Baine and Proudmoore's Cinematic (spoilers)

(Призраклеса) #1

So 8.1.5 cinematic:

So, some of the Horde heroes aren’t evil. :thinking:
Only question is how he manage to steal Sylvanas ship without notice?

(Aerilen) #2

The voice acting is really good, you can hear Jaina choke up a little when Derek says “as long as stars do shine”. The lingering shot over the dagger is a little foreboding, and Blizzard have never done subtle too well.

(Zhaarija) #3

Is he the bomb now! is the shoutiest line since I am my scars!
Also, apearantly all the times you chose to side with Sylvanas were irrelevant - the promise of it having any impact is officialy just another lie from the devs.
Also, Baine now talks in “wise sage” instead of being an actual character.

(Rangoor) #4

Who is voicing Derek btw? He sounds different? Or maybe I am hearing things.

(Skrauhg) #5

Sounds the same to me.

(Elyssarain) #6


He is noticed and gets put into prison over it. Zelling, an accomplice, is executed on the spot.

Erevien technically posted this link first in the Off-topic thread first but we have a dedicated thread to it now \o/

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Baine still sucks and water is wet. More news at 12pm tomorrow on GGG. Tune in.


Good to see that some amongst the Horde still stand by the ideals the faction was built upon. People like him and Saurfang are the real Horde, not that treacherous monster.

Jaina’s reaction proves Sylvanas’ plan would never have worked out, making Derek’s torture pointless and purely malicious and thus Baine was right to go behind her back. Glad to see something good came out of it. I am starting to regain some hope in the Horde.

(Deed) #9

I mean i would not expect anything less from Tauren people.

The way he speaks of Earthmother in the cinematic reminded me of WC3 campaign and his father.
Well done Blizz

(Erevien) #10

She probally DID notice. Knowing the plan would fail from the start when Derek would just show up on his own. So she raised Derek in public so Baine would see it, who is known for going behind everyone’s back and betray the Horde by aiding the Alliance under the hand. All according to plan. Derek is exactly where he is supposed to be now.


Implying that Sylvanas is capable of thinking ahead.


If she’s not then who is?

(Erevien) #13

When even Garrosh can read Baine like a book, shouldn’t be this hard at all.


Ah, let the theories and accusation of strawmanning commence.

(Rangoor) #15

Well, tauren heritage stuff comes in 8.2.5 so I guess we will get our answer around that time.

Will Sylvanas prove that she actually had control over things this whole time? Or was it just another idiot plan doomed to fail after all. I know which side I am voting for.


Do you honestly think of Sylvanas as someone who thinks ahead? She did not expect malfurion to survive in War of Thorns. She burned Teldrassil on a whim with no real strategy for what would happen after. She did not even think to surround Undercity with blight to keep the Alliance away. She invaded Kul Tiras, after they had refused the Alliance, with no real plan, leading to this situation.

Sylvanas is not even as intelligent as Garrosh, please. Also, Baine made sure the brainwashing did not happen, and as confirmed in the Sylvanas version of the quest-chain, she had not planned for it. Because she never plans for anything. Because she is a moron who makes Garrosh look like a strategic genius by comparison.

(Elyssarain) #17

Is this confirmed? If so, might do some levelling a Tauren char. Maybe.

Wrathgate 2.0

(Erevien) #18

points towards Teldrassil Stormwind is next :slight_smile:

She is much better.

(Rangoor) #19

Well announced at Blizzcon so eeeeh…Sorta confirmed, maybe.

(Frozenshadow) #20

Goblin in a Tauren suite, calling it now.