Based community [H][Draenor][EU]

Ever wondered what a full-blown circus mythic raid looks like? Well wonder no more. We have it all, we’ve got manbabies, the fake internet women, the alphabet ppl, the only thing we are missing in this wipefiesta is you.

Based Community 10/10N 7/10HC is a semi-hardcore social mythic guild looking for a tank, ranged dps and a holy paladin/mistweave monk for our Shadowlands raid team, other applications will still be considered. Aiming for high mythic raiding at the worse with plenty of members having high/close to and cutting edge experience. Expect to also be able to happily find a M+ group between and during raid downtimes.

Raid times: Wed/Mon 19-22 server time

Wow stuff aside, the guild is socially active on late night chat, banter, other games and general random things people who no social outlet have and do. Which also means having Dark Humor, thick skin and hating anime is a requirement.

If this sounds like somewhere you’d like to be, then please messaging any of the following 3 (simp’s go to mini)

Apply at:


Add me on discord at Lew#5424 would like to discuss a few things if you’re still looking for a tank :slight_smile: