AV premade - instant kill boss ? no towers - 2 min game, PVE ZERG

Blizz u can’t let this one slide…

they just rushed our boss without towers and just went mythic raiding on him

so much for “epic battleground”…

nothing epic about this,


And you just let them?
What does Stormpike insignia exist for?
Vanndar hits like a truck with 4 marshals.
You just needed to recall with 5 people and could have wiped them in your boss hall simply by AoE stunning them.


its a premade vs pugs dude

I mean, I just lead a random team with a 2 man premade, just a warrior tank and me plus 38 randoms, and we pulled off a boss kill with 4 bunkers up. It makes no difference if it’s a premade or not. The Bosses yell across the whole map when they are attacked. You have plenty of time to react and recall with insignia. A rush is telegraphed af, the opponents don’t even bother taking stuff except the last two GYs.

Today only 4 alliance players were smart enough to recall and help their boss. If there were more players, we would have gotten into serious trouble.

I view it as a failure on the part of the team that fails to defend their boss, same thing in Ashran. You have to be vigilant and watch out for flanking opponents. If you sleep, you can blame yourself.

The fact you can kill the boss with everything up is bad design. I had this happen too 2 days ago. Literal pve raid mythic boss.


Only under the condition that you have the entire team follow you, you have enough tanks and healers, nobody does anything incredibly stupid like pulling a commander into the boss room, and the other team does nothing to interfere.

There are so many “IFs” for a rush to be successful that you can blame the enemy team if they let it happen.

I dont know how much we can blame the enemy team vs probably a full premade. Boss with 4 towers/bunkers should pose a bigger threat. Him basically tickling the enemy tank is stupid to me.

Av with 0 kills both side, over in less than 5 minutes is bad design if you ask me.


This is what they claim, but I’m not so sure about it. As I said, I pulled it off today with just one warrior friend and 38 random players in the team.

Even if it was a premade against them in that round, what actually is a premade? Premade players are more organized, disciplined and have higher control over their group composition than the average casual, but they are just as vulnerable to disruptions if they go for the boss with 4 towers up. If it is a premade of multiple synchronized groups they are of course cheating the queue system, but they are not unbeatable.

A DH who recalls and stuns everyone in the boss room with chaos nova can almost singlehandedly wipe the group if he does it at the right time, or a rogue who sneaks in and smoke bombs the tank with a stun so he dies and the boss can’t be tanked anymore and has to be reset.

Now imagine what would happen if 10 or more players simultaneously reacted to their boss being attacked, used insignia and went in to defend their boss and wipe the attackers. They would completely wipe with 40 people, be sent back to square one because they capped nothing while your team has capped at least the two towers in the front and iceblood / stonehearth GY. It is very hard to recover from such a blow.

I’m not here to defend premades, but rather to raise awareness for the defensive potential of the stormpike / frostwolf insignia toy, which is btw completely free.

If you play chess and get checkmated but have other moves available to you, but don’t use them, you can blame yourself for losing, right? This is how I view getting rushed in Alterac. The game gives you tools to counter strategies like these. You have to react
in time, not stay in offense and do nothing while your boss cries out for help across the whole map. If you get rushed and don’t react, it’s because of sheer laziness or ignorance. And if you are lazy and disregard tactics, you don’t deserve to win.


Insignia spawns you near the gy, you’d have to a recall all at the same time or you’ll get slapped by the few ones guarding outside. I can just get into the room and ill be lucky to have 1 global left before im dead.

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Communicate with your team more. Warn them about what the opponents are up to.
Opponents have tapped no bunkers, didn’t go for Balinda and are also not in defense? They are very likely rushing. Then it’s up to you to organize the defense. You can ask for the RL and write something like “use insignia on my signal.”
Or even just warn your team without being the raid leader, at least be one of the people who does it right and does something to defend their boss instead of sleeping in offense and not lifting a finger.

The health pool of NPCs has not been increased with Season 4 and gear has become much stronger. When more players swap out their honor gear for conquest gear / trophy gear, it will become even easier to kill the boss. Rush tactics will become a lot more prevalent on this map, it is important that players learn how to counter them.

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So basically 1 team was afk and the other was gaming and won because of it? Well, that needs to be fixed asap. We can’t have that.

I was there in your AV in the morning where we rushed boss. I think it’s just a stupid tactic that shouldn’t be possible. Bad game design and nothing epic about it. It’s basically turned a whole battlground with 80people into a coinflip. If your side has enough tanks and heals to rush = win. If not = lose. great gaming experience indeed.

With bad game design like this there is no chance of winning if don’t have enough tanks and heals to rush. I was there. Didn’t feel like a great gaming experience at all to waste 16mins in queu to have some nice (epic) fights only to see /rw to rush boss and zugzug for 2mins. But I guess the random bg modes are no place anymore for random casuals and new players. Therefore the problems will solve itself when there’s not enough players anymore.

Ofc, you can win. You can easily wipe them with half your raid while the rest takes their towers. And then your are at a big advantage to actually win the game. Even without tanks.

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I do have the feeling the amount of premades in epic BG’s have gone up a lot. Just from seeing how the enemy teams plays. Like perfect coordination, guard in every tower, rogues sapping/rooting out tanks on the way to bosses, always the exact amount needed to hold a choke. Standbye teams to take back the GY when it’s captured and the rest moves on.

It’s just getting very proficient from ‘random’ guys compared to a few months back. Not just AV and it’s a lot of games in a row with really have no chance of winning and being completely overwhelmed.

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If you are running low on tanks, you can play defense. It’s still a viable strategy and leads to an AV match with actual PvP battles over bunkers and GYs.

Or you can buy a cheap shield for honor and go prot. This is one of those instances where paladin tank is actually not bad because it’s just PvE tanking. One tank and something like 3 healers are enough. Most random teams should be able to pull it off.

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At this point AV is a dps check battleground.

i wish i was in charge to fixing AV for a month, id put up polls and stuff, and constantly changing the % hp, %, dmg, damn timers for controlling towers and GY, more way to delay the rush games and make it an actual pvp game

If you want to PvP in AV, all you have to do is get the raid leader and ask for 10 people to defend Iceblood tower. Also make sure everyone has frostwolf insignia before the round starts so you can recall later. You stop the other teams rush and it turns into a fight over towers and graveyards.

Bruh, thats not even pve mythic raid as there you have plenty of mechanics you need to watch out for. In this case its more of a LFR raid :rofl:

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If there wouldn’t be anything epic about this, there wouldn’t be an achievement attached to it. Stahp cri and git good.