login problem

As the title says i have problem logging in to blizz services.
I can’t play WoW or HS since afternoon 02.dec (2 days ago) when i got dc from WoW and couldn’t got back since.
Any login attempts via app or directly from game results in BLZBNTBGS80000011 error.
Internet works fine and other online games working just as before.
I tried to reboot my router, released, renewed, and flushed DNS via ipconfig and nothing happened.
Contacted my ISP, they said that all is ok on their end.
what now?

Hello Lignjoslav,

there has been alot of back and forth these past few days. Especially for people from Serbia. I have posted this answer an hour ago or so maybe it´ll help you.(Other post with possible Solution)

I really hope this helps and wish you a great time exploring Azeroth,

Thanks for your help mate.
I tried everything mentioned in your post but no success.
Ans yes, I am from Serbia, MTS Telekom is my ISP.

WoW doesn’t work for me either, i’m also using MTS/Telekom as ISP and i’m from Serbia.
I called them and they said everything is working fine on their end but seems like that’s not true.

Hello all,

Please stick to this here so that we have all the information together.

Kind regards

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