Bgs wont save the Horde on Flamelash

A lot of hordes assuming that the exodus of the Alliance will not affect their ability to rank up because of bgs, but it wont work. If you want to reach high ranks as Horde on flamelash it will take significantly more efforts, if it’s possible at all and here is why:

First the queues, horde outnumbers the alliance and so even if the bgs are cross realm Horde will have longer queues which will probably be worsen by the Alliance having less pvp oriented players since most went horde for the racials. So a smaller percentage of alliance will bother with pvp, making queue times worse for Hordes.

The other issue is that the only good bg to farm honor is AV, WG is the land of premades. It’s a well known fact that people scout ahead before going in the WG to check if the ennemy team is a premade by only making one go in and they jus’t don’t join if it’s a premade, so it’s back to queue time. And knowing that the queue times will be long for horde they wont be able to afford skipping matches to avoid getting farmed by a premade abusing the fact that there is no timer on WG. And since AV need a raid on both side it means more Alliance required to actually queue for pvp and so even longer queues for Horde.

But how does that affect Flamelash Horde specifically ? Queue times will be a problem for all Hordes regardless of server. Yes, but Horde on over server can actually go wpvp while waiting in queue so they don’t have down time while farming honor and well, let’s just say it isn’t an option for Flamelash Horde.

Which lead to the final point, when trying to rank up you are not in competition with the ennemy faction but with your own faction as the amount of honor needed to rank up isn’t set in stone but based on what on the amount of honor over players in your faction farmed. Basically the more other people in your faction farmed honor, the more honor you need. Currently Flamelash is listed as large in population despite the Alliance basically left it, so almost everyone of those thousands of people are in direct competition with each other which could lead to very high amount of honor required to enter each bracket and makes coordinating between brackets more complicated.

If we assume a best case scenario where everyone coordinate perfectly to gain the exact same amount of honor per bracket so as to not inflate the honor required to get into the next RP bracket it would take twelves Week with the 20% weekly RP loss to get to rank 14. Now such perfect coordination never happens, and the envirronement that is Horde on flamelash will make it harder to coordinaate since they are just too many people so there will Always be people farming more honor to get ahead to the detriment of others, and with so many hordes the percentage of selfish people will increase. But even if we theorize that everything goes 100% perfect for Flamelash horde they are still floor of RP required to rank up. So the big question is: will there be a hard cap on how high a flamelash horde can go ? Meaning that even if you farm honor 24/7 it wont be enough to offset the honor weekly decrease to reach the RP floors to enter a new bracket. It’s impossible to know for sure as it will depend on how bad queue times are for horde since queue times are basically dead times on the honor farm, even someone on a pve realm is more likely to find regular wpvp than Hordes on flamelash at this point. Although this last point is really a worse case scenario and quite unlikely, although a soft cap is much more likely. Basically it’s technically possible to reach rank 14 but it would take so much time people wont be able to do it.

So yeah, bgs wont save flamelash Horde.

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TL;DR: Is that you, Tastemyskill?


Oh dear, another troll hiding behind an unguilded retail character hating on Flamelash.

Did you read the blue post concerning battlegrounds before writing your nonsense?

Go read it, and weep.

Battlegrounds are confirmed cross realm across ALL servers in the region.

So, in case you still don’t understand how that works or what it means, the queues will be across ALL EU servers, including PVE, RP, PVP, ALL the servers.

Last time I checked there were overall more Alliance if you count the populations on the non PVP servers so it looks to me like you and your Alliance buddies are the ones who MAY end up with the longer queues. Do you honestly think Alliance on non PVP servers won’t queue for BG’s?

Not sure what Flamelash Horde need saving from exactly but thank you for caring so much.


The whole point of my post is to explain why it doesn’t matter, great reading skills champ.


The title of your post alone says it, so go on, what exactly do Flamelash Horde need saving from?

You always know you’ve won the argument when your opponent start’s getting personal.

Just… Read the post, all the arguments are there. That’s conversation 101. Someone make a point with arguments, you take in the arguments and answer with your own. Just reading the title wont cut it.

Now you aren’t making any sense at all.

Come on, answer the question, what do the Flamelash Horde need saving from exactly?

Just another troll, hiding behind an un-guilded retail character posting nonsense and jumping on the Flamelash Horde hate bandwagon.

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Ok then it should be easy to dismantle my arguments, go on.

You are the one who started the post, I asked you a question, feel free to make a proper attempt at an answer.

I am sure you wouldn’t just make a huge rant post just to make yourself feel better by having a go at a Classic server you probably don’t even play on would you? For a start it might help if you actually post off your main Classic character, wait do you even play Classic?

Am I just wasting my time with another retail troll?

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You asked a question that I answered in my first post because you didn’t read it, should I copy and paste my first post so you get another shot at reading it ?

Sweet sweet irony.

The fact that you are still posting on that character and just avoiding answering valid questions put to you on a post you started says it all really.

Troll confirmed.

Have a nice day.

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Valid question which I already answered ? You are the only one not accepting my response because you don’t have a response to it.

You have so little arguments you are retreating to the “huh your character” tactic, also know as ad hominem.

Give it up my warlock bro, you got owned hard lolz.


I might be stupid, but I dont think Fadeclaw understands how the ranking in PVP works at all?

I think you should read up on how the whole honor system works with brackets and all before you post cause you are saying a lot of BS…


If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bu!lsh!t.

W.C. Fields


Right, the point you try to make is that horde on flamelash have a hardtime on getting to rank 14… so what do we need saveing from?
You never stated that in your story, or in any of the comments you made.

So in the end wouldnt that just make this a pointless clickbait forum post without any real value? I mean you never adress the topic in the title.
If you Would change to title to: flamelash horde will have a harder time to get rank 14. Then you might make a seemingly valid point, but no matter how long the ques are as long as you got most honor that week you can full contribution points… meaning it doesnt matter if your highest on honor with 100, 1000, 10.000 or eaven… if you got most honor of your faction you get closet to being rank 14 ^^

This post is as bad as Politician nowadays discussing about their future plans and not being able to answer the questions that they are given.

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Horde don’t need saving unless they actually care about WPvP but i figure those who cared about WPvP transferred and those who didn’t care about PvP stayed behind on this PvE server.

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Maybe people stayed, because they didn’t want to abandon others unable to transfer in time (keep in mind for Horde it was on an even shorter notice. A lot of big Alliance Guilds kept saying they don’t consider transferring).

Also I personally did a lot of dedicated wPvP in Phase 1. I do care about wPvp (basically the reason I started playing Classic) and it was a very nice experience in Phase 1 (and first week of Phase 2) but too many Problems (mainly server population and the honor system not designed for it) showed me it will never really recover.

Also I wanted to PvP to fight others, not farm them and complain about every Horde jumping into my fight to get every bit of Honor Points they can scrap.


They are rp floors, the guy with the most rp at then of the first Week didn"t get to rank 14 automatically, there is a minimum of farm which on itself is pretty demanding and if the queues are really bad it could make it even more demanding. And if rank 14 is harder to get all the ranks become harder to get. Everything went perfectly ranking up to 14 took around 12 hours of daily farming on average and if queue times are really bad this required time of farming could be inflated and so would be the required time to farm to get to all ranks. If they rolled on a pvp server they probably have some interest in ranking up and if ranking up here, even if it isn’t to get to 14, they could just op out. It shouldn’t be too bad in the early days/weeks when bgs are the new hot thing but as queue times settle down to what they will be we could see such issues arise.