Baine and Proudmoore's Cinematic (spoilers)


Points towards Zandalari fleet Oh wait, it is not there.

Coming from you, that praise is worthless.

(Haiete) #22

Never forget:

I remember when we first encountered the tauren. I remember Cairne Bloodhoof’s deep voice and calm face. I remember sitting on the ground in a tent that could be broken down and erected with startling speed, and feeling oddly at home. We smoked pipes, shared food and drink, felt the drumming in our bones, and talked. The tauren seemed to me bestial at first, but there was wisdom and humor in them, and by the time the first round of negotiations had been conducted, I knew that the orcs had a rare ally in these half-bovine beings.

Night had fallen while we spoke, a soft night befitting this beautiful land. We left the tent and gazed up at stars too numerous too count, a sweet wind caressing our faces. I turned to Drek’Thar, to ask for his wisdom. To my astonishment I saw tears on his face, glinting in the moon’s light.

“This is how we used to be, my chieftain,” he said in a broken voice. He lifted his arms and tilted his head back, calling the wind to embrace him and dry the tears on his strong green face.

“Close to the earth. Close to the spirits. Strong in the hunt, gentle with the younglings, knowing our place in the world to be right and just. Understanding the balance of taking and giving. The only magic the tauren practice is the good, clean magic of the earth, and the land reflects that, the way Draenor once reflected our connection.”

I thought of the tauren’s request for aid in fighting their enemy, the vile, filthy centaur.

“Yes … I feel for them. It will be good to be able to help them,” I said.

Drek’Thar laughed, turning his blind eyes to me and seeing me more clearly than anyone with sight could.

“Oh, my young Thrall,” he said, chuckling still, “you do not yet understand. They will help us.”

Why would you want heritage armor for a race you don’t play anyway? And yes, it’s confirmed.

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You thought it was Baine but it was actually Sylvanas dressed as him!

(Elyssarain) #24

I have a Highmountain char…….which practically everyone here has seen…I didn’t make him entirely for the ‘lolz’ as it were.

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Although the cinematic is nicely done, as is the voice acting.
I am of two minds here, on one (optimistic) side, I found Jaina and even Baine sympathetic characters, but on the other I’m actually angry.

All this does for me is cement the thought that the Horde and every player on it’s side is Nothing more than a plotdevice in the ‘Battle oF the Alliance.’

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Thank you for posting that Haiete, we don’t see eye to eye much. But I apreciate that excerpt.
During all the crap, I had almost forgotten why I chose Tauren for my characters.
It’s…somewhat uplifting atleast.


That’s because of Saurfang and no one else.

Considering her original plan failed, she burned the tree! Its effective, brutal, evil, but effective. Some elves would come for her head, but some lost hope.

She did?

Did not Alliance pull similar move in Zandalari? Rastakhan was much better for Alliance as king then Horde boot licking Talanji.

Sylvanas managed to enslave Dreadlord, force him to kill other two, tricked Garithos to fight for her, then desposed of him. Almost killed Arthas.
She has eyes everywhere. She’s evil, but not stupid.

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Agreed with this, Christ…What happened to WoW?

(Atahalni) #29

Yeah because Jaina & Anduin have access to the plot beforehand thanks to being the favorite characters of Christie Golden.

Elsa can do no wrong.

(Erevien) #30

Truest words on these forums so far.


She could just as easily have killed him herself. He was also the only major commander whom was not finromed of the importance of Malfurion’s death. She gave him the order, right after he had expressed discomfort about striking him down, showcasing her inability to predict people’s actions.

It was moronic, because she could have gained countless hostages. Were it not for Blizzard forgetting all the neutral nations, every nation on Azeroth would have attacked her. You cannot honestly say this was anytihng but idiotic. She should have made a contingency plan in case malfurion suevived, which she did not, again showcasing her inability to plan ahead.

No. She used it at them as a last resort, killing her own troops who could have easily retrated while at it, rather than use it before the Alliance struck.

No. Who leads the Zandalari makes no difference and the Alliance won the day.

A Dreadlord who later betrayed her and strained her relationship witht the Horde. Again. Not planning ahead.

Stupid would be a compliment to her.

Character reacts to event like you would expect=>clearly favorable writing.

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The story forums should be renamed into the ‘Whining Forums’.

(Haiete) #33

No, unfortunately not, but if I hear you talking about the Tauren, I guess there’s plenty we can agree on.

(Atahalni) #34

Yeah instead she lured in the Alliance in a hasty assault, costing them effectively the whole start of the war and fleet in one go- And ultimately, Alliance didn’t even capture Lordaeron, so it was a win-win for the Horde.

Hell the only reason why Alliance even got anywhere was because Elsa intervened

Would you with a straight face say they’ve handled Jaina with a hint of consistency throughout Bfa lmao. From being a mental wreck to being super confident to being “REEEEEE HORDE” to “Muh horde”.

8 year old could write better story. There’s a reason they got the witcher team writer to coach them.

  • Anduin literally has magical bones that tell him what’s the right thing to do.


Instead of taking hostages and avoiding the Assault altogether. Or deploting the Blight before the Battle and not lose an entire city due to her stupid gamble. She is a moron.

People having multiple different opinions and reacting to different things in different ways during different situations? Is that even possible?

(Elyssarain) #36

We have entered the Twilight Zone!

She’s been anti-Horde the entire xpac though?

(Atahalni) #37

Consistency remains. If your character jumps in and on about all the time there’s nothing relatable to them.

BFA’s story is trashtier.

  • She literally does teleport behind you in BFDA and the “ENOUGH!” escape.

She’s a hollow mary-sue anime character and like so many characters BFA’s storyline has only served to ruin her for the ages.


You made a very well-thought out and reflective character analysis. Very convincing.


And thats makes sense for me, Being a new Warchief having her first major conquest and Saurfang knowing the plan from the get go it was crucial for her to test her Pees for loyalty. In which Saurfang failed.

And for Sylvanas burning tree was just as beneficial as killing Malfurion and Ill tell you why:

This always makes me smile. There was a massive Horde army near teldressil, holding hostages? Leaving so many Horde cities exposed. That would cost Horde dearly with resources and manpower, what stops Anduin not doing the same to any other Horde race?

And you cant starve Tesldrassil.

Yeah she had it, Burn it! BURN IT!

Imagine Horde forces sitting inside undercity, clamped not in open fields just to wait out Alliance go away while blight surrounded Lordaeron.

Imagine Cersei putting wildfire around casterly rock to scare off Stannis.

Anduin “Alright boys, next stop Silvermoon”

Horde army " uhm, How long till the blight wares off? We’ll be late to the party"

Absolutely no, play through Horde quests, Rastakhan was against Zandalari joining the Horde and hell knows when he would change his mind.

I was talking about WC3 and those specific moments and not what happened afterwards.

Teased that she might be behind wrathgate, lets see. Cant wait.

Btw you forgot to mention how she out maneuvered whole Alliance Elites by burying them in the beloved Lordaeron, but Jaina is here to save the day :wink:


Real Horde indeed
Saurfang plots with the king of opposite faction and Baine kills his own people and gives Derek to Jaina-the person who has killed lots of Horde soldiers in Dazar’Alor and literally said things like “Horde scum” during this expantion
But surely Sylvanas is treacherous
Surely this kind of Horde is convinient for the Alliance, that’s why you’re defending them