Blizzard Address Shadow Priest Bring Back Mind Sear

Frost Mage in our guild did go from 4k to 14k on Huntsman after the buff so i say frost is ok much better than shadow is now attest and more fun to play they have more damage on demand, also you never get declined singing up for m+ or raid pugs.

Can we just be clear that huntsman has adds that take massively increased damage and details is completely worthless.


in all fairness she went from stale to almost topping dmg meters then :slight_smile:

We as shadow could be up there as well if we actually keep VF and TV off CD when the adds killing time is getting close

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once again they are gibing us down to choices rather than damage on demand that feels funny and rewarding at this point i just take 1 strong dps and cast my Haste buff on them because i know shadow is underperforming.

Seems most of us can agree this rework has been extremely disapointing. I also believe we got a scaling issue because it feels like im getting weaker every week.

Honestly if Bliz had done what they initially proposed to do for SL Shadow, which was nothing, we’d be in an even worse spot.

It definitely feels like of the people who were working on things that could influence SL shadow (Legendaries, Class, Conduits, Soulbinds etc etc etc), the stuff that was changed is mostly good, but the stuff that then stayed the same feels like loose ends holding it back.

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This is indeed true. But I mean we were looking like complete trash. To improve from that doesnt say much.

This is a problem. Feels like they didnt quite finished the rework. And can we expect them finish the work? Probably not right?

Unlikely. As I said the big things in SL were direction and potential, and then it all just sputtered to a pretty underwhelming halt. I’m still happy someone decided they needed to do something, and what they did was on the whole good, but it feels like they didn’t have control over enough things to fix all the problems.

I do wanna raise a point though that I don’t think bliz will ever make our dots “strong”. There are zero strong dots in WoW (At least conventionally applied ones), and since Uldir blizzard have actively pushed to weaken all dots for all dot specs, and replace dot based aoe with cleave spells (Starfall, Malefic Rapture, Searing Nightmare).

Bliz just doesn’t want dots at the power level they had been at for the last 10 years, likely because fights are getting more complex and it’s getting harder to justify the “Niche” of multi dotting existing when it’s no longer really a niche.

Multi dotting has been incredibly potent on every end boss for the last 3 expansions, and multiple bosses in every tier, we don’t have “Token council fights” anymore.

I don’t know what the fix is either, but it almost certainly involves a cohesive borrowed power package and replacements for talents such as surrender to madness, mindbender, psychic link, and shadow crash, as well as something to SN.

EDIT: In fact, Chris mentioned on twitter after SL released he wished he’d made mind blast procs do aoe damage.

That would’ve been nice yes, but for that to really work it would have to be on the hard cast as well, or it should proc more often and from tick damage rather than being 3% per dot per MF/MS tick

guess it depends if blizz will do anything to fix Spriest though, or if Spriests will wait til the next expansion to see the rest of the changes it needs.

Sadly it will most likely be this. I think the best thing we can hope for is some OP legendary next patch that fixes our cleave issue.

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i dont think they’ll drop anymore legendaries tbh, but we maybe suprised.

or we i guess we can roll fire mages and be awesome xD

If blizzard cared at all they should rework some legendry’s / counduits to fit the mind blast and devouring plague game play style because mind flay is outdated

I get depressed when i come to this realization every time i attempt to pug

Yeah getting worse and worse in m+ every week. Played with a geared mage yesterday, it was a complete joke the dmg he could do.

I’m bit happy for people disagreeing or agreeing :slight_smile: no matter what I love the play style of shadow but we only feel weak when it becomes more than 2 adds to damage.

Blizzard should make [Shadow Word: Pain] and [Shadow Word: Death] and [Searing Nightmare] spawn [Shadowy Apparitions] and rework the whole ordeal with how the [Shadowy Apparitions] system works :slight_smile: shadow is fun but damming down how [Shadowy Apparitions] works feels tad sad.

This is just my own opinion but it would be cool if instead of void bolt whilst using
void form you got an empower [Searing Nightmare] to click on top of the already existing one.

I guess this wont be addressed by blizzard till 7 years later.

I love you for saying just this. That’s all.

It’s worse version of Legion as AoE. :confused: At least we are good a bit in PvP :slight_smile:

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