Blizzard says women should cover up?

They recently changed ingame paintings to “desexualize” them. Maybe it’s just me, but the message from Blizzard seems to be that women should be covered up and showing skin is a big no-no. As a guy who agrees with the principles of feminism, this seems like the opposite of feminism to me. It’s the same idea pushed by fundamentalist religious types. I can’t speak for women, but I can imagine that if I was a woman who chose to wear such clothing out of my own free will I would be offended by this.


they went from feminist to taliban real fast


Perhaps Afghanistan is a potential market they are trying to get onto. :slight_smile:


The paintings always seemed out of place to be honest. i personally love the changes, and i say this as someone who dresses some of my characters (mostly night elf) in skimpy outfits since that is their race fantasy anyway. As long as the ingame transmogs arent touched i dont care


Yes after everything that has happened this is definitely the right takeaway from all of it…


I wonder if this is to do with the lawsuit or the new Chinese regulations against sex appeal and femboys in games.

You’re comparing it to Afghanistan, sure, but this type of censorship is par for the course for any type of right wing community, be it Afghan, Chinese or American.


Just stick them all in a full body burka and call it a day. Is the people in charge of these changes from Afghanistan by any chance


“Don’t sexualize women blizzard!!!1!1!!”

“Wtf why are paintings being unsexualized??!! Let women do what they want blizzard!111!!!”

Pick one


I’m not very good with politics, but isn’t China very much the opposite of right-wing?


The only difference between China and the western right is that the current Chinese leader wants the government to be the country’s main corporation. In terms of conservative values, China and the west are the same - men should be masculine, women feminine and covered up, traditional family values should be upheld, the country’s tradition and religion should dictate everyone’s life.

They are very similar, and recently China issued commands to clean up games in China from things like sex appeal and non-traditional gender expression.

Well, the main difference between right and left is economics, everything else is just propaganda to get elected.


So you want fruit bowl in scarlet halls? It is good paiting for kitchen!


Thursday, September 16th 2021:

Official WoW forum day for rampaging a theory in which ingame desexualisation is portrayed as the dawn of Islamisation in Western culture.

Got it.


Depends on how one defines left-wing or right-wing.

Like, as much as China’s only political party is ostensibly named Communist, the tenets of how communism are traditionally perceived, i.e. abolition of the state and the abolition of currency, are hardly being met in China.

But if your definition of communism is that all is owned, controlled and curated by the state, then sure, China is communist, or left-wing.

It differs between countries. The reason why we have so much focus on wokeness, diversity, race, identity these days is that the American parties generally agree on the economic issue of “corporations should keep their power and free market corporate capitalism is the way”. This is why they have to invent these stupid issues to argue over and differentiate themselves like gendered toilets or whatever. It was Trump during the pandemic who arranged the country’s best and most efficient welfare state that it has ever had, he added an eviction moratorium and Biden ended both of those.

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Can you show me retarded who think that old paiting is so sexual that must be changed? I will invite him to check some churches and museums.


this is what i thought of ^ lmao

Especially after what happened in the last month in Afghanistan.
Did Blizz include some Talibans in their new hires? :slight_smile:

It’s just what came to mind… don’t blame me, blame the news and your recent actions Blizz for coinciding. :slight_smile:


I don’t think so. The biggest differences has always been on taxes and public spending.

This is a mega bait. If you agreed on principles of feminism, you would be aware that feminism is very much against in game sexualization of female characters.

Female attributes in games are often unrealistic (disproportional anatomy), armors are illogical (more revealing than covering) and behavior often over-sexualized. Female characters in video games act as fantasy females of developers rather than realistic presentation of women in certain roles.


it’s intellectual perversion disguised as “feminism”.