Blighter Shadow Priest Ninja

Name : Blighter
Guild : former Mist (Got kicked)
so history goes again…
everyone greeds , he needs last.

imgur dot com /a/tkq76Xq


Not sorry. Full BIS Priest with Benediction looking for communicative Raiding/PvP Guild.

Rip in piss, dead on realm)
Aint bfa boi


u wont enjoy it for long, as soon GM ticket gets resolved your banned. + i am gona message every single guild u join to kick u for beeing ninja . worked for 3 guilds yday already


What exactly is the point of all greed? Why not just do need to prevent ninjalooting in the first place?

Also, the GM won’t do anything about this.

  1. Blizzard only enforces player-made loot rules in master loot groups.
  2. From the screenshot it looks like the loot rules weren’t even suggested until after the item had already dropped.

@pharon because of 1 the guys immediately pressed greed, so we all agree to be fair and all greed. that is where 11 year ladyboi Blighter came out and ninja it

Blighter joined our guild earlier today. He instantly posted the link on our public discord channel to this conversation and wanted to make us aware of this. I asked him to come discord and have a 1 on 1 conversation.

I asked him why he did this and the answer was “make a quick buck”.
He thought you guys were in the wrong of greeding, when everyone should need on epic boe drops. Tried to explain to him that this would’ve been completely different if he was the first person to press need and then the others to greed. Cause now he waited for you guys to agree on greeding, and then stole it.

Told him that if he’s gonna be in our guild, don’t be a dick. Treat all other players with respect. Help others when possible and be a positive face for the guild outwards. What he did is the opposite of this.

Asked him if he would apologize if we told him to, the answer was no.
Asked him if he would do it again if put in the same situation; “no, not if its against the guild rules obviously”.

So he would just be a nice guy if a guild forces him to. Not the kind of people we want in our guild. We want members we can trust and that can tell the difference between right and wrong.

This is also why I love classic. The community and consequences of your actions. Blighter just got kicked from Hybrid Theory again.

Good luck to the next guild that has to deal with him!


Just wanna thank everyone who harasses the guilds and people i come in contact with because of some 400 gold on a videogame. Keep the threats coming in /w.

I have no interest in being part of a guild that allows some random social justice dweebs to bully them into making decisions or even removing trusted members. You are making it alot easier for me to find a proper community, one that sticks up for its members and doesnt allow spineless “officers” to be pressured by online attacks in text form.

I always wanted a lvl 60 mage pet that follows me through orgrimmar while yelling my name, btw.

Still not sorry.

Full BIS Priest looking for raid spot. Also need someone for that spellpower enchant already, have the mats.

-High Warlord Blighter

Let’s hope the enchanter won’t keep your mats to “make a quick buck”.


good decision Koffeh , he got kicked by 4 guilds sofar so hes blackslisted by 8 guilds in total. having him in the guild would bring u very bad reputation. Congratulate on the right decision.





Thanks for SHG recipe much apperciated for my business!

Cheers, Yousayso!

Pleasure doing business.

Thanks for sharing :+1:t2:

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Sounds like a genius

Blighter you are blacklist in whole of albania no one group with you here. Man like you who kill Deon for the lek in his shoe, disgusteng, go back to greece.

Can someone translate?

This dude did it again ninja a skullframed shield pulled and left us for dead!!!

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I absolutely took that shield people but i was not the guy who pulled the extra packs, that would be just rude.

WTS Skullflame Shield! Cheaper than AH.

I was there, I can confirm Blighter did not pull the extra packs. Cocas won’t even post on his main character for fear of his dirty lies being exposed. Shame on you.