Balance spec bonuses

For this specialization, in Season 4, I would like the bonuses (updated) from:

Für diese Spezialisierung wünsche ich mir in Saison 4 die (aktualisierten) Boni aus:

Para esta especialización y en la temporada 4, me gustarían los bonus (actualizados) de:

Pour cette spécialisation, dans la saison 4, je préfère les bonus (actualisés) issus de :

Per questa specializzazione, nella Stagione 4, vorrei i bonus (aggiornati) della:

  • Season 1 / Saison 1 / Temporada 1 / La saison 1 /Stagione 1
  • Season 2 / Saison 2 / Temporada 2 / La saison 2 /Stagione 2
  • Season 3 / Saison 3 / Temporada 3 / La saison 3 /Stagione 3
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But please reverse the nerf our season 1 tier set got in season 2


I hope I’ll be fortunate enough to acquire my preferred set bonus.

Season 1 4pc pre-nerf definetly felt good to play.
Please if it comes back, revert it back to free cast instead of discount.


There is way too less information to even choose. Should we choose in terms of playstyle or power or something else?

They write “updated” will the bonuses from season 1 be adjusted to the talent tree changes? Will S1 be pre nerf or after?

What I really want is finally dealing with the spec problems in general like persisting pulsar stacks after death or reduced stacks and the reverted orbital strike change from PTR.

Or go back even further and bring back Season 4 Shadowlands with pulsar proccing orbital strike kekw.

s1, but i wouldn’t mind either s2 or 3.

Dont want any of them, all 3 sets have been pretty crap this expansion. Could of been a nice change, if they add thought about it properly, you got endless amounts of tier sets to choose from over numerous expansions. Could of had some fun with fated, adding in expansions from legion…wrath…panda, and just modifying them to work for updated classes. And making new ones for classes that werent there back then.

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I dont want to play any of them, dont know, didnt feel like a good setbonus in general. Please make something new ? xD

I really enjoy the fast cast to go back in eclipse mode, is fun and confortable to use,I hope to get that :heart:

i prefer
1st 2p bonuse from Season 2
2nd p4 bonuse from Season 4
I think it will be so good coz we still doting everething and 2p from s2 was so good for sunfire radius. I hope it will be like that)

Bonjour, ayant joué sur la S1, 2 et 3, je me dis que ce serait bien quelques fois d’avoir un bonus de set qui nous encourage à jouer un gameplay un peu “non conventionnels” ou peu joué, et pas forcément revenir sur quelques chose de déjà faits, exemple je verrai bien un bonus nous demandant d’utiliser par exemple la convocation.
Merci et bon jeu.

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Je suis d’accord avec toi, le soucis c’est qu’en boomie y’a pas des milliards de possibilités dans les talents pour jouer quelque chose de “non conventionnel” ^^

Sunfire radius lets go S2!

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Can someone from Blizzard can confirm for season 1 it was pre nerf or post nerf, because this will have a huge influence on the vote. (it’s sad, that was not clearly said since the beginning)


Je ne trouver pas Top les bonus S1-2-3. Ce qui me manque c’est incanter en me deplacant avec les meteores :slight_smile:

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