Blizzard please allow transfer to Zandalar tribe

At the moment in realm selection on ZT shows a population - Medium, I dont understand why a transfer with such a population does not open there

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RP realm… they don’t want a massive dump of lolz pwn’d pvp heads dumped there. They had that at start before they all transferred off!


Yeah, i’ve read this one before.
Good thing there 12-25 Hardcore Role Playing Playas in Stratholme daily. Still, after the ban wave.
If anyone would care about RolePlaying experience they’d cull these bots. Otherwise it looks like overprotection of a patch of wildflowers from being hurt, when the whole forest is engulfed in fire.

Still keeping the screenshots of the situation in here Stratholme Daily on Zandalar Tribe

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They control transfers, they don’t control bots.
One is within their control, one isn’t… how is that hard to understand? Also if you have issues with the nameless guild less voiceless bots you can only see standing in UC by AH / running to strat service entrance Ruining immersion imagine the fun your going to have when the undead lock “wtflockpwnsyou” starts /y outside of Orgrimmar gates while dueling. With such gems as “lol noob player used random ability incorrectly” and “lol rekt scrub”! I mean won’t it be so much fun.

Why would they draw all those extra tickets that would be generated on themselves by opening mass migration to ZT from regular pvp realms.

How is exactly locking a RP server prevents only non-RP players from playing there ? And how does anybody force others to RP if they don’t want to ?
If PvP-monsters-RP-ruiners would want to ravage RP server - why they didn’t do so long ago, before the lockdown ? And from where they got such a terrible itch to do it now? Corona-virus side-effects “Gonna go make a rude character on a RP server! Har-har-har!” ?

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Transfer should be allowed for horde only, since there is aliance majority. Scary alies are running to major server or what?

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It means pvp players who are stuck in ques don’t see it as a soft option. Rerolling at this point would be a hard sell… but sure dude, if you want more people off they go! I truest can’t wait for the influx of shamans called thraalle and undead mages with super edged names

It is hardly a valid point. Following your trail of thought ZT shouldn’t be unlocked… ever again. Because pvp players won’t go away.

That is not my train of thought at all, I have no idea how you even arrived at that station, it looks like you jumped the rails at least twice and multiple stations while you were at it. my hope is it shouldn’t be unlocked while the other servers are locked. As it would result in a large Zerg dump over here.

I play on a…or I should say the RP-PvE realm, Hydraxian Waterlords. Que the lolz.

I would happily transfer to Zandalar Tribe. Horde is dead on my realm.

I suppose they are staying true to Vanilla where a PvE realm can’t transfer to a PvP realm as it could be abused by people “levelling on a PvE realm and transferring to PvP for an easier levelling experience”.

But this is 2020, where a large amount of characters on their path from 1 to 60 are being boosted by Mages. Regardless of PvE or PvP. It is largely irrelevant.

The dynamic has changed. This is just one aspect of many.

So if ZT wouldn’t be the only one server that’s getting unlocked - everything should be fine ? I’m ok with that.

Need to unlock the transfer for the horde as there are very few hordes

Something like that. If there are straight pvp servers open with low population their is no reason to have ZT locked. If ZT was the only server with PVP ruleset enabled then it would become flooded by people because of the pvp tag and not RP, much and all as I like killing night elf hunters called “ligolas” and dwarf warriors called Giimli

keep us locked, dont want no immature pogxoxo or qt muppets flooding the realm.

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What pogxoxo is?

example of the silly names random people find it hilarious to make then troll with on the rp ruleset realms, also seen racist stuff, adult film star names etc

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