Best class for solo PvE

Hi everyone, I want to hear your guys opinions on wich class is best for mostly solo PvE gameplay, I narrowed it down to those 3 classes (btw I don’t like healing, so that’s not something extra for the pally for me)

  • Dk
  • warrior
  • Paladin

Oké so I love to tank, but also want to dps, since I don’t know all dungeons, I first want to do them as dps to get to know my way around. Also I like to Transmog but I think all those 3 have some good Transmog options.

So what I’m looking for;
Tank with good dps offspec, for PvE solo gameplay.

What is in your opinion the most fun and not getting bored quick class? And why?


DK is a fantastic option it’s my number one choice for soloing but as I’m guessing you prefer melee to range you’re missing out on the hunter, another excellent choice for solo pve, especially in BM. A blood DK is pretty much invincible up to mega health pool elites


DK: Too slow - no mobility. :confused: don’t pick this one.
Warrior: Good tank, Fury is good and easy to play dps.
Paladin: Fun to play tank but retri is boring af. :-/

I would go for Warrior. Charge and Leap ftw.

Does my woes of slowness amuse you?!

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It does not. DK needs some kind of jump/leap… Something like this.

You’re a kind soul citizen.

For that you have my thanks :hugs:

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Why walk to something when you can bring it to you.


DK is pretty good for soloing, some can solo a +10 as blood (with right trinkets and race). You can solo heal a normal mythic if you use you CDs correctly.
Paladin is good too, with all your CDs and heals makes it ideal for soloing old content.
Both have good DPSs, even though, in my opinion Paladin is not as fun as DK (probably bias).

I got a pally at 120, but no Dk, I did a lot of stuff on my pally but got kinda bored at him, but when I try other classes doesn’t seem to be much fun as pally, haven’t tried Dk or Warrior tho, that’s why I asked, I think I might lvl up a Dk :slight_smile: for the mobility part… is Dk much worse then pally ? Pally only have the horse for like few secs…

(Btw got a dh at 120 also, and the mobility on him is insane, I do kinda like that :slight_smile: )

Def go fury warrior.
Good mobility with Leap and Charge, Fury spec has insane self heal and the damage is ridiculous.
I can pull packs of mobs a tank can endure and come out just fine and do twice as much damage.

The downside is that you dont have heal on demand like the DK, but if you wanna fast-highDPS-tanky Fury Warrior 100%.

I have a Fury Warrior just for PVE content collectibles farm. I also have a DK and Pallie but they arent as impactful for speed-damage-tankiness bundle.

Yes, we’re slow.
If you pick Wraith Walk you can get rid of roots and you can use it if you die; with Deaths Advance you can prevent knock backs (example: water elementals in Shrine or the wind walk in Gul’dan fight) but yea… we’re slow, especially if you like to do tmog runs.

Warrior is the best class for tmog farm in my opinion, you can get a ton of weapons.

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Warrior is the best class for tmog farm in my opinion, you can get a ton of weapons.

THIS :point_up: :point_up: :point_up:

They can gulp up so many weapon mogs, I have completely forgotten :laughing:

Ok, I might lvl up a Warrior instead of Dk :slight_smile: any suggestion for race? (Alliance)? Don’t really care about racials, just for looks. on wich race does look gear the best in your opinion?

Frost dk, get conflict Essenes that gives you chillstrike, use it with ur cds and watch it be your number 1 dmg on adds

You can be safe with any race:
Orc/Troll for dmg and speed.
Tauren for aoe stun.
Kultiran for 1 target stun.
Nelf for drop aggro at any point.
Velf for Blink.
Belf for purge aoe.
Human for reputation exp bonus if you want to farp reps too.

Go with your gut :smiley:

Dorf? Is that dark iron dwarf, or just dwarf? Lol xD


Alliance: Night elf. They look cool; as you said, you don’t care about racials but Night elf active racial is one of the best racials in the game, you can also reset the fight if something goes wrong.

Personally, I prefer how Void elves look but that’s that.

Horde: Troll/Orc, maybe blood elf.
Troll and Orc racials are pretty good. Warrior tmogs look amazing on Orcs, but depends on what kind of warrior you want to be.
Blood elves because I like animations and voice, but that’s personal taste.

But, but… I don’t want to join the dark side :frowning:

By dark side you mean Horde or Void? If you roll a Night Elf warrior you’ll have a dark side too.

And… the dark side is the best side of the story :wink: