Blizzard turning criminal?

hella sus :joy:


This is not America.

So in other words, you’re performing a GDKP run which has been announced in advance that it is forbidden in SOD no?

They entirely can remove you for any or no reason from their private game as you’ve read and agreed to it in the contract.

The GDKP ban was announced in advance and also the penalties that comes with it. If you had any future subscription it wil be removed and you will not be billed again.

Time taken from a penalty is not refunded.

Which “basic” consumer law are they breaking? Cite them specifically, just pointing at the general law area is not specific.

I recommend players to first understand what their basic rights are and actually consult a consumer organisation before hopping over to lawyer to potentially waste their time over 6.49€ which is half the month subscription’s worth.

Finally, this is not a scam if they delivered a service but you broke the terms within it. They gave a serious penalty that comes with it after player feedback to ban GDKP’s specifically within SOD.


There are a lot of loud voices over those bans. Either Blizzard does something about them, or people go private servers and stop paying Blizzard.

So says a gnome… your place is in the Horde.

then Blizzard owes us all the money we’ve paid for the subs, because (at least on Crusader Strike) there is gamebreaking lag in raids during evening hours on reset day. It started somewhere around phase 2 launch.

you won’t win because the court will just close the matter due to low harm. But if someone does class action lawsuit, they might win.

First of all - if it’s Blizzard who gets sued, then it’s Blizzard who’s the defendant. Second - the evidence doesn’t have to prove that you didn’t violate the rules, but that Blizzard violated the law. In this case - the testimony of witnesses should be enough. The OP said about trading raid drops, which is very close to GDKP and therefore could be bannble, but there are a lot of people complaining about getting banned for things such as selling boosts or healing services, or even for receiving gold from a friend, which is not against the rules.

What Blizzard sells is a subscription that gives access to the game - so if you cannot access the game because you were wrongly banned, you have the right for a refund, same as if you couldn’t access the game because for example the servers were dead for extended time.

and that’s why you can file a lawsuit - because in America the anti-lawsuit clauses are binding, but in the EU not so much.

People talking about GDKP, but I havent even mentioned it. I have mentioned people 5 man farming Uldaman for blue items, to share the profits from them. Then they get banned. There are several other people experiencing bans like these. Its done automatically by their new coding. Then, if you try to appeal, you have to go through sh*tloads of bot answers, before you get an actual human to look at your case.

Pr. definition this is scamming and stealing, nothing else. Pure out criminal behaviour.

It doesn’t need to be mentioned to resemble what is defined what is banned currently in SOD. Which you can read once again here:

No scam occured. If you broke the terms that comes with accessing the service that’s on you if a penalty falls that way.

Cannot be stealing either since you do not own Blizzard property and they have your permission and therefore right to withdraw from the contract for any or no reason.

I will say the autoban service is very dodgy. For example my friend was buying items for cheap on the AH, but because these “players” made the mistake of price for said item, they report my friend and they get banned…I am against botters, gold buyers in any form but I will agree the auto service is extremely terrible since if Blizzard does make a mistake, takes about a week to actually talk to someone.

All of the points you try to make out, is completely wrong mate. Like wtf, do you even read what I write before you answer?

  • 5man farming dungeons for blue items is NOT gdkp’ing.

  • Nobody is breaking any terms, its the autoban function in the game. Take note of what the guy below you wrote aswell.

  • 30 day access is considered a product, which falls under consumer laws. Which then again makes it illegal for them to take full payment, if you cant access 100% of the product your buying. (If you believe any other way, your beeing fooled to not know your rights as a consumer).

(And again, please read what I actually write, before you answer here or any other posts).

I thought the title said ‘Blizzard Tuning Criminal’ now that I would agree with :rofl:

actually it isnt

Because you dont own your account, blizzard does, its strictly stated in the EULA they reserve the right to remove ur access from the game without refund.

u Agreed to the EULA which removes ur right to this lol, blizzard own your account and everything attached to it, this is clearly stated, It isnt illegal lol… otherwise it’d be illegal to ban bots from your game lol

Lol, and no, the only person who doesnt seem to know alot about this is you. 30 day access isnt a Product, theres a reason the games called a LIVE SERVICE.

the account is a product owned by blizzard
Subscription is a bought Service thats again owned by blizzard.

by EULA ironically you buy nothing, other then the rights to access the servers when allowed by blizzard.

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GDKP is when an item drops and you sell it for gold and then split said gold around the raidgroup. its an service where you sell gear for gold, and then split the gold around in the group.

GDKP is not farming a blue item in uldaman with your friend and selling it on AH and sharing the profit.

Your own blue text you quoted clearly says " We’re defining GDKP as any raid or dungeon run where items are awarded in exchange for gold", If you sell an item on AH and share the profit with a friend after selling it to someone random, its clearly not a GDKP.

Stop trying to move the goal post and make it into a discussion about GDKP since it has nothing to do with GDKP.

With that said i dont like GDKP, I am glad its banned and i hope it stays banned. But all type of gold transfers does not equal GDKP or selling gold.

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The gold is not traded within the group FOR the item, the gold is achieved through actionhouse, which is a normal procedure in WoW. You find a item, you sell it on AH. Like I said, not traded vs gold WITHIN the group/raid. So no, your wrong.

Botting is an illegal activity, so no, stop comparing to illegal activities, its just dumb as f. Thats banable. When you dont break any rules, your not supposed to get banned for no reason at all.

Apparently guildie also got banned now, for COD mailing between his alts. Same owner, Same accounts. The coding is just bad and bans people on false premisses.

Consumer laws are above EULA.

Botting isnt illegal, it breaks EULA Which makes it bannable, you cant go to prison for botting,


theres a law which a human cant work more then 49 hours a week, if u sign the contract to state otherwise, u waver this right, Just like in EULAs when u agree to them lol.

sorry, im just far too Cynical, no one in my guild / friends have been banned, for trading gold, trading gold or COD mailing between alts, Everyone when coming to the forums over this guilty or not are fast to proclaim innocence.

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They abuse the consumer right for years now, by banning innocent people. Myself I was permabanned in 2019 after Classic release and they didn’t even pay anything to me. Had to wait a week and I lost a lot.

““You can’t file a lawsuit because you breached ToS and got punished.””

Blizzard has no rights to define the consumer laws, actions in a video game can’t be compared to real life actions in similar way.

But in this case things are different because there is no any violations in any possible way.

American laws, and EU consumer laws are pretty similar.

If player makes a deal in video game about something, it is not a illegal action.

For an example…

Two players are doing quests together, then Staff of Jordan drops.

They decide to sell it in AH, and share the profits.

When it’s sold, player 1 wants to send a share of the profits by mail to player 2.

Does this sound a illegal action against TOS, or other violation in a game?

Answer is clearly no.

Is there a very good reasons to file a lawsuit, technically yes.

But it is a long, and expensive process.

In this case these two players should demand fair compensations and refunds, if Blizzard says no…

Then Blizzard can’t even win in a court because they violated consumer laws in US, and in EU.

That way things goes :slightly_smiling_face:

“GDKP IS an item drops you sell it and split the profit. GDKP IS not when an item drops, you sell it and split the profit” Lol

so is regular dungeon leveling boosting for gold banned as wwell or just GDKP? or what is the problem? GDKPs are a plague on the game and good if u get banned for doing it.

I’ll have to say, I need to know how this automated system works. My Guild Master
got banned for two weeks for “Gold buying” even though he didn’t.
That was because he was sent gold from various characters all around the guild into his Guildbank alt, which is not against the ToS.

Blizzard doesnt need to, the EULA wavers ur consumer rights, the moment you agreed to them being the owner of your account.

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