Blizz pvp dev, can you nerf dh pls?

Lmao, dh dmg with full gear is completely overtuned xD



But does it compare to 450k ferocious bite, rising sun kick, aimed shot, 800k ray of frost dmg, 450k kingsbane or 450k eternity surge


ok next post


Check what abilities people press maybe?
You got hit by inner demon right before the Big Sweep. That means he pressed Eye beam 3 seconds before that. That means he also pressed Essence Break shortly after. This is actually the most scripted 40 seconds go in the game ATM, and the easiest to counter. Almost nobody gets hit by this anymore after 1800 mmr even.
You can blink, dash, teleport, CC, or if nothing else use a small def right when eye beam ends, and chances are you ruined his go for almost an entire minute. It’s literally a 4 second window. Skill issue.

Meanwhile I get gibbed from 25-30% HP by a single mortal strike in arena, casual 400-450k crits. Colosus smash is also 15 sec+ window, on a SHORTER cd.

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But but its much easier to make QQ on the Forum rather then just play better :(((

you realise that screenshot is from AWC, right?


Love it how the DH brigade constantly tells people to l2p but yet they rely on playing one of easiest and most rewarding classes in the game :melting_face:


And how does that even matter? Do you think AWC players somehow play a different game then the retail client? do the abilities there work differently? I literally dont care if an AWC player got clapped by that, it works as intended, the DH and his teammates had to setup that go, and got the kill. What is wrong with that, that DH can get kills in arena like any other class?
If I post a screenshot of me getting one shotted by 8 lava bursts overloading of each other in 0.6 seconds, or monk during serenity full burst, does that mean those classes are broken, or it means that X spec presses full burst → I don’t have anything left to trade → I die. Like intended.

Another question: What exactly would you suppose is the DH kill condition/combo? just curious.

it matters because you were making excuses saying “nobody above 1800 will die to this!!!” when literally the best players in the game do

you have no idea what you’re talking about and now you’re just moving the goalposts lmao


Damage is not the problem of DH. It’s the toolkit. DH is currently better Warrior. Very close but a bit more agressive toolkit makes Havoc very versatile and strong. It does better damage, has some good defence and offers CC on 3 different DRs. Warrior is very strong but just weaker than Havoc so in most comps it’s just a downgrade.

  • Game is 20 years old. Worked the exact same way since launch.
  • Dude in arena presses burst cooldown and gets a kill on other dude who didnt press defensive.
  • Random dude from the forums: OMG, how is this a thing? How can this happen? Nerf X class NOW !!!

Literally lol.

actually DH is fine atm

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Well DH passive pressure is insane - but ye they got a good tooltip ontop making it the best melee overall atm after the outlaw nerfs.

It’s also not suprising there are so many DH defenders - you just need to check representation and then you know why - there is basically nobody defending feral bite damage as the class has like 10 players left.

But DH players dont believe in statistics anyway so it doesnt matter that its super represented and every 2nd team in AWC plays DH - clearly the 400k fericous bites are the problem :clown_face: . But ofc we don’t talk about feral competing with the presvoker on damage.

  • Blur no longer dodges attacks from behind the DH.
  • Leech removed from Metamorphosis and talent tree.
  • Fel eruption a choice node with Imprison
  • Glimpse now only removes snares and roots.
  • Reverse magic now a single target
  • Mortal wounds removed

That’s it. It’s balanced. It will still deal top damage and it will still have a hundred percent uptime, but it will actually die if it just tunnels a target.

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Dh is silly yeah

while classes like Frost DK / aug evoker … can barely do anything

imagine the day when they rework Frost DK, and finally update its outdated resource and rotation

looking forward to your AWC appearance next xpac since you’re clearly far more knowledgeable and skilled than these players ))

These messages are so copium when you saw DHs do 2x the damage of anyone else on very high rated games streamed not even a week ago.

According to you people it doesn’t happen past 1800 but somehow the people facing Coffey or Raiku or other high rated DHs are able to submit those screenshots.

1800 indeed.

It matters because on the first post you say it doesn’t happen past 1800 yet these players are the highest players and it happens. Logic issue ?


I have not watched AWC, and I have responded to the OP posting a damage picture taken without any context.
The damage shown in that picture falls in line with the usual burst a DH can pull off by pressing the 40 sec burst rotation on a stationary target. The damage is relatively high, because the burst window is also small ( 4 seconds ). This is the way they designed it, not me, other classes have different burst profiles. I’m fine if they spread the burst over a longer duration, with lower peaks.
I am just speaking from my own experience, more often then not, people react to Eye Beam + Essence break instantly, if they are not out of all mobility and CC. And sometimes their teammate will micro-CC me when I pop eye beam/break, not the target. I do that against enemy DH all the time.
Yes, top DH like Raiku etc. will setup their burst in such a way to be hard to deny. That’s what any player at that level would do.
I also don’t know in which context that screenshot was taken. Was it in the first 30 seconds of the game, was it after 5 minutes, did the target have any defensive left to press, did their teammates have any CC left? All unknown.
But given the lack of information, I will also assume that any other DPS in the game that pressed their burst CD against a stunned target at 40% HP would get the lethal damage and appear in that screenshot instead of DH. Maybe then it would be acceptable, tho?
600k Damage spread over a 4 second burst window is nothing out of ordinary.

yeah true except you can see in the screenshot it was 632k over 0.8 seconds, not 4

DH is so overtuned that every game in solo when I have a DH / Affli, the DH just keeps dispelling UA all game like a bot and the DH still wins all games vs the affli. Like I’ve just had a game where the DH would just all game get hit for 400-500k UA dispells, all game, and still he is double the DMG of everyone else and has so many ways to survive after doing 10 IQ plays.


You should have before commenting a screenshots coming from there then.

The rest of the discussion is therefore pointless. Your experience pales before the one of AWC player. If you can’t make these setups happen past 1800 but they can vs 3600+ exp’ed tournament competitors, then the issue lies with you being unable to cover your goes, something that is a very basic concept in PvP.