Blizzard says women should cover up?

This isn’t surprising, Blizzard have a history of going from one extreme to the next, the concept of middle ground doesn’t exist for this company.


Wonder when half naked men characters/pictures will be changed/removed.

Maybe World of Hello Kitty wont be so far.


they cleansed the game from the racism and sexism there was by the original devs

we now have black elves and woman wearing shirts below their robes, how it supposed to be

The least sexism is when you don’t think of sex. It reminds me of “anti-racism” but constantly thinking “someone is black; quick! treat them better”.
It’s way more anti-racist to not notice they are black.

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Hi, I’m upset because they changed something that I never knew existed. I will lose much sleep over it, untill next week when I’ve forgotten about it and found something new to be upset about.


Seems like it lol xD

If you agree with those principles and have a brain , you should let them fight for themselves and not understimate them .

I love them and respect them and believe in equality .They are quite capable .
You on the other hand are here to create more boycot .

I like the message. “As a women, I play warcraft and when I see alliance, I turn into male orc” xD

I think womans have right to dress up their chars how they feel like and have right to play game without harasment of anykind. Not sure what blizz think they can win with changin looks of female chars when problem is that there is way too many guys in game who thinks that they can do and act how they want when they figure that player next to you actually is female. Meaning that even she might have dressed char how she like it not mean she want get harassed or mean she autamaticly wanna date with you but just wanna play this game like others

No, it isn’t. There’s a huge difference between what the game designers decide to give us as visuals and how individuals choose to dress the characters they’re playing.

Quite a lot to unpack here. Firstly, on average, women are far less interested in looking at half naked male video game characters than men are in looking at female ones. So, if there are pictures of half-naked male characters around the game - are there? I’ve never noticed one - they’re not for female viewing pleasure.

Secondly, on average, lesbians are far less interested in looking at half naked female video characters than men are, so the pictures of them aren’t for lesbian viewing pleasure.

To sum up, women are, on average, far less interested in looking at half naked video game characters than men are, so the presence of developer placed images of half naked characters in the game appeals to men far more than it does to women.

Nope, the opposite. If visuals are designed to appeal to men more than to women, that is sexism, and that’s what we’re discussing here.


Blizzard is suffering from same syndrome that YouTube does. They think that somehow they have an obligation to tell people what is right and what is wrong and then in result, you get YouTubeRewind and 1000000:1 ratio of dislikes to likes.

Just in Blizzard case, you get players telling them, everyday, how stupid they are.

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Yep that does it i’m quitting as soon as i’ve setted final fantasy up. This’s no longer the game we once knew nor is it the gaming company that we once knew.

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That’s true, the sexists and abusers are gone. I guess such was more up your alley.

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I honestly like the new ones much more. They’re way higher-res than the previous paintings. Can only hope this means they remaster more old textures, since I’d frankly love to see that!

I looked at those paints. I am ok with the new versions.

I believe China is doing the right things to protect the country and its people from any harmful ideas. If Blizzard is doing so, I am fine with it.

Let’s protect the world from those awkward movements/ideas/ideologies

My character is ready for prune.


So the game designers matched with how the real world works?
What a crime!

The degree of how much pleasure male of females derive from things is subjective.
And if you were to quantify it and say male is 100% pleasure, lesbians 50%, it’s wrong at 100% but right at 50%?
Who decided that it’s okay for one and not for the other?

So biological differences are… real? Who would have thought! And now it’s illegal to pander to males, amazing where this leads to.
And it’s wrong to appeal to males, in a game where the majority are males?
Ever heard of psychology? Capitalism? Why would anyone do that, right?

Next up, remove every bit of revealing clothing… add some burkas for maybe your personal fetish as well.

No… that’s called common sense.
If the majority of your player base is made up of men, you’ll mostly appeal to the broader audience, because that’s how you make money.

Again, blame biology for males being appealed to by visuals more than women, also blame biology again for females not wanting to play video games as much as males, making their demographic much lower, resulting in guess what… less incentive for Blizzard to pander to female desires as they make less money out of it.

But it’s all good, since it coincides with this woke wave that’s going on nowadays.

Perfection! This is the future and it’s looking full of choices and diversity.

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Are you gonna be ok? Must be a very hard moment to deal with now that they’ve made some changes regarding pixelated nudity that you’ve probably never knew existed. Imagine getting worked up about the removal of such things in a video game. Perhaps you should go outside a bit more.


I fear they might come for skimpy armor next :confused:

Am i the one worked up? Not in the least, i don’t care about these particular changes, they don’t affect me.
Who do they affect? Absolutely nobody, no girl/women will be any “safer” over trash changes like these. The fact that some people believe this changes something, shows how delusional they are.
And who is really getting worked up over this? Blizzard, since they’ll use resources to make the art and coding changes.

Jumping on this woke bandwagon is what all the companies do these days, to make simpletons think they actually care.
Spoiler: They don’t really care, it’s a company, it’s designed to take your money, that’s the end game.