Blizzard. The bots are getting out of hand

Blizzard come up with reasons why they don’t ban after investigating them, if they do investigate at all, I think they either don’t care or are lying to us, and it’s all about the money.

WeLl, BlIzZaRd BaNs In WaVeS.
And at least for the “automatic detections” (of previously undetected 3rd party software) by the “warden” it would be kind of stupid instantly banning the people as the bot-providers could react to that even more easily and save lots of accounts that otherwise would have been banned.
However for the manual reports there shouldn’t be any reason to ban in waves.

Blizzard does not look at player reports lol. Those go straight to the trash can.


Few active GMs can solve that issue in not time, but noooooooooooooo
lets wait for player reports!!! and let them farm for months!!!
Stratholme is always filled with 1druid3mage1priest guildless groups, its going to take 10 min to identify them and ban if there was an active GM.

That’s another Blizzard problem, they act only on reports, they don’t go looking for them outside their anti cheat software, that seems quite frankly rubbish at detecting bots.

How dare you, kind sir!
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Yeah its getting to the point of stupid, Blizzard just give me Game Master privilege I’ll take care of bots for free on at least 10 servers, wouldn’t even take me more than 30 mins a day. Thats how obvious the bots are.

Came here ctrl+f “BOT” foud this article wanted to share my experience from Swamp of Sorrows… four bots all day every day for a week now skinning and picking up flowers … nobody cares … wake up blizzard you bump bumb robots.

but what about 15$ per month men, you need those dirty money men :money_mouth_face:

They don’t actually even have to ban them, just put them in some unknown location within the game and let them think they are farming gold. personally I’d see that as bigger punishment :smiley:

I doubt you have to search for them. every second player by now is one.

Insane how blizzard refuses to acknowledge it

No one cares about botting, except a few whiners on Reddit and the official forum. Play and let play, them bots don’t affect you at anything.

Erm yes they do.

Somebody shoot the bots or something.

Can confirm.

you are a joke. Please dont even bother responding to this. People like you are the cockroaches of this game.

so, just to be clear, now that sweeping changes to everyone’s ability to run dungeons throughout the day, limiting them to 6 hours of dungeon farming out of 24 hours, in order to ‘punish bots’ are gonna be implemented, everybody DOES care, right?
play and let play dude… for 6 hours per day. have fun doing nothing for the other 18 hours of your lockout.

I see bots finally getting banned, not all of them but I visited multiple servers, some had up to 80 bot accounts in strat alone, I dont see them online now.
This is what happens when community unite against something, but at what cost… 30 instance lock is something that never should’ve been in the game, they need to kill level boosting not legit player ability to go nolife mode on the game…

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Blizzard, the only gaming company who doesn’t care about cheaters/botters…Such a disgrace, either hire more GM’s or hire the botmakers to make a proper anti-cheat…shouldn’t be that hard.