Banned for protecting yourself?

yea thats not how it works either, you dont get free pass :slight_smile:

and people getting prosecuted constantly from going at others who did something x to them they think justify the action

if some says something to you which breaks tos you can report it, you dont have to say something back which he can report in turn in game, and generally chat disabled is the best since shuffles cause alot of clueless people talking like in random bgs

we are humans not robots humans have emotions :smiley:

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thats not what they told us in some old occupations :joy:

Just hide chat and play.

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ahhh that’s basically a meme as far as I’m concerned. Singed it a few times, never felt it actually does / did anything

Fair enough. I don’t always think about people lying but yeah , I see what you mean.

I still think overall it would have a positive impact. Not everyone reports no, but those that do report , at least it will be investigated with something that hopefully has a brain

Okay , ladies and or gentleman, I concede and agree. It just sucks

Speaking of league, I used to play a lot of that. Used to be toxic, reformed, climbed the ranks, made chat so small could barely see it, then reset chat and I’ve come to the decision that solo shuffle rage / toxic chat is just as regular, if not worse than the stuff I read on league

unpopular opinion, banning for chat behaviour should not exists, just mute and move on

i grew up in that enviroment where we were flaming eachother all day, and maybe in a week we were best buddies, noways snowflakes just scream report and ban over everything, if it was up to them there would be no players left in the game, xcept maybe the one RPing on goldshire.


same old exps had the most awesome general/trade chat
now no one talks to anyone at all in the game and all are so sensitive its pathetic. Personally i really hate this aspect of retail.
there is even a hidden report function if you put a swear word in chat you wont see “report” next to it but everyone else will.
back in the old days people would flame like you wouldn’t believe and it was fun because you could troll them back to make them mad plus everyone had thick skin i imagine once microsoft fully takes over it will be even worse.

Socialising in wow is basically 1984. We live in crazy times where freedom of speech is not respected. People getting offended is far too important these days.


You could just ignore and go next knowing they will be stuck in que forever tilted instead of answering back.

Its never worth it taking a discussion with a tilted player no matter what

true they even report ppl if u spam 3x heal me pls

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Depends what you mean with freedom of speech, it doesnt allow you to say whatever you want ^^

This is quite sadly whats becoming the norm though. People get hurt by pretty much anything but as it always is, it depends on whats being said.
WoW was known for its toxicity even if there were ppl not liking it and blizz didnt rly enforce anything, but then you also have people who run around screaming “kys, kys, kys” like its a mantra that should be said. Had a guildie once who kept saying it over and over during a raid. I rly disliked that and had to rage at him for him to stop lol.

I highly doubt the people who got suspended/banned for their chat history didnt say anything bad lol. Usually always more than just that.

You mean the trade chat that were literally infested with boost spam? :rofl:
Its not often ive seen an actual good trade chat though even before or after >_>

People are sensitive yes. Just means you play around it, but I kinda find it hilarious that WoW ingame is miles away more controlled than their own forum.
There are also ways to write without insulting or downtalking people, which alot of us “older folks” forgot due to the allowance of toxicity from before.

As always, its fun for some and not fun for others. It has always been that way.
Was it more tolerant before? Yes for sure, but it dont rly give you the excuse to do it towards everyone.
There are some mods who are saying on the forum that every report ingame is looked at by an actual human being before being suspended/banned.

I personally believe though that muting people for a longer period of time each time they get punished is more valid. Unless they actually threaten/want to cause irl harm. Bnet account wide.

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What do YOU mean with freedom of speech if you don’t think you can say whatever you want? What comes to mind when I think about the definition is that you should be able to express your opinions without censorship or legal penalty for doing so. I believe most countries do not have true freedom of speech since there are some restraints even if they are few.

Yeah it is really pathetic when people are reporting like that… I have heard of some loser who mass-reports forum posts they do not agree with…


The definition is to say whatever you want without censorship yes, but it do not allow you to say whatever you want though. ^^
There are people abusing that word while causing harm/psychological damage to people believing it will protect them.

Giving advice can be protected by freedom of speech.
Telling people they should harm themselves are not.

Unless you want to ignore everything and just use the word “freedom of speech” as your own meaning then its “free for all”.

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Haha yeah this is a rather good explanation I would say. I DO think that freedom of speech = you CAN say anything you want but you might still face the implications of what you are saying (from the people not a government etc).

I think in an ideal world we should be able to express ourselves freely but like you mention there are people who “abuse” it to be hateful.

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idk man, i grew up in pretty insanely toxic enviroments online, and i believe i turned out okay, i do occasionally flame people tho, i mean, i used to, now i have chat disabled because i don’t wanna risk the ban hammer on me for saying stuff like i don’t like the color of socks someone is wearing

at this point anything is offensive and can hurt someone feelings and they are entitled to report u and enough reports will ge tu banned, im a known person for fighting arguments in chat, so i got banned already 3 times in the past 2 years, 2 of which i could see deserviting it, and 1 being absolute BS.

I never understand why people like to exaggerate though. I dont say you do, but people keep saying “ive only said this little thing and got banned” but they are never able to show any kind of proof about it, only times ive seen it on support forums seeking sympathy are mods saying “thats not the only thing you said.” lol.

Noone is saying you cant turn out “fine” even if you live in it.
But you are not everyone either, and if you want actual new players getting into the game you cant have people talking down on you over and over, they will just outright quit the game. We need more people staying, not more people leaving.

Mods have said the reports are being looked into by a human being, and I highly doubt if enough reports are being handed in and you so happen to get suspended/banned, you can still appeal it and it should be lifted. I can argue with ppl every now and then aswell, but I havent gotten a single ban yet.

And if you think this is bad, I got a warning on mmo-champion for telling a person hes stupid. Once. Ive told ppl they are stupid in WoW and havent gotten a warning yet. :person_shrugging:
Had to double check and I didnt write “idiot” I wrote “stupid” so changed it.

I told literally anyone who would listen before solo shuffle was added that it would be toxic and kill the organised scene.

Did anyone listen? No.

Blizzard resisted doing this for 15 years. They did EVERYTHING in their power to convince us it was bad.

Did anyone listen? No.

And you know what? It’s bad.

literal proof on youtube of automated bans… i had one automated ban, took me 2 days to lift it, first 3 tickets gms gave an automated answer and didn’t even bother checking…

if you are like me, and you play alot, and you use alot chat, u will end up banned, no matter how much you restrain yourself from bad words. so i avoid talking, wich is what most others like me do, nice way to fix the game and have NOBODY interact in an mmo… i say the F word, thats already a ban risk, idc if u said it before, i got banned over stuff like that, i said some was playing lie S, i got banned 1 week. and thats not even the crazy ban, the crazy was 0 swear words, i don’t even get mails with the logs, i have to contact blizz to give me the specific of what got me banned, last time was a chat log from almost 6 months before the actual ban… like the hell? i get banned, for 1 thing i said 6 months ago, how does that even happen

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Yes, when a huge amount of players “report” it could be a temporarily suspend/ban until a human looks at it. And you have to remember, its mods saying that every ban is looked through by a human.
And as I said, I rarely trust ppl saying “I did nothing wrong” when its widely known people would quite frankly say they only said “this little word” when it was alot more to it.

Ive played since vanilla. Ive said alot. Maybe gotten 1 mute since cataclysm, not entirely sure since it was too long time ago. Saying “if youve played alot you will end up banned” might be due to how you act, not because of how long you play. Lol.

Ive said those words more than once. Still no ban. Ive told people what I think of them, not extreme toxic but ive said some words. Still no ban. So you either were unlucky or you go your way to be toxic :person_shrugging:

They can ban you for something you said 1 year ago if they truly want to even if its bypassed in your mind a timelimit. I would prob be upset aswell, but even so you are the reason you got banned. Just swallow it and move on.
People who keep saying they cant write anymore because they are afraid of being banned, clearly are more on the line of wanting to be toxic but too afraid their toxic behaviour will end up getting them banned.

Define acting like a man lol. Macho macho man?

Basically he used the report system hes allowed to use and you did not.
Your only option is not “insult back” and then get pikachuface when he uses the report system when you do insult him.

First of all, it has nothing to do with “being a man” lol. Its your own behaviour that got punished, nothing else. Im not even sure about the cry of “Fair treatment”.

Hahahaah natziez man

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