Blizzard Entertainment will become Insight in 2022 (Leak/Spoilers)

Blizzard Entertainment is being dissolved early 2022. It is going to be replaced by a new team called Insight that will be a more direct part of the renamed Activision Insight. Much of Blizzard, though not all, will be sacked and replaced with new employees for Insight.

Diablo is considered by far the most promising franchise at the present. Diablo IV has 3 planned expansions. A remake of the original Diablo is in the works. Diablo Immortal will receive a PC and console release a year after its mobile release. An untitled Diablo PvP game will begin development under Insight. The Diablo team, like the Hearthstone team, will be mostly unaffected by the company shifts.

World of Warcraft is entering official maintenance mode. The little work that was already put into the expansion after Shadowlands will be released 9.3 sometime in 2023. 9.3, despite the name, has nothing to do with Shadowlands and is just made up of salvaged stuff from 10.0.

Classic servers will be merged into one or two with the launch of WotLK Classic in 2023. This will be the last Classic expansion planned.

A new untitled World of Warcraft successor MMORPG is in the works, looking to take a lot from FFXIV. This is going to be developed by a majority new team than those who made and worked on WoW. It is not a sequel but a total reboot with new lore. Currently only in the planning stage. The base game will focus on Valansess (the Eastern Kingdoms) and Outland, with playable races from both worlds. It is currently believed to not have factions. It will not borrow from Hearthstone, which will remain separate and continually updated with new expansions.

A Warcraft mobile MMORPG project has been in the works since 2019 and will continue under Insight, focusing on drawing in an audience in China. It is separate from the new PC MMORPG. The last report said it was canon to WoW, though it is unknown whether this will change with WoW entering maintenance mode.

A Hearthstone spin-off game is coming out. It is going to build off of the autobattler modes added.

Overwatch is believed to be unsalvageable, failing to capture any modern interest. Overwatch 2 has been cancelled, as have multiple smaller mobile projects set in the same universe. Overwatch in late 2022 will receive the maps and heroes planned for Overwatch 2, but not the PvE modes. A Netflix original series is in the works and seems unaffected by these cancellations.

StarCraft is completely abandoned in any way shape or form. There are no plans for new RTS or MOBA of any kind.

Because their franchises and lead characters (like Sylvanas, Tracer, and Kerrigan) no longer ‘capture people’s imaginations like they used to’, there has been a lot of work done on developing a new IP. After 3 cancelled projects, they have one they’ve been working on since early 2020 set in a unique fantasy universe. It will debut with a gacha-style RPG and will be announced at either Gamescom or E3 next year.

Blizzconline 2022 has been cancelled, but I’m certain you’ve all guessed that.

Random new account on MMO Champ posted, but i am pretty sure we’re talking 4chan rumours.

But non the less i already saw one dude on here post the one from Back a few months ago, with their rushing 9.2 and crunch. So why not just the same.

Who cares…


Well it made me laugh :grin: that was the point right? (not referring to OP here)


Do you have a link to it?

Such “leaks” are very suspicious.

Now this I kind of believe, Boby Kotick for sure wants to expand on mobile.

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Can’t post it for being clickable, but there is always mods around here. I am sure in a matter of mins you’ll see one who corrects me and makes it clickable.


I have my doubts:


Holinka doesn’t know yet. They are hiring for the new mmo, which however would still use the old wow engine/toolset.
/sarcasm and tinfoil hat off


Sounds way too good to be true. But what comes to Diablo franchise if they keep 6 buttons and 1 potion it will never keep peoples attention for long.

And they are absolutely releasing Cata and MoP Classics too. Best combat in any MMO game that has ever been. And probably will ever see.

Not even Mike Morhaimes Studios mean nothing if their combat in any new games that might come out has like 5 buttons to press. Doesnt matter how good if you get bored in 3 hours.

Btw why abandon Starcraft? Would have made one hell of and Scifi-MMO.

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Nice fanfic m8.


Of course we are…

Blizzard is a hot internet potato right now, and everyone wants their little slice of the pie.


This is kinda half funny, half “that would be cool.”

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Hey, at least it’s well written and paragraphed, which is kind of rare on the wow forums xD


Weekend in full swing already.


Even more so if it came from 4 chan. Most of the people who frequent that site have trouble tying their shoelaces.

I was like - what the heck! :flushed:


True, that’s why I only wear laceless shoes.


To be fair you do wear them well.

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Think you didn’t look at todays date.

It’s not April 1 just yet.