Benthic gear: Is it catch-up system, or raiding BiS?

(Navysilan) #1

Hello everyone !

Benthic gear in theory should be catch-up system for everyone who started their game in 8.2 and wasn’t able to make previous raids. Almost copy paste from legion broken shore nethershards system…


As you’re checking your bis items, you can see very funny thing. 425 benthic gloves with a socket are still simming better than 455 gloves from the raid with a socket as well. Same thing for many other items (Wrists, boots, belts)
Ok. i know benthic gear is and will be useful only in the nazjatar raid, but as it’s current tier, it’s making a lot of problems:

First of all, it’s all about your luck. Who cares you got 455 item from the raid, still you have to replace that with benthic gear!
Second of all: you got amazing item(wrists, belt, boots, gloves) from the weekly? Whoops, you’re using benthic gear, which is better for the raid
Third of all, after the raid you should just rest and relax, not farm Prismatic Manapearls and PRAY for desired item. It’s making a lot of frustration because someone who was just more lucky got bis items

Shouldn’t raid gear be the best for raiding rather than some funny items from the world quests? Shouldn’t benthic gear stay only as catch-up system, not BiS for raid ?

Difference between 425 gloves and 480!!! ilvl raid gloves is… 0,2%. so you have to get at least 475 gloves to make better dps… Please do something about it


All the competent game designers at Blizzard either left the company of don’t work in the WoW team anymore. :frowning:

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It does seem very messed up in the case of Benthic gear, especially if you opened enough pieces to get a socket on them.

(Madorin) #4

Yes but they aren’t good for Mythic+ which is what you did to get that weekly reward.

That is always the case though. Even if your bis comes from the raid you will find yourself often in a situation where you will never get it. Benthic gear is actually better in that regard because it’s more realistic and more grindable than any other gear in the game.

I would agree with this but only if together with Benthic gear they also remove Mythic+ and pvp gear from being used in the raid.

They won’t. People will be furious if they did. I farmed my 3 Benthic items and got them fully upgraded now. To nerf them now would be an insane amount of disrespect. I honestly think it’s good that we can create good gear from world content. Wish it was connected with professions but it’s still good.

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Yes 3 Benthic pieces are better than their mythic counterparts for Eternal Palace raid. However mythic EP gear is better for rest of the content. Mechagon dungeon, m+, every zone except Nazjatar, PVP. Also you will use mythic EP pieces to progress next raid. Thats why you are getting it.

(Madorin) #6

Exactly. Mythic raid gear is still very useful and desired for a lot of people.

(Tahra) #7

Says who?

Afaik it’s supposed to be an alternative gearing method.


Its gear for alts what are you talking about… its just like timeless isle gear with extra effect

(Madorin) #9

Clearly not if people are using it on their mains.


Well thats the problem isnt it. Blizz efed up and made it too op and now were here

(Madorin) #11

It’s only a problem if you make it one. If it’s supposed to be an alternate gearing method then it is indeed a great success.


But it for sure wasnt ment to be


You mean the ones which made level 45 blues better than every epic in vanilla ?

(Varileztra) #14

Ye its pretty BS how idiotically powerful some of the benthic items are in the raid. Thats something that should never ever effing happen. I have 450 boots sitting in my bags, that i like never use, except for that one m+ i do per week

and this effing gambling for a socket on those items. sockets in general are so ridiculously op, its not even funny.

either might not be an issue for you, if you dont care about your character, as most people apparently do, but if you care about your character and want it at peak performance, its just ridiculous


It’s not like you get given fully upgraded Bethnic gear with a guaranteed gem socket

You have to bring a heck of a lot of pearls for the upgrades and waste a heck of a lot looking for a socket

It’s no different than grinding Tanaan Jungle in WOD of spamming Legion for your legendaries

It’s a not bad system - and it has some mass appeal in that all players can work at it to max the gear they have even if they do not Raid

But the iLevel is still in the Raid - and anyway - gear does not equal skill

(Tahra) #16

Where are you getting that from?
Do you have any quotes where devs say it’s supposed to be catch up gear?


have you done surveys and what is the data? without numbers this means nothing

(Madorin) #18

A survey on whether people want to have mythic raid items? Are you serious?


I am at a complete loss to try to account for the insanity of the Benthic gear. I truly can’t grasp who in Blizzard would have approved such a system, or why they thought it was a good idea.

The system starts pretty reasonably: get BoA tokens from drops or grind currency, with the base item level 30 ilevels below current raid Normal, but then upgradable through Heroic level with (quite a lot of) grind currency.

So far, so good. I could have a few comments on stats (looking at you, cloth bracers) but OK. Give an alt a hand-up, but the alt then needs to go earn its own upgrades. I approve.

But then we add sockets as another level of RNG. Well, it’s the same RNG we find in drops, so while I think it’s a horrible, demotivating thing in both cases, at least it’s not any worse, right?

But then we come to the inner layer of the RNG - the procs. I can’t even. I can’t even … no, I can’t.

But here’s the thing that really defeats my attempt at understanding: “in Nazjatar and the Eternal Palace”. I have not been able to imagine the mind that could come up with that. So we get a completely unbalanced set of procs, that work only in Naz and EP? If they were were really burning to put procs on catch-up gear - and I can’t imagine why - then why not make them more controlled and moderate, and let them work everywhere, or perhaps in the outdoor world generally but not in either EP or M+? Every time I think about this, it bugs me: what possible reason, from any possible point of view, was there for doing the procs this way? They would have done better to leave them out altogether.


Blizzard logic: you think mythic gear is best? Check the grinding daily quest loot