock is unkillable, and you literally cannot leave them alone.

Like this comp is so disgusting and I genuinely do not know what to even begin to do Vs it?

Assa, boomkin, afflock, mage

The literal 4 horsemen of “if this is good, the game is unplayable”. :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

Any healer tips on how tf am I supposed to beat this? (And no idgaf about ur sub 1,5kcr 50/50 win rate ahh “it’s not op” comments if you play one of the aforementioned specs)


The comp is absolutely disgusting and it just feels like there is no counterplay. No surprise that last session was against this comp every third game, fotm rats never fail to deliver.

What felt best to do against this was to avoid stacking and mainly focus the rogue, but with cc on the lock (and swaps if he overextends, or uses defensives offensively). As broken as assa is, it at least is thankful that they aren’t tanky.

Would also be interested to hear if others have found some counterplay against this, or even better if some decently rated assa/affli player could chip in and say what they struggle against.

Only way to win this its to spam cc lock and kill rogue.
But you have to win sub 2.30 min otherwise its gg


Thanks, that’s what I thought. But yea definitely feels to be on a very short timer before it’s auto loss…

At least, unlike the previous poster, you understand how to beat the comp ! Good !

Also you’re not on that short of a timer. It all comes down to what you play yourself (that should have been obvious). I have faced teams that we just couldn’t kill as Assa Affli for 6-10 minutes, and they just win us in the end because they are way tankier in dampening (Assa takes too much mana to heal in damp, and Affli self healing starts to be irrelevant).

But yeah if you play like Disc BM DK or such other pet comp with Disc, you will lose in 2min, that’s unavoidable.

We play sp/outlaw/pres, so yes of course I get that’s kind of asking for a hard time. We usually need high damp to win meta comps, but the outlaw pve numbers are heavily lacking so it gets really hard to keep up with the unending assa/affli pressure.

I was mainly looking for some general advice against assa/affli (other than get a better comp), or confirmation that we at least have the right idea on how to play against it. So thanks for your reply!

just curious why what the differnce with pet combs? can assa or affli buff its dmg against pet combs or what is it? :slight_smile:


hate facing this comb too but i play alot of boomy/ele which does not seem to do good against that comb :smiley: so maybe im biased

its hard to heal through thats true

Assa does, and significantly so.

First, you get energy back when Garrote and Rupture deal damage to poisoned targets. If there are many pets you will apply those bleeds to pets passively thanks to Indiscriminate Carnage, and since you use Fan of Knives a lot your poisons will be applied, so you basically have infinite energy.

Second, you get a set amount of Combo Points per builder, +1 if you crit per target you crit on. So, if there are 5 pets and 2 players and you use Fan of Knives you get 1 CP for using it, and then since you have like 50% crit chance on Fan of Knives, you will get 3-4 additional CPs. So, you already had infinite energy, and you also swim in CPs.

And last but not least Assa has a talent that gives it 4% bonus Agility for every Rupture active, up to 20% bonus (5 targets). Essentially 20% flat damage increase. When there are pets it is easy to keep that up, so you do way more damage.

Combine all these reasons, and Assa loves pets. It is also why Assa loves people who stack as you can still grt a lot of value from what I described on 3 stacked players, with the added benefit of easy stuns or silences.

And that’s why the advice against Assa is to play very spread out, snare him and force him to cross the map over and over while he dies.

Do you use poison cleansing totem vs assa, and if so, do you try to hold it on for specific moments, or just on cd?

It’s the most BROKEN and EASY to play comp in the game. It’s not even close how ridiculous this comp is

Today i had a similar comp in shuffle in one round, affli uh (preservation)
Well, both healer has 200k+hps, and I had 245k hps. Dps had 130-135k dps both!
It was so fckin hard, so there is some disgusting comp too :smiley: (im mw so i can handle afflictions every 1:30 mins but soulrot has 30 sec cd so…. XD

think its better if the comp stays good so the last 6 remaining players on retail who still spam play this comp can have a sense of accomplishment playing something absolutely braindead and prove that the game is just a joke when you can get r1 with this comp playing on a cinema screen with no mouse


It’s simple all affliction / assasination haters , if you don’t know how to play against the comp , don’t talk.
For example , Whaaz and other good people on the ladder just beat us cause they know how to play against so if you are here to perma crying cause you guys are hardstuck low , don’t talk thanks.

Go cry for the RMPs player or Ret/war/fist players just perma tunelling 1 target ( haha zugzug brain ) or the Dh/Boomy / X more broken than assa/affli.

Thx <3

Is PvP only balanced arround what the best team in the world can beat or not?

If they should face Hunter x x and buff Hunter until echo cannot beat him anymore

I don’t even know who you are. Holy fk the game must be omega dead.

I mean it’s Normal considering affli is good 1 season every 15 years xD

He is always on top of the affliction player leaderboards usually, probably the last freak with wallirik playing regularly this spec in this game.

How exactly is it balanced if it can’t be beaten ?

I remember when chan/whaazz they tried assa affli last season and they were literally giggling at eachother every game because of how simple and unfair it was. Whaazz would literally just go around 3 targets put bleeds on them and thats it, thats the entire skill expression of the rogue in this comp you go around 3 targets bleed them garrote them and occasionally you do your cheese oneshot with smokebomb. Meanwhile the warlock standing in 1 spot 1 fake 2 fake doesnt matter just cast if you get kick cast 3 sec later get full dots on entire team everyone dies and then drain life for 50k hps+.

The easy to success ratio is very high with this comp which makes it as broken as it is rn. There might be better comps and comps which can beat assa affli but every game you know they put in 500x more effort than the assa affli unless maybe the other comp is fire assa rmp.

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Yeah so then they need too tune everythink arround the best player in the game win 50% against comb xy, could that actual mean good balance?
I was just kidding arround but maybe it would be something