Blizzard, we are tired of your lazyness, here is how you fix pvp :


Injecting any rating on mmr won’t change a thing
MMR is based off the activity of the ladder
Currently no one plays

If you give us even 300 points of mmr, making 2.3cr obtainable much more easely, you might make people queue for a bit but once they get their elite they will go back to one of your 5 different wow classic version

MMR is a good system, it is NOT broken, it’s working as intended
That’s why you gotta change that

Make mmr locked at 3.4 for every season
Why ?
Because I’m tired of thinking that I will never beat my 2.7cr from SL only for the fact that no one is playing, not only because of the mmr, but because of how poorly you balance the game.
What does cr mean ? nothing, what means is your position on the ladder
2.4 in sl in 2v2 : top 3000 at LEAST
2.4 in DF : top 100

Locking mmr at 3.4 will :

Make a bunch of people spam queues
Encourage them to beat their season 2 SL records ( lol sorry )
Inflate the ladder automatically so that r1 gets somewhere near 3.8 every season, and more why not !

Ofc with this kind of changes you should make gladiator mount % based back
(Don’t you find that funny that it is harder to make gladiator with this system than before in DF ? )

Let people get their enchant at 2.4 cr if 2.1 is too easy, do not change tmogs, casuals should be able to get it without too much efforts, but enchants and tabard, and gladiator mounts will be given to those who are really implied in pvp

As a discipline I am 2450cr in 2s, and I just CANNOT queue

I had a friend who sent me a picture, he was 2.3 mmr and faced 1.8 ! ( It was 6 am, but you need to realize that it means that, in the whole EU, no one was playing at mmr from 2.3 to 2.4 all the way down to 1.9 )

Fix the game blizzard, we are paying monthly, even more than classic users since we bought the expansion for at least 30 e ( i think ? )

Yet you give ten times, heck, 100 times more communication for classic community, this is not fair, not professional and profoundly disrespectful for us

You don’t want to balance the classes because you are incompetant ? Fine

At least make mmr changes accordingly to the ladder behaviour.


Well spoken mate, it feels like ur the kid who get left out in the rain after football a practice.

Honestly, why would you bother pushing 2s past 2.4, there are no rewards for it to begin with; this is reflected by the mmr discrepancy, there’s roughly 7 times more elites in 3s and rss, percentage-wise (corresponding to roughly 2.1-2.2 cr break in 2s). The fact that they have connected achievements is a mockery on it’s own, but yeah. I talked about all that in the open letter, they will never read any of that stuff.

I think it would be a good think that player get the 2.1 enh and a glad mount more EZ

Imagine how many more player that only PVE would give PvP a shot if they have a real change of cool stuff,
You could also make a glad mount + for R1’s in a re colour

Atm i open the tool i see 5 DPS are looking for a groop, maybe one is in my Cr range
If he wants too play with me we face the same guys over and over F this

Have you Open the tab for M+ holy thats a healthy playerpool and why ? Maybe because this season you ez get a +20 done and get the highest rewards so a lot of players
And high raited player can still flex how high they got, same would be for PvP good

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