Auction House extremely slow/laggy

I’m playing on Gehennas Horde, and i can’t even use the AH anymore. Just getting Internal Auction Error.

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Big yes to Retail AH into Classic, it doesn’t affect any game play anyway.


I play on Mirage Raceway and AH, mail and vendors have all been extremely laggy today and ah gives me internal auction errors if I don’t stagger my ah posts for like 5 seconds.

There is no more Authentic Experience from the beginning when we got the SL engine. We wanted a 2007 year GAMEDESIGN, but not all of the lags related to 2007 eng restrictions of code and hardware. They made dynamic respawn + layers, even NEW deluxe w/o a game. But why still use the OLD auction house? Also, it was working OK before the pre-patch. I’m playing not on the overpopulated server, but it is laggy at all times (2 am, 10 am workdays). Why do we need to jump on the same rakes as retail users? Or we need to wait 10 more years to get the Authentic Normal AH release date? Are you kidding, right?


I’ve not visited the AH since the restart but it’s supposed to have had improvements. No idea what kind of impact it’s had.

We’re aware of issues with the Auction House on some realms. This includes lag that some players are experiencing as well as the behavior of posting excessive single items to overwhelm the Auction House.

We’re working to address these issues.


there are again millions of 100 x 1 cloth/ore/herb auctions, it’s impossible to fix it.

Blizzard should change AH to new SL system, no need copy/paste broken things from the past which never worked well.

It won’t make TBC gameplay any easier/different, you’ll just spend less hours sitting and waiting on lagged AH until 50 pages of runecloth are reloaded after each stack you buy.


Imagine scanning 45 pages of Netherweave cloth to get more scans when trying to buy something as it is already bought during the previous scan time.

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Totally unplayable.

Before fix you still can use AH early morning or late night.
Yestarday and today its just dead, every second search i get “inner auction house error”, and reopening laggy AH npc.
God pls help little indie company Blizzard to ban all accs that put millions of cloth by 1 and optimize their code base.


It’s less then 100k rows. It’s nothing for modern systems.

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exactly …lol.This happens everytime so I skip cheapest offers and buy next one.
But unlike in BFA, in TBC classic I am OK with 100x1 something becasue even my L60 can’t afford to buy whole stack of felcloth, material has much bigger value in TBC.Also I need use addons like Auctionator to be able find cheapest offer.

That’s why Blizzard should implement new (SL) AH system ASAP and do not wait again 10 years until working fix.

AH still unusable. Every day it gets worse and worse.

lol ah in the evening is just terrible, ok I got used to lags, but now the “internal auction error”? really? wtf is this? can’t even search, sell or buy items, cuz this error freeze whole ah. At first I thought it was ah addon that was causing this, so I turned it off and everything was good… until today.

Today I tried to search for some item and got that error multiple times, had to relog or reload… even after this I got that error at my 1st attepnt to search something on ah… lol

I even turned off all my addons and still got that error.
I can’t help devs and tell them what is causing that, sorry you need to fix your game by yourself.

The usual PR drivel. Nothing has improved - on the contrary, there are now constant error messages. Blizzard will do it as usual and do nothing more - just wait out the problem.

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fix the damn auction

its getting worse

It was so slow this evening :frowning:

These same issues existed in Retail to the point they had to redesign the AH. It’s all the stacks of items in 1s. Floods the AH.

Please just bring Retail AH into TBCC! Old AH can’t handle the amount of spam, certainly new one will fail after a point as well but it’s alot more stable than current.

Old AH can’t be fixed completely, it’s just polishing something to a workable level sadly.

NO! If you want retail qol, go play retail.


Still not working. “Internal auction error.”
Revert to before your ‘fix’. It was slow but at least it worked.