Auction House extremely slow/laggy

It’s beyond bad, I can’t even log out after buying and closing the auction house

This can’t be ignored…

I’ve been trying to buy Runecloth off the AH for days, the only way to get a stack is to use an AH addon due to the thousands of 1 runecloth, which takes 10 minutes plus to scan.

I’ve asked in chat and no one will sell any due to the low AH price, about 1 silver above vendor price. so about 1 gold per stack. They just vendor it.

I’ve even stood in honour hold yelling I’ll buy it for more than vendor price.

my god you’re insufferable. just go away


We’ve made some recent changes to this with the recent restarts. How are you finding things at the moment - any improvements?

Rest assured it’s something we’ll continue to monitor and work on as needed.

For more info about other recent fixes, be sure to keep an eye on the hotfix blog here:

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searching is way faster now

It’s still almost unusable on Gehennas.

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The auction houses don’t usually suffer from server population, what’s probably happening is that there are a lot of people who post 1 item stacks, creating a very very very large list of posted items on the auction house.

These 1 item stack posts then drastically slow down the auction house addons that scan the auction houses for price changes, because instead of having 1 stack of 20 which the addon has to scan once, there’s now 20 stacks of one which the auction house needs to list individually to the Addon when someone who uses it presses the ‘scan auction house’ button.

Now this is usually no issue, but it’s not just 1 person that’s scanning the auction house, there’s usually a whole army of them at a time and the Auction House database is constantly trying to list 1 item stacks to several people at the time, which costs a lot of performance because of the sheer number of items to report on.

This was a huge problem in Retail when people started posting items in stacks of 1 and was basically unfixable until Blizzard decided to redesign how the whole AH worked from the ground up.

If your server has a lot of 1 item stacks on the AH, that may just be your culprit

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its completely unusable, doesnt even work anymore.



doesnt matter if I test now since it never lagged during these times… waiting for prime time…

Searching for items is extremely slow and in some cases (large amount of auctions) impossible.

Purchasing items seems to be a lot faster than before, although not instant as it was before pre-patch.

Server: Gehennas
Time: 14:10 Server Time

Much faster on Pyrewood Village.

Still laggy on gehennas.

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I just looked on there and I didn’t find it that laggy, just a second or two. If you want it to be instant then you will be disappointed.

I think it’s more to do with a huge amount of single item auctions and people scanning all the time.

It still runs horrible on Pyrewood alliance. Like absolutely awful.

Runs fine for me.

awful on Gehennas, can’t feel any difference

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Even worse than before on Gehennas. Now we get ‘Internal auction error’ all the time.

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You also forgot this. Still not available:
JUNE 7, 2021

  • [With regional restarts] Nether-Stalker Mah’duun in Shattrath now offers a non-Heroic daily dungeon quest.

It is a little better but still bad on Gehennas.