AV.... wtf happened to horde performance?

Firstly, I am not complaining.

What on earth has happened in AV? Gone from winning as horde pretty much consistently all TBC to getting absolutely wrecked every single game. 0-14 so far since FvF went live. Any simple explanation?

EDIT game 15 is finally a win, queued into 19 russians.

Sounds like you are complaining tbh
Thats what insta q and change of meta does to bg, atleast thats my theory


Asking for an explanation is not complaining. If a kid asked you why the sky was blue, would you say “sounds like you’re complaining the sky is blue?” :slight_smile:

That in no way explains ~why~ the tables have turned so dramatically in one BG.


Well, suddenly other bgs became easily available, tgey suddenly can be somewhat premadable, i think alot of good guys that were farming av before are running somewhere 5 mans somewhere, and ally are losing more other bgs so they are trying av now, kinda seems like sides have been switched atleast for short time

Alliance are playing in premade in Alterac Valley, on Discord.

You, are playing with random PUGS from nowhere, with 0 coordination.

This is why you lose.


Maybe EU players have started premading AV, as in queueing at the same time and hoping they get inside.

Even 15 people (servers doesn’t matter, they use discord) can easily secure a win

I’d say it’s a change of meta due to same-faction BGs.

Purely speculating but it could be any of:

  • More horde tryhards are 5 man premading other BGs, so you have a more casual group in AV
  • Alliance tryhards are doing AV for more chance to get their welfare box
  • Instant queues on horde make people give up easier
  • Instant queues mean players prefer other BGs
  • Alliance have been seeing more success over the last 2 weeks, which has inspired them to try more, and they are more receptive to leaders telling them what to do
  • Horde have adopted a rush strategy, but Alliance seem to be slightly favoured in rushing
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The bit that’s most surprising is that typically alliance are roadblocking us - no rush involved, they’re wiping us between IW and SH then farming us all the way south to drek. As you say that could be because ally can’t rely on 10-15 man premades for wins anymore so queue AV as lots of 5s.

blizzard just needs to ban all the premaders, they know it’s against the TOS and are doing this regardless, blizzard just bring on the banhammer and wreck em

How is that against TOS?

we won all classic, its time for ally to win in tbc


lol it’s abuse of game mechanics, blizzard already banned people in the past for that, they repeatedly blocked the bug that allowed premades to get into AV

It’s just that Alliance are learning tactics similar to what Horde have done in Classic and now Horde dont know how to counter it yet.

You can’t prove they queued together so you can’t ban em

I have never heared about ban for premading, ever
And i think it is working as intended, same as it worked in original tbc
And the fact that they fix it before, do you think every horde that is jumping around iw bunker should be banned?

you’re wrong then, go do google search. Premading AV is not allowed

I googled it real fast, found nothing do you have any link?

The premade I am in we are just queing in groups of 5. With like 100 or more ppl, we are not sniping games or anything like that, it’s all done randomly. Most games only have max 20 premaders in them. How is that banable?

It’s not a true premade since it’s a bunch of people queueing at the same time and hoping they end up together which is very unlikely

then watch out because a fix is already coming lol you can screenshot this