Blizzard have never listened to feedback as much as they do in Dragonflight

I don’t know who they hired, and who’s directly responsible for this huge change in their mindset, but it’s welcome.

Every time we here about something new, or an incoming change, it turns out to be a popular community request.



It’s just good to see more action than in SL,
It really felt like they threw out a major patch, and then did absolutely nothing to correct anything.

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Do you have any examples?


Before the launch of Dragonflight:

  • Abandoning burrowed power systems entirely
  • Separating PvE and PvP gearing, and not forcing people to engage in the other activity if they don’t enjoy it
  • Super alt friendliness
  • Account bound Dragonflying

Just this week:

  • The announcement of a rework for Retribution that adresses its main issues instead of just buffing damage
  • We can now transmog white quality items
  • Holiday items transmog restrictions lifted

Things are moving in the right direction.
Also, throughout the expansion, we’ve had PvP balance patches very often, and they were mostly doing a good job with what they were nerfing/buffing.


Are you saying they’re finally going to remove Gnomes?


Players hated Legion, BfA and SL there was a huge backpedalling from Blizzard, covenants and conduits and all the artificial restrictions, they did back down way, way before DF. They got the message. But we still have tier sets, and if we nit pick, powers (not just stats) though enchants.

You find the invasions innovative and interesting ? Well sire I find them a grind /waiting slog.

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I don’t even know what “invasions” are man, I’ve only spammed arenas since I dinged to max level.

I have played exactly 0 mythic dungeon this expansion. Having a blast!

I find the UI and the updated textures horrible, aswell as some models that got updated like Gnolls.

That’s pretty minor.
I think if these are the worst thing you can find about an expansion, chances are it’s a solid expansion.

I never asked for this UI change. Modern “art” at Blizzard is always so soulless. I despise it.

I am also surprised by how precise these balance adjustments often are. They nerfed restoration druids almost specifically for the m+ environment by nerfing their adaptive swarm heal, for example, which most druids won’t even spec into for raids.

Makes me hopeful they know what’s going on with retribution paladins, too. And it was quite funny. I leveled my retribution alt up, did some dungeons and raids and my left hand actually still hurts from that day due to the extreme button bloat and amount keybinds required while at the same time feeling like alot of these buttons don’t do as much damage as they should. And the next day I saw them announcing changes to retribution paladin, exactly talking about these issues. In previous expansions I felt like we were mostly ignored and you could hope for patches addressing the main issues, but they would often just not come for the entire expansion.

I think the broader player feedback is being listened to the same as always.
Blizzard always tends to take whatever players are upset about and then turn it into a feature for their next expansion and have Ion and other developers talk about how much they’ve listened to the players and the lessons they’ve learned.
Dragonflight is nothing new in that regard. It’s just fresh in the memory.

I think where Dragonflight is different is that Blizzard is much better at marketing what they’re working on. The previews, updates, and news blogs that cover every tiny detail of a patch note is almost staggering, considering that we’re not talking about major patch stuff at all so far.

They’re more aggressive with balance changes this early on as well, I think. That’s good because we like the attention given to class balance issues, but bad because it continues to illustrate how far the balance was off at release.

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Screechs about Shadow Priests performance in PvE Content

  • Fixed.

Screechs about Shadow being Overpowered in PvP

  • Fixed.

Screechs about Ret paladins Design

  • Rework income

Screechs about Druids talent trees

  • Improved.

Unlocking cosmetic armour

  • holiday Transmogs opened to all armour types.

Removal of borrowed power

  • Introduced

Open world Power rewards

  • vastly improved compared to prior expansions this early on espically.

Trade Centre

  • People have been demanding a ingame reward system for store mounts for a long time.

Opening Race / class combos

  • we saw additions with launch of this game.

theres LOADS, people have Posted loads from Balance changes, to problematic classes in PvE and PvP and the response has been pretty quick.

multiple reworks in mid Season?.. they refused to nerf classes in S3 in SL…

I hate to say it but for every one of all these (very welcome) changes I thank FF14 more :rofl:
Never though I would see BLZ being fine since Legion>BFA

Hoping for more NSFW content (slutty transmog)

Im 100% for more customization on UI without addon
Problem is there are way too many LUA even on non-critical addon like mogit, blizzard move, noautoclose etc
Hack, even default interface is calling protected functions protected by…BLZ

Maybe if I spam the forums enough, they’ll remove the GCD from Soothing Mist.

Its not as good as Legion though :wink:

I think if you ask the Priest community, then they will say that the developer responsible for Priests quit during the Beta, so Priests didn’t get the talent design iteration they needed, and therefore shipped with a design that is less than ideal, and as a consequence certain issues arose quickly that Blizzard have since addressed through numbers tuning. But few Priests would consider their issues “fixed”.

Blizzard are plugging holes, they’re not fixing issues.

All the numbers tuning they’ve made to Retribution Paladins since release haven’t fixed issues relating to Retribution Paladins.
The big talent overhaul they have announced for the next patch? That’s the attempted fix.

And the queue of specs who are lined up for their talent overhaul fix is pretty damn long I would say, hence why Blizzard continues plugging holes every other week with more balance adjustments.

As I recall Legion at launch sucks VERY hard, way worse than WOD at launch
I quitted right before Nighthold came out, but the devastation they landed upon PVP scene lasted even today

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“Hence” doesn’t need a “why”. That’s the whole point of “Hence”.