Batching in tbc?

Will batching be in classic tbc?

God I hope not. It’s a dumb idea aimed to recreate and fix problems that don’t exist today and most certainly don’t need to be fixed.

I still wonder who asked for it in Classic.

I hope not.
I always like healing a tank only for him to somehow die and the spell consumes my mana as it heals his dead body…?
It was a mistake to even add this type of “spell batching”

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You wanted it, you’ve got it. Dunno why everyones blaming blizz for that

I never wanted it, I don’t know why anybody would want this.
Artificially creating lag to replicate the 400ms that people usually had back then was a terrible idea.

It’s and important feature for authentic gameplay especially in pvp.

The community asked for it presented good arguments and evidence after people had tried the demo and Blizzard listened. It’s was a seen as a great success when Blizzard decided to listen to the community and add it to Classic.


feature that makes ele shamans viable in pvp XD

If you are thinking about Elemental Mastery double crit that is not based on Spell Batching. The simple proof is that Elemental Focus never gets batched and it has the exact same tooltip wording.

It was patched in 2.3

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You didn’t write this with a straight face.

Who did? Certainly wasn’t me.

What arguments? “I want 400ms lag in 2019”?

It was such a great success that every single “I’d play Classic again if” topic mentions removing batching.

Please stop lol.

I once had two warriors on me and was trying to kite them, when a Shaman came out of nowhere and literally deleted them in 2 seconds.

If it is arena is going to be such a rng fiesta.
Commentators in tournaments: “And he just gets that critical heal off! No wait, batching again” :crazy_face:.

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Spell Batching in Classic - WoW Classic / WoW Classic Bug Report - World of Warcraft Forums (

Look how many positive answers there are in this thread.

Look how many positive answers there are AFTER it was implemented, though. Not a lot. Sounds like a clear case of “you think you do, but you don’t”.

Also, makes me wonder if any of the people who asked for it are actually playing. My guess is “no”.


Yes, but the point is that people did ask for it - as shown in the thread. I was there back then, and the demand for spell batching was at least as common as the demand for progressive patching or phase 2 unrestricted world PvP. And yeah, I have little doubt that, if we ever got actual progressive patching, there’d have been plenty of ppl coming here 1 year or more after to say “who the hell was dumb enough to ask for that?”

Yes, people thought they did but they didn’t. But you can’t change the fact that people thought they did.

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If you read many of the initial replys they say “thanks for listening” or words to that effect. The community asked for Spellbatching and they got what they asked for.

Spell batching was part of Vanilla and Classic is a recreation of Vanilla. Ion said that they wanted Classic to feel just like 2006 World of Warcraft. You can agree or disagree but spell batching is in fact an important feature of authentic Vanilla gameplay.

Here is an example how the community sounded:

A lot of people who had tried the demo. It was a big thing back after the demo.

Google it, there are A LOT of videos and discussion about this from after the demo.

99% if these forums are for complaining, like you are doing now. I have not shared my opinions, only facts of reality. So when you “only” see people complaining about an issue, what did you expect? People don’t come here to say some thing is ok… Maybe if someone is thrilled and love something they come here to say that but that’s rare.

You don’t like spell batching so you come here to complain. That’s fine. But there is a good reason that it was added. Authentic gameplay.

It was in FACT added after the community asked for it and after good arguments was presented to Blizzard.

Present your own arguments against it instead of factually wrong claims and straw man arguments.

So far we know you don’t like it. Is there any other argument you want to add? It has to be pretty strong as you are asking for a custom change that goes against the core values of Classic (authenticity).

Blizzard could do a week without spell batching, and then have a vote and ask the community what they prefer. Something like that would be reasonable. They could do that with many things.


And everyone HATED it once it was out.
People loved when it was announced, hated once it was OUT.
Just read the thread you’ve linked yourself.?

Nobody liked classic’s spell batching, because it’s a terribly implemented system.


God please, no ! This is one of the disaster that made Classic really bad in term of competitive PvP.

I was in support of #NoChanges, #SpellBatching, #NoClassicLFG, everything like the plebe. And we were wrong. Sometime it’s better to do not listen players :smiley: .

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You bet your sweet pants I will present arguments against batching during the TBC betatest.