Azsharas and Sylvanas real plan (SPOILER)

(Zarao) #1

Azshara: We have a bargain, then. I will bring both fleets crashing to the ocean floor, and your champion will deliver the dagger to me.
Sylvanas: And in turn, you will have the key required to free the Old God from his bonds… and leave him vulnerable.
Azshara: You wound me, Warchief. After all, I am as dedicated to my master as you are to your subjects.
Sylvanas: Indeed. Just be certain that once you have what you need, you dispose of your guests. Let none of the “heroes” escape.
Azshara: I admire your ruthlessness, Windrunner. It seems our interests are aligned… at present.
Sylvanas: At present.
Azshara: Treacherous Banshee! Do you think I am blind to the darkness you seek to unleash?

So basically, they were working in tandem to get N’zoth out of his prison, and vulnerable enough to finish him off.
Guess Azshara wanted so to become the lone ruler of their armies, while Sylvanas is doing so serving this vague “Master” or Death Entity.

Also, the fight dialogue points at us allying with Azshara:

Submit, Azshara! Beg forgiveness for your failure! Your betrayal!
Insolence only prolongs your agony! You will break, or I will carve out your defiant tongue!
Impudent underling! You will… address me… as queen!
More likely, Xanesh… Azeroth’s champions… will be the ones… to silence you.
Release me! Only I possess the means of defeating N’Zoth!
Mind your tone, whelpling. A queen keeps her promises. Listen closely, as I will only say this once.
For all his bluster, N’Zoth was ever the weakest of his kin. One vestige of their power yet remains that can be turned against him.
I would have driven this blade into his foul heart myself… had you not disrupted my plans.
No matter. Xal’atath is yours, mortals. Strike true. Should your first blow fail, you will not survive to attempt another.

So…the one Kerrigan’d wasn’t Sylvanas. It was Azshara.

Or maybe i guess its more like Illidan in TBC.


Azshara is probably more like Grom then. There’s still plenty of room to give Sylvanus the Kerrigan treatment.

(Däkär) #3

So… Azshara, the embodiment of pride and vanity. A person who would bargin with the Legion and the Old Gods just to see the world rid of “lesser races” so only she and her handpicked servants would live and rule Azeroth. A person who would rather see the world burned than “imperfect” gets Kerrigan’d.

That’s it. I’m out.

(Zarao) #4

Given the mechanics seem to be about protecting her, and the dialogue seems like an ending one, it all points at we simply letting her go after freeing her.

The baffling bit, is that regardless of the fact that Azshara has screwed factions on a planetary level (repeatedly), she hasn’t so far been shown as half the issue Sylvanas is. At least given Allerias dialogue.


the realy wierd part whit Azhara is that even if she does or did posses a huge army of naga and old god minions, she never unleashed it up any city or anything, considering she had the power to wipe out pretty much even stormwind or orgimar, but she still never did it for some reason.

(Cyrisela) #6

Doesnt suprise me azshara wanting to kill nzoth thats true to her personality.
Always thought would happen and her wanting to become stronger then him. Azshara isnt one that just would serve someone.

And doesnt sound to me as her being redeemed just we happen to have some goal more. And azshara being around is good to me. She is a interesting charactee to be kept around much mote then nzoth or other old gods.

And otherwise shed be way to wasted on bfa aswell to just be killed so soon after finnaly showed up.

(Juliuscesar) #7

This all sounds soooooo bad.

N’zoth has been teased for so long only to be killed the next patch after he gets out of his prison.
What even was the point of him being in a prison when we could have killed him the entire time anyway?


If there is a character, not deserving redemption, next to either Sargeras or Arthas it is Azshara. What was blizzard consuming while writing this story?

(Zarao) #9

The dojo must have had a problem with its ventilation system. Maybe they are inhaling to much fart-gas.

On a more serious note, this reeks of fanservice from afar.
Let’s be realistic, Azshara isn’t half as trendy or divisive as Sylvanas. How else to keep people engaged, if not by handwaving the fact that the naga queen blew the planet…and instead focusing on the “Lich Queen” as the ultimate villain?

(Azuriida) #10

Abit out of topic…Just your look reminds me someone


totaly off topic also, but I love your hat.

(Azuriida) #12

I like yours too though i think black shirt fits more with it :slight_smile:


I could not find pants to get it to work whit the black shirt :stuck_out_tongue:

(Azuriida) #14

Take mine.i mean… model… tthat didn’t sound well

(Zarao) #15

Yep, this is definetly a better love-story than the one between Thalyssra and Lorthemar.

Now, kiss…

(Azuriida) #16

Well discussing hats is much more interesting that hypothetical redemtion story for characters who doesn’t deserve that.IF we were discussing hats more there wouldn’t be BFA


yes hats are important, whitout hats there is nothing, if those to love birds only would have proper hats it would be a hole new story, and way more intresting to discuss.

(Azuriida) #18

Why N’zoth is so crazy and evil? HE has mouth on his head instead of hat!


It is very bad indeed.

(Araphant) #20

Waiting for a Sargeras cameo appearance at this point. REDEEM EVERYONE!