Blizzard do something about current state of the server, please


I play in this server for one year and it was an amazing journey and i hoped to achieve my ultimate goal - kill KT in this server. Ally side always were low populated, but you could still make a dungeon or raid group with some effort. However, during last couple of weeks many people transferred and ally side reached the state, where its basically impossible to make a dungeon group or make a pug. I know that majority ppl became just raid loggers, because besides raiding with the guild, you cant do anything else in this server, but for some of us other aspects in the game, like socializing, running dungeons or make pugs give as much fun as raiding.

Please, Blizzard, do something, merge with another server or enable a free transfer. We pay for the sub to enjoy the game, not sit in an empty city or raid for 6 hours a week.


Bump for visibility. The server feels completely dead at the moment. Blizzard please show us you care and do something to help improve the current state of play.


In addition, dont be fooled by medium population. Half of server are bots.


Whenever I use the /who command I’m lucky to see more than 5 alliance in SW. most alliance guides have either already left or are planning to move. Please don’t let us become the new judgment server with nobody remaining in the server. Surely we can be merged with another low population server like Ten Storms is?


We can’t afford to pay the server transfer fees for all of our alts in the middle of a global pandemic. Feeling extremely disappointed and demotivated logging into our server where you cannot do 90% of what a MMORPG is built for (purley due to lack of population).


it sucks playing on a completely dead server and knowing blizz don’t care at all about improving things


I was on the other night and seeing someone LF people for Stratholme UD and my heart sank. It was hard enough before to find people to do specific dungeons, now it’s even harder at night time. Please try and do something to address this.

Recruiting someone on this server is a horrible experience as horde. I dread thinking about how bad it must be for Alliance players.

Leveling alts on this server is basically that you pay for boosts or endure the quests and lack their of, a.e grind it. It is basically a meme when you do see someone looking for a group for a dunegon.

While I normally think that it is great fun slaughtering Socialism members I do feel the same way. We pay for a service and for a long time that service have been neglected by Blizzard. We don’t pay our subscription each month just for nothing.


no no, dont do anything, server is good

Bump for visibility. Save Ten Storms!!!

Ten Storms forever! stay here and have fun

I am totally in line with Bolt here.

Levelling alts have it’s pros and cons on our, sadly, small server.
Pro: There’s no competition for quest mobs.
Cons: There are no dungeon groups. So if you want to go dungeon crawling on your toons, its either have some good guildmates or (if you have the gold) hope can find a mage that’s selling boosts (and those are rare).

The same can be said about the open world. There is not a lot of World PvP, besides people just dispelling each other.
And while it gets easier to farm certain items, there are not a lot of competition and ex. with Black Lotus’ it is almost just a few dedicated farmers who have those covered, so our server economy is screwed.

Recruitment is harsh and sadly we see more and more guilds seeking other servers due to inactivity, lack of recruitment, lack of world PvP or other population related issues.

So I join my voice with others. We pay Blizzard a monthly fee for a service but is being neglected.

And no, I don’t want to hear “just pay for a server transfer”.
No, for some of us, we do not have such money laying around. And sadly, I fear that if server problems, such as is the case with Ten Storms, isn’t sorted fast, we won’t just loose people on the server, Blizzard will lose the subscribers.


sorry if you dont have 25 euro maybe get a job instead of playing wow

saddest of zugs

Maybe I don’t just have 1 character that needs to be moved? So the pricetag for a server transfer will rise accumulating? Maybe I play to get a sense of free time and wanna relax after a day of work, but have a budget for videogames? Or maybe I’m currently in between jobs, so money is tight? Who knows?
But maybe try and crawl out of your shell and think before you release your inner wanna-be internet troll and try and come with some contructive imputs instead.

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For me, its not about money, its about the fact that we pay money for quality product and i dont feel this quality anymore. Half of server are bots and blizzard dont do anything about that too. With current maintance you cant be sure that other servers wont suffer from the same problems and then you spent money for nothing.

you are probably right, but some other servers have it way worse than us. Blizzard aint gonna do anything. On horde I feel we have too many guilds compared to players and we should probably look at guild merges like Bad moon / Bloody mess did.

So why shouldnt we merge like a couple of servers with bad situation and make one decent server?

Why did you continue playing here then?

Why do you think everybody went to play on the full servers, to the point where they had to be locked? Because population always goes down, not up, so if in the beginning there’s a low population things will get irredeemably worse later on.

Merging Ten Storms with the other servers who have become lower population e.g. Skullflame, Dreadmist, Mandokir etc. wouldn’t be bad at all.
Similar populations and balanced faction numbers supposedly.

It’s currently a vicious downward spiral of “Oh so and so guild left, dead server now so we will leave too.” which leaves everyone else worse off with each transfer.

The degradation of service by Activision Blizzard towards these issues is ruining the experience for everyone but not surprising as transfers help line their pockets further and, in their eyes, probably hope people move over to Shadowlands.