Auction House extremely slow/laggy

Please fix the auction house… It’s extremely slow and literally unplayable…


are you some kind of troll? this has to be a joke right ?


You’re choosing to play on a server that has a lot more players than intended, obviously there’s going to be consequences to that?

Not sure why you’d think I’m trolling or anything? Other servers don’t have this problem.


Your argument is high pop servers shouldn’t have a working auction house, even though blizzard is a multi million dollar company. Also People have friends / guilds and are attached to a server and they should leave when something stops working?


My argument is that this is the kind of thing you should probably expect when rolling on the highest population server in a region

It sucks that there’s lag, but at the same time, I have a hard time feeling sorry for people playing on that server, because they still chose to roll there, despite the knowledge that the server is extremely overpopulated, so you kinda brought it upon yourself


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I have seen claims that Blizzard throttling the AH but that may be just in relation to addons for the AH, it’s slow to use atm but still works. On Retail they eradicated a lot of the issues by changing how the AH works and not having a gazillion stacks of 1. That defininitely slows things down but I guess it’s also part of the authentic experience.


No, I’m just of the belief that most people are babies and should learn to take more responsibility for their actions

I’m assuming very large servers will have some lag, because I’m not some naive child

And because I’m not a child I also understand that how much money blizzard makes is irrelevant


I agree. AH is extremely slow. No addons used. Been like this more or less since pre-patch was introduced.

What’s up Blizzard?


agreed. this should be fixed asap


People are still blaming players for playing on servers that Blizzard lets them play on?

Servers being overpopulated is 100% Blizzard’s fault - they should lock servers that are too full to stop more players adding to the problem (and that includes alts) and offer free transfers off them.

But Blizzard wouldn’t do that because it helps keep the number of servers they need to a minimum, they’d much rather have huge, bulging servers that have some negative impact on its players than open the wallet.

They should have done this long ago on retail so we didn’t end up with these ridiculous, only-servers like Draenor, Kazzak and Silvermoon, and they’re repeating exactly the same mistake with Classic. It’s truly unbelievable.


Your logic is faulty. We are customers paying for a service, thus we expect it to be working properly. Would you accept your internet connection suddenly being slow and laggy or your streaming service switch from 1080p to 240p when it was working fine earlier? I highly doubt it.

You can’t blame people for playing on an overpopulated server. It’s not the customers responsibility to make sure the server limit is maintained. Forcing people to migrate away from servers is horrible. They should never have been allowed to get overpopulated in the first place. But of course Blizzard is making money on server transfers, especially if a certain server is getting “hyped” up.

In this case, the AH was working fine earlier in classic, even with a large amount of players. Something is different now.


A little late, but to be fair, AH servers and regular game servers are most likely two separate beings.
The issue I think classic has is all the 1xitem auctions, which retail in general doesn’t have anymore. I appreciate the 20 pages of 1xLinen Cloth auctions.
This is probably something that is easily fixable, but most likely not a priority since it works.

AH Lag just keeps getting worse. Currently having to wait about 20 minutes after purchasing around 30 auctions

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still so slow

Very laggy. Barely usable.


Any plans to fix this ?

This needs to BE FIXED


Very edgy brah.

Weird, because this only started after they messed with the AH at the end of Classic.