Banned for protecting yourself?

Imagine being banned for a week, because one player called me trash, and flamed me. Then I said i can’t heal him through LoS, and then he started being more toxic, so I started going back in order “to defend myself”. And then I am getting banned xD

Imagine the company that created Solo Shuffle, which is and always gonna be toxic, bans healers, which are already record low - That tries to protect themselves.
What about the apes that are flaming and blaming everyone else but themselves? They keep on doing that?

Great job blizzard.


You can appeal bans if you’ve said nothing offensive back at all. This includes retaliation.


I find this rather funny too tbh.
Blizz knows there’s not enough healers in pvp, maybe in general?
Yet they do nothing to protect them from toxicity.
I’m not saying playing healer should be a free pass to be an absolute jerk but they could maybe just mute instead of ban… Playing healer is punishment enough lol


In ways they facilitate it to healers by screwing their MMR and rating in shuffle
Therefore having to play with some ape dps players , particularly lower rating
Shortage of healers? Can’t begin to imagine why

I am. To a point anyway
If you’re going to leave healing shuffle in a state of constant frustration, then healers typing out some of that frustration should be understood

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you will never get banned for one time offensive toxic chat. you have been reported mutliple times to be getting a one week ban my friend.

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nearly everyone reports, my friend, over the smallest reason. Example- a regular forum poster here claimed he reported someone for not dispelling and having a bad time on healer going 0-6. Not for being toxic, just because he wasn’t impressed with their performance in a shuffle

This is why a lot of people say don’t use chat , like ever
What a sad state of any game in a competitive game mode


This should have just been you reporting him, ignore and move on.

You dont defend yourself by being toxic aswell, its them baiting you into it and you fell for it. I understand your frustration, but you could easily have avoided it and also gotten him suspended instead if so.

So, the issue here is, you say you defended yourself by being toxic back? Thats kinda what I get from your posting. Even if its the “norm” to do that considering the history of WoW, its usually not the best option either. There will always be people blaming others since they refuse to look at themselves. Just feels better complaining on other ppl right? Atleast for most ppl whos toxic and blame others.

And the way you are saying that they shouldnt ban healers because its “record low” and “protect themselves” by being toxic is a bit of an odd statement.
Just because theres less healers doesnt mean punishment shouldnt be happening.

BUT, if you did not say anything actual offensive, you can appeal it.
but the “defend part” makes me believe you did xd

Disable chat, censor messages, mature language filter, ignore button and reporting.

I’d argue they’ve done plenty, people just dont use it; they rather talk smack back and then surprisepikachu when the other side uses the tools available for them to be even more petty :dracthyr_shrug:


Impeccable game design, truly


This is in no way protecting them.
You still get the messages from them. Just censored so you know they’re talking trash haha

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Cant expect much more from a small indie company

So if all those options don’t qualify as protecting someone from toxicity in chat, then what does? Genuinely curious.

I know it wasn’t quoted for me but, I’ll have a stab anyway
Employ some better , more consistent moderation staff both in game and on the forums
Set the boundaries clearly , and be consistent

:orangutan: MAU down…me no no why head scratch

We recently got a new set of rules in terms of toxicity (Few months back if I recall?), but people in the pvp scene think it’s shameful to use the report system (and apparently also 3 ways to avoid slurs going your way), if people dont report it, how do you want actions to be taken against it? :thinking:

I’m not arguing there couldn’t be better moderation in general (hell the forums desperately need it) but you literally have OP not using ANY of the tools, then breaking said rules himself, then being shocked someone else used them to get the last laugh?

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News to me , I’d be interested in anyone linking that for a read

I see what you are saying. but we need to use some in here. Some think never report and just go back and fourth but that’s a bit circus :clown_face: behaviour. I sit in the camp of being realistic. If someone is really toxic - report , but if someone said Ice block man? That isn’t reportable in anyway shape or form. Firstly it’s a question, secondly , just say yeah my bad sorry

This is the biggest issue I see. Idiots that just report over literally anything. Didn’t heal someone as you were chain CC’d while they used 0 interupts so they died ? Yeah you are reported m8 very bad playor I report …

Then you’ve got the other end of the spectrum where people are crazy level toxic over nothing and just spam chat toxic

Ultimately all of this feeds into needing more human moderation staff

Just my 2p on it anyway

If a game has to implement a vast amount of tools to combat toxic behaviour, it has failed in many areas in my opinion

I remembered a bit wrong, it came awhile back, but they also had people accept it a few times during DF. (Comment here mentions a new filter for DF)

Entirely agree here, but I’ve also been around long enough to know people lie through their teeth when they claim they got banned due to X and Y, if it’s someone mass abusing the report system on innocent stuff, that’s obviously an issue (and is usually really easy to get overturned)

Also agreed, but will more human moderation help if people still refuse to actually report majority of the times? Again, OP is prime example of it.

Just human nature IMO, people can be very creative with toxicity when emotions run wild, so that’s why Devs need to implement systems, the only other alternative would be to completely block the option of typing certain things (but even then, people always get creative to bypass such)

if you report someone in game it also block them, you wont see what they say further and if they try whisper you they get message player nönnönnöö is not found, also if you disable chat you wont see anyone in first place

i agree it is stupid having to play without chat in mmo but its better than receive warnings for replying some salt lord spewing gamer words when all of them report you anyway even if you said “:)”

I feel like this is unavoidable in a game like this where communication and teamwork is supposed to be a big part of it. League had the same issues if not worse.
I think they need even more tools or moderation tbh.

Just add the option to block any whispers that isnt from a friend or guildmate. They already have that kind of system for censorship.
So whenever you play RSS, you turn it on so people cant randomly whisper you afterwards with stupid things.
I just dont like the option to block everything since I still want to be able to receive messages from guildmates or friends.

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tbf the other games i play if i have the chat open, no one say anything except something which is not repeatable anywhere in public :joy:

im not rly bothered by anything i see other than sheer stupidity of some people, i just use the chat disabled option 99% of shuffles because im tired receiving warnings from blizzard if i say “:)” to a salt lord spew gamer words when his going 0-6 cause he didnt bind half his buttons

people annoy each other and they report each other, the easyer or more automation the reporting involves the more people get banned, i rly only point finger on blizzard on this. people didnt receive monthly warnings for “chat violations” in old days

the report system can be abused thats the problem but maybe in the future with ai bots they can replace humans without false bans

and imo you should not get banned if you defend your self in rl if someone give you punch you give back :rofl: