Blizzard says women should cover up?

Maybe you should put a shirt on
To cover yourself a bit, Blizzard doesn’t like it when cleavage of that category exists.

Just like they did to Jaina. :slight_smile:


It’s a good change. The pictures of female characters showing skin are nothing to do with feminism and all about male viewing pleasure.

How players choose to dress their characters is a matter of personal preference. I generally prefer mine more covered (aside from my DH dressed to show tattoos) because I’m not into ‘female armour’ that offers no protection to characters going into battle, but I’m not offended if other people like skimpy outfits.



Hypocrite much? It’s the exact same thing.
The player can be male or female and their personal preference is for their viewing pleasure of their characters.

Or male viewing pleasure (or lesbians… they exist too and guess what they enjoy) shouldn’t be catered to, just female viewing pleasure should?
Because this is sexism you’re perpetuating.


I think blizzard should delete their IP as well.


I think the timing of these changes on top of all they’ve been accused of is pathetic, quite frankly I think it’s even more pathetic that some people eat this blatant pandering up


Is there an election ahead somewhere? Oh wait… there is indeed… in Germany… brb just sending in my vote by letter so I can’t be brainwashed into changing my opinion after reading stuff online anymore…

Blizzard has resorted to virtue signalling, and they’re spending development time on it too. Comical

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Did you not know that covering up boobs eliminates sexism?

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Been sleeping on a Shakespeare drama book lately?

I wouldn’t be surprised if some start complaining about having women as raid bosses.


As a 31 year old woman, this is ridiculous. I have been playing since I was 16 and I always loved WoW for the raunchy humor and skimpy outfits. This is getting stupid. Changing paintings and achievement names isn’t getting anything done. You’re just alienating people even more. I usually never comment but this genuinely pissed me off.


I think it give opposite effect, it show exacly how detached from reality are blizzard employees. Do only I remember times when women was not allowed to show her legs or go outside without family member or husband? Are we goint back to that times in real and in game too?


Blizz doesnt get that we want THEM to stop touching eachother without consent in the office. No one asked for skimpy content to be removed :joy:


Are you aware that the Taliban is doing the same thing, erasing “sexualized” images of women from the public space?


I feel no desire to tell any woman how to dress. Whether they want to wear skimpy clothing or a burqa, it’s none of my business because it’s their freedom to do so.



This is either:

a) Boobs are evil American “culture”
b) Part of some lawyer-suggested broader defense strategy


Or c) some people in the company wanted to do something to help the minorities or whatever and this was the thing they stumbled upon.

But I think it is mostly b).

I think everyone is missing the real problem here…

What are we going to fap to now? Back in the day me and my friends would spend many a night lying in a semi-circle around a certain painting at Ravenholdt…

SI:7 was always a nice place to visit for a bit of fun after a raid…


Chinese regulations are of no concern for the game outside of China. We are already playing a different game than them to begin with and the Chinese version is heavily censored in comparison.