[A]<The Brotherhood of Might> LF Casual Heroic Raiders

The Brotherhood of Might is a casual progressing raiding guild with a good social flow. The guild has been around since Vanilla.
We have people from all ages, experience and countries. We are all mature players, that respect eachother and help eachother where needed.

Our main focus is getting the curve and dip our toes in Mythic raiding. While doing this Fun is very important.
We run Mythic+ and do any other fun stuff like old content and achievments.

Castle Nathria Normal 10/10 - Castle Nathria Heroic 9/10
For the rest of the progress you can check us out on raider.io or wowprogress.

To join for raiding we do ask your commitment to the team and the guild.
This includes getting ready, contribute, be active, help others and most important are in for the long game !!

Raid Times - Casual:
Wednesday : 8 PM CET to 11 PM CET (20:00-23:00)
Sunday : 8 PM CET to 11 PM CET (20:00-23:00)

We are looking for healers and DPS.

Are you a experienced or a new player, you are all welcome.
And want to join an fun an relaxed group ?
Please contact me or in game or add me to Bnet: Tostie#2772
You can always apply through the ingame guild finder.
Socials are more than welcome too.

See you here!

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We are still looking for people for Mythic team.
Casual team is 2/10
Hardcore team is 6/10

Casual team is now 6/10 N.
Mythic team is now 3/10 HC.

Casual team is now 9/10 N.

Casual team is now 1/10 HC.
Mythic team is still 5/10 HC.

Casual team is now 1/10 HC.

We are still looking for nice an good players

  • Casual team is now 5/10 HC.

We are currently in need of a Tank for our hardcore team!
We are also looking for DPS for both team!

  • Our progress is now 8/10 Heroic.

We are currently in need of a Healer and DPS for our team.

Hello, I am currently in a bad spot with guild. Me and couple of my friends were raiding with them and they started to fight and argue and everything fell apart. We are currently looking for guild and would like to join your guild if all above is like it says. Two of my friends already have a curve and I’m 9/10 at heroic. You can check my raider io and logs under Raggadubdub, and one of my friends, Nolo as mage. The third one has a name with some of those markings above some letters and I’m not sure I know which one is, try Zeppa. He has druid healer and hunter as well. We are all 3 very friendly, speak english and are willing to help out with gearing up, mythics, and raiding as well. I also have monk tank/dps (still learning a bit about tanking) i can switch to tanking if the guild needs tanks as well.

Looking for Good and Fun people to commit to our raid team!

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