Beware the Pyroclasm 1 shot bug

Xaryu has already streamed this to 8k+ people, so it’s spreading throughout the internet like the plague

Popping a Pyroclasm empowered Pyroblast into an immuned target, will cause the buff to bug out, and add it to your next Pyroblast instead. This bug interaction can be done pre-arena and then gets carried over to the arena and the instant version of Pyroblast through Hot Streak.


Honestly, if you let a hardcasted pyro go off, you deserve to get 1shot.


I repeat

10 chars


Fair. I’m just memeing. Indie company needs to fix this tbh, can imagine this being annoying, especially when the meta-monkeys get their hands on it and scuff the ladder up.

The problem is that it becomes instant, though.

Thank you for sharing this. I hope it gets fixed soon. Question, though. Is the buff still apparent when the Fire Mage enters the Arena? Can it be purged?


im almost certain the buff doesnt appear at all

multi dollar company


I do not know tbh. To my understanding, it’s not a visible buff and pyroclasm’s benefits are simply added onto your next Pyroblast, hardcasted or instant.

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Then this… is bad news. :F

Thanks for letting me know.

Oh boy. Might want to bring queues into a screeching halt for the time being, then.

The game becomes a clown fiesta with unreachable heights more and more.

How can they hold an arena tournament when this games balance is in shambles


ah yes because as we all know it is almost impossible to get off a hardcast pyro :clown_face:

also, it is 100% your fault if you get oneshot by one cast :clown_face: :clown_face:


Tho all their forces was directed on TBC preparation launch. WF1 race ended, others will whine but pay. kekw. $ green dollars on old content so juicy. mmmmmmmm

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We tested it in duels today and the buff isn’t visible at all, so no way to see it coming. I hope every single team that abuses this sh*t gets banned.


I was talking about it a week ago… But ofc, some ppl think you can line it easily. Sure, against hpal mage, or hpal double mage.

KEKW commenting and flaming with clown emojis on a level 15 char. That’s a yikers my dude.

you were talking about normal pyroclasm usage. its still a garbage gimmick talent that might work once every 10 games, and the cost of using it is losing meteor (15k instant, borderline unavoidable damage on every combust)

this is an exploit

" this mechanism(pyroclasm) has nothing to do in 3s or in arena at all…"
“no spell should do 25k dmg in 3s if you have 35k hp and bis gear.”
And it was already 1 week ago. And that Mitchguy was like in his videofrom yesterday: OH, i found out this spec.

If anyone does it you should report them for exploiting. Hopefully at least they will be banned.

Pretty sure this exploit has only been discovered in the last few days

What, my mmr on 2v2 is full of Rogue-Mage. I guess I’ll play my alts for now.

Report them if you get oneshotted by firemages like this at start, they’ll be disqualified because of exploit.

Saw about 5 different teams do this to us this morning, playing in the 2400-2500 mmr range, including some double fire mage teams who got to use this exploit twice in a game.

Pathetic really. Also really embarrassing that they want to cheat to get an easy ‘glad’. Also agree that the players using it should have their rating stripped, but how likely is this to happen if we’re being really honest.

Stuff like this should get fixed moments after they are discovered and reported. For reference, I saw Xar’s stream last night live (around 01:00am GMT) and 13 hours after it’s discovery it still hadn’t been hotfixed.