BG is ruined

As horde most bg/ebg is ruined because there is no chance to win when most games you face premade alliance. This gives horde players no other option than merc for alliance to get dailies done.

The other problem is that this has been going on for so long now that horde are mentally defeated even before the battle starts. They don’t care if they lose because that’s what is expected. Some players will leave before the battle starts if you ask them to do their best to win.

Blizzard you have to stop this premade nonsense because it’s destroying random bg/ebg.
No one signed up for premade bg/ebg, premade teams should be on premade lobbies for those who want to play premade.

I try to play this game for fun and not for some premade companies trying to make a buck.


Look out for players who play objectives and are fun to be around, add them to your friends list. Invite them to your group when you are online, queue. Win, enjoy your victories together and laugh about silly stuff that happened during the round.

It could be so easy, but for some reason many players on this forums demonize playing together with friends and would rather torture themselves than do something that is perfectly intended by the game.

Because you know, having some random idiots on your team ghosting bases, having flag carriers escape, not defending towers, not destroying glaives is clearly superior and more fun than playing with reliable friends who do all of this stuff.

No wonder you guys are so salty on the forums. It seems every thread nowadays is about this. I hope you know blizzard ain’t going to do anything about it. They allowed premades up to 5 for 19 years in bgs. They might do something vs epic bg premades, but they won’t do dick about small groups. Better accept that this is allowed and make your own.

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I demand to be able to buy my completions for my dailies for 1 gold per daily! :walking_man:

What are you talking about, yesterday I lost 6 Epic battlegrounds in a row on Alliance. It took me literally almost 3 hours to get a single win. >.<


In all fairness there’s no shame in losing vs. Premades, like Fistus suggested, form a community, talk to people with potential, make friends, queue together if not, perhaps play Mercenary until premades are gone or learn to better deal with it by self improve.

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I play both horde and alliance, although mainly alliance now a days. What amazes me is that hordes dominated BG´s with an absurdly high winrate for about a decade n no one considered it a problem because apperently that was “as its supposed to be” but when alliance wins the world is collapsing?

Personally i win a majority of the BG´s i play as either horde or alliance n the main difference i experience is the longer que times as horde. I´ve also noticed that seemingly no matter what faction i que as games are absurdly onesided one way or another where one team seemingly always has full geared players n the other team has 150k hp players. That applies to both factions though. I avoid epic bg´s like the plague because i cant as an individual have any relevant impact in it where as in regular BG´s i can.

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The reallity slap them in the face. :rofl:

First two weeks were a prime example of alliance domination, horde players were shocked :joy:

Becouse horde joins in green/blue gear, alliance mostly full geared.

I play my alliance dk alt and i win almost all normal bgs no premade, we just better geared.

Nah, better communicated, alliance players usually talk tactics and situation, horde just goes for the kill for the sake of the kill, don’t get me wrong there is good horde players that knows the objectives, but almost every game as a merc, alliance actually do communicate.

Well, during SL it was the other way around. There was no way to play with the alliance pugs without going berserk. So alliance start to doing premade to avoid these terrible players and compete against horde premades, and that’s how all the whining started “Omg, bg is ruined”

Curiosities of life was that when we played against a horde premade, they rarely beat us unless the alliance pugs were too green.

The biggest example occurred in EBG: Larkus premade leaving in mass every time they join in the same BG than TSOTH premade.

I spamm temple brawl atm on my ally, we win about 90% of games no premade.

Horde is just really bad geared every game.

Somehow really strange :confused: Gearing has been made so easy in DF.

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Some ppl dont want to use gold for the green gear =p Its funny looking at ppl running around with 200k hp and you 1-2shot them as WW monk or any class rly

The main difference i´ve noticed playing both factions is that horde are far more whiney. Funnily enough you can see this on ally side aswell when someone has a mental breakdown in the chat n it turns out they´re a horde merc. Horde has a much bigger tendancy to give up and afk if they dont win the initial fight n yes if you´re afking a significant part of the BG´s you play you´re going to lose alot more BG´s.

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Orcs are more impulsive :smile:

I was able to get full PvP gear on my alter without playing a single bg sending honour and conquest box from my main :grin:

i agree on the bottom part, as “blizzard is not going to” specially because i don’t see how they could approach this.

but on the starting, im curious to know how much of what the guy that made the post mentioned have you experienced.

Yea, but its more based of how much you play on other chars. Ive played some, but havent played THAT much so I had alot of conquest spared to give to other chars even if I most likely will play more as SP in 10.1.
But theres alot of ppl who are extremely lazy and then whine on how huge difference it is between a newly dinged 70 and someone whos atleast tried to get gear xd

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These people got a name, but I will not call them anything in this forum because the BanHammer is always awaiting :sweat_smile:

But I hate them and one of the reasons I mainly play in premade is avoid these kind of annoying players

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Ah, learning about this fills my heart with sadness.

I have a suggestion to listen during battlegrounds for all horde players in bgs, perhaps they can be motivated with this song ;