Banned for Ranking

What are you on about? i joined them by clicking Enter Battle then i fell asleep inside the bg one time at Shgy and the other time inside the cave just after joining . it´s not like i have a auto accept addon or any kind off program,And you are saying that i should get a perma ban for being afk in a AV? and classed as a bot? i wasn´t even leaching in a bg i just fell asleep

Permaban? I thought it was a six month ban unless you have been banned before.

AFKing, whether it’s falling asleep or any other way is against the rules.

Not to sound insensitive, but this may be a blessing in disguise. Go out and get yourself some fresh air while you wait on a reply to your ticket.


so leaving the keyboard to take a piss is against the rules?

Technically yeah, You’re supposed to leave the bg if you go afk at all.

sometimes AV takes over an hour, that is totally unrealistic lmao

Harsh to get into trouble for it but you technically could.

In my teens I used to play wow for 5 days stright and the only break I would have was to eat dinner due to being diagnosed with insomnia. It wasn’t a good time of my life. So I really hope Blizzard don’t ban people by guessing by playtime.

This is exactly what it seems like has happened to me and OP, both of us playing AV for over 20 hours trying to cap honor, both of us banned for botting

I would suggest you don’t leave suggestions of using legal action, Otherwise companies tend to lawyer up at that point and just stop trying to take anything to do with you. Even if you have a point you would probably end up out of pocket even trying to fight something that doesn’t really have a legal basis. Think about it, You threaten legal action against a gm he’s not going to say anything to make a situation worse. They also don’t get scared of that and unban you, So it’s just making it worse for yourself stating that.

I don´t want to have any trouble with Blizzard/Activision so i´ll keep anything about seeking legal action out of the appeal the only thing i want is my ban to be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated because i really want to know what the motive to ban me for 6months was, The only thing i did was play excessive amount of hours

If you were falling asleep between battlegrounds, and somehow magically not getting disconnected for inactivity, then you were using some kind of anti-afk bot or program, and that is forbidden.

Therefore I think its pretty obvious why you ended up banned. Also I really wouldn’t threaten them with “legal action”. I don’t know about Blizzards policies regarding this but they are probably similar to any other company.

The moment you make that threat, they stop communicating with you, and instruct you to forward all further communication to their legal department.

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Ended up sleeping after bgs with alarm set and i got disconected 2 times also got to the character selection screen several times so i can assure you that i wasn´t using any kind of programs i wouldn´t be here complaining if i did i can assure you that.

The thing is people use bots to AFK or have very low activity in BGs, the things you are saying sounds similar which is why I understand the ban, it’s a pattern their anti cheat systems probably look out for.

The most I have ever played for is 9 hours but I wasn’t queuing for BGs, just questing so I could eat and pee.

The thing is i´ve been playing in a premade for 17hrs/day so i haven´t been AFK or low activity any game but this last week when it was AV weekend and i´m a Rogue i had to play alone and i haven´t been afk or low activity except the 2 games where i fell asleep they could check my score in every game if that´s possible or if they can replay the games that would be amazing,But i get where you are comming from but i promise you i have been playing at all times declining things in real life to keep playing wow also prioritizing ranking over sleep/food/showers :slight_smile:

Someone at blizzard needs to something about this, I’ve also just got banned for just playing bgs for the last 1-2 weeks… what the heck is going on with blizzard lately? why is everyone getting banned… this insane… During raid: frostbolt, frostbolt, frostbolt, frostbolt fros… (BANNED)

People don’t get banned for just doing BGs, your email will tell you why, and how to appeal it.

I’ve also been reading on the US forums about a discord server where you can get people banned, I do hope Blizzard are looking at each case individually and fully rather than just going on reports.

The only thing I can think of that could cause a false positive is having some software active on your computer that has a name that warden or whatever they use flags up as a bot incorrectly. From what I have read even macro programs can cause a problem.

It could be mouse or keyboard software that allows macros.

From what one person says, not responding to a GM request to talk got him banned.


Update: I finaly got unbanned after 4 appeals and now i have 4 weeks to go for rank 14 (13 20%) was at 13 78% and this week i won´t be able to hit cap. Atleast i got a recompensation 30 days of free gametime exactly the amount of days i need to get rank 14…

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Guess you’re paranoid if it happens again. It was clearly a mistake then as there is no way they would unban if it was clear you cheated.