Blizzard, I implore you: retune BWL, ZG, AQ40 and Naxx40 while you still have the time to do it

He wiped allot of times, allot, we have 1.12 patch which makes MC as early raid easier then it was back then, also it is not meant to be impossible to complete MC you need to clear it countless times to get loot, it is not some impossible task, remember that doing Dungeons takes way longer in Classic then BFA.

It’s supposed to be impossible to complete if you enter it with 0 preperation and 8 healers. The fact that MC doesn’t hard require 12 healers due to lack of raid gear available just tells you everything you need to know about the tuning, and there’s no defending it…

rly bad pugs can do it with 8 healers, good guilds can do it with 5-6.
Good guilds are supposed to be forced to use a minimum of 10 at this stage, if tuning was correct. It’s ATLEAST 50% more forgiving than it should be in my opinion.


All I know is that they wiped allot of times, it is all I have to know, it means it was not just go in and done raid.

this, so much this

No changes, this is classic

If you want vanilla go play a private server

But on a serious note, according to the people that made the game, not some private server neckbeard in his moms basement, this is how the game is supposed to be, take it or leave it

Total agree, the fact that a handful of guilds completed Molten Core within the first week of release is lame. I was playing on Nostalrius as well, and it was more of a challenge there, which was much more entertaining than having a complete return of classic without adjustments to the encounters.

OP, I suggest you make some sort of petition such as through (change (dot) org) at least that gave some attention to bring classic back, so I think if it gets a lot of support Blizzard might actually consider it.

How about this, before you have done MC yourself and rest of Dungeons, you do not have right to post about how easy it is, it will solve 99% problems of content being easy.

Are you trying insinuate that Asmongold, a highly competent and experienced player is bad enough to disprove the idea that players are better now? Let’s not forget that people on world first videos in Nihilum were keyboard turning and clicking.

Asmongold has a lot of endgame Mythic boss kills pre-nerf, doesn’t he also have some high PVP ranks like Gladiator/GM? He might play like a buffoon on stream when he’s entertaining the kids but he’s obviously good at the game.

Back on the topic… There are a whole list of reasons that cause the game to be much easier than it should be now, private server players aren’t going to be unhappy with an improvement, improvement is what we need, a number balance to countertact the issues. Right now it’s the equivalent of doing a raid with the next tiers items and class buffs.

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Yeah, cause vanilla had 1.12 values earlier on, and 1.12 itemization.

These brainless guys I swear…

Well alright, maybe you should’ve kept up with the blue posts during Spring 2019 where Blizzard themselves had a long procedure of actually choosing the patch the game was going to be played on.

If you expected earlier than 1.12 then this is the wrong game for you, go to your private server

vote +1

Up until recently i recal seeing the general forum flodded with classic wanna be trolls, claiming that classic take skills, is harder and more imersive that retail.
I play this game since early 2005, i post on a character that have the achievements to prove so, and i can tell you for sure CLASSIC WOW was nothing about skill, immersion or comunity
Was everything about no life farming , nothing more. WOW was only hard back then in its BUGGED version, up until march 2005. And wasnt game design, was bugs that made it harder.
You dont pretend to tell me that frostbolt spam, auto attack 80% rotations or 1 -2 ability bosses took more skill that even world missions currently active in retail…
You guys have been proved that you were wearing rose tinted glasses, that THE VAST MAJORITY of those who commented and trolled general with their skilled classic never ever played it nor did they had any ideea what they were speaking of.
I had issues on Razorgore with my guild, easily solved by changing egg player, i had issues ON OTEHR RAIDS ALSO, BUT WE SOLVED THEM.
None, none of those raids took skill. Not even Naxx, once u got the gear and rep for it it was clear that it was just a gear check
Classic was a slog , slow experience, then again, the developers did not had the tools and means to develop games as they do nowadays

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sorry to burst your bubble, we had bis lists back then also, we had loads of guides, class stacking, class guides, raid guides, farming guides, or do you think ppl were just MORONS?
dont speak of things you havent experienced
classic was just easy, way more easier end game than anything after it

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You clearly had a different experience from me, then. Back when I played in 1.10 on Hakkar EU, 5-per-class raids were common, knowing the value of +healing was not, and I still remember our GM telling us how DM/PvP gear was generally better than other dungeons because it was NOT common knowledge outside expert players.

Yet we still managed to do MC with such a guild, even with as little as 26 ppl. That’s how MC was tuned, that’s the kind of knowledge it was tuned for, and I don’t see why it should change now just because people know better

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I wouldn’t suggest that unless you want to get the OP banned .

Petition posts are frowned upon

These are discussion forums, and as such we ask that you hold discussions. Creating a thread to ask for replies as votes is not a discussion. Threads violating this guideline are subject to deletion.

On topic if you change the fights by tuning now it wouldn’t be classic thus annoying the #nochange section .
If you want it harder thus not classic you are going to have to play a private server .

I remember MC being fairly challenging but we started with 32 people, another talent tree, really bad gear, a different patch and both good and bad players. We didn’t do world buffs and very few used potions.

Someone mentioned earlier using flasks and they didn’t last through death back then. So no one used them.

As someone very much for #nochanges I am annoyed by the fact that Phase 1 does not match any point in time in the original. Classic starting with 1.12 is therefore a change, and a huge change at that. Adjustments to help with some of the damage that their lazy approach caused would have been welcome to me.

Im all for no changes but the game is not like vanilla at all if we are running the 1.12 patch on older content, they need to tune stuff according to the 1.12 data, classic is even more of a faceroll than it would be.

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I love the chance for classic to re apear.
Thats so daim nice.

However im so sad that, blizzard chose to make it 1.12 Because thats the nerfed patch.

U can find details ALL ower the web about what it is.
Mobs reduced 20% dmg done, and hp include all bosses and what more.
Alot of mobs are removed, so instead of 5, there are now 3 in packs ETC.

And yes if u find pack of 6, remember there where proberly 10, and with 20% more health and 20% more dmg.

I know itemlvl aint in the game. BUT alot of your retail scrubs who says it easy.
Listen: Imagine there where Itemlvl. All items your getting in classic are ~~ + 5-10 lvls higher STATS wise. THAN the original wow vanilla.

W/e discussions there are around, go look the webs for the patch notes. Its quite easy.

This is Nerfed patch, for ALL to explore all the endgame content quickly. Meaning fast lvling, easy raids. And w/e More gold.
Thats exactly as it always been before a expansion… LIKE it always has been

The truth - Blizzard is a stock company. So whats the best YET again ?
To make it easy, so the casuals can play also?
To make it hard, so only few players can play?

Result - Hardcore players WILL return to P servers thats for sure.
For the safty, of this topic. I wont ofcause, and never played such things.

*I enjoy what i get-
And no NAXX is also nerfed. – Enjoy it.

(In before all says, we are all better and bla bla.) -
Ye sure, + you have 20% dmg reduction, and lots more dmg/heal/def that you would pre 1.12 AND fewer mobs.

#yet again im disapointed in blizzard.
Would be quite easy just to remove the “mass” dmg red, health buff stats etc etc etc. But thats to challengin for a billion company


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