Blizzard why do you keep ignoring reports about FULL premades in epic bgs?

For years in and out full teams of premades are being allowed into “random epic battlegrounds” Where is the “random” in that? Players are being annihilated because those full teams are organised, planned before entering and ppl are sitting on voicechat and coordinating attacks.
Now how FUN do you think “random” players think this is?
I know we have reported this over and over and over and yet they are still here?
Especially one name is entering with his teams over and over again - because nothing prevents him. It’s not allowed to name and shame but we all know who it is.

Seriously if you don’t want to do anything about it then say so, or take the pvp element out of WoW. This is outrageous!

I’m curious if I will get any answer from you Blizzard because judging from what I can see in posts in general about pvp everything has been ignored for years, so maybe it just adds up to the pile of unanswered issues with pvp.


Well i just re activated my account again… and pre made ruined it for me completly… so i will just quit this game again.

i don t give blizzard money for screwing me up like this…

getting farmed from people with way better gear skill and so on… then spottet teabaged and stuff like that…

better playing offline mmos just suck this days.


Well its just the name of the game I suppose.

I have been whining about it for the last 10 years - Noone cares, especially blizzard. And to be honest. I cant see a way they can actually fix it unless they make it so that you cant sign up with friends at all. And that kinda defeats the purpose of an MMO right?


I don’t see how they enjoy it tbh, I tried playing with premades and I’m falling asleep at my keyboard after we wipe them the first time.

Against the usual culprits who run with 10-20 people, most people just give up and AFK somewhere before the gates have even opened. It’s then a 40 man, majority premade against 15 headless chickens. What’s fun in playing against that?


It will most likely get better in next patch with soloQ rated bgs, if you’re interested in non-epic bgs, that is. The new mode will be 8v8, and assuming the matchmaking works properly it should be a lot of fun!

Blizzard could “disable” epic bg premades very easily by adding a deserter debuff (maybe 1 min–>5 min–>10 min) for leaving/not accepting bg queue multiple times in a short window. Epic premades that sync many groups to get into the same bg often have to leave queue and requeue until everyone gets into the same bg. This would make it very difficult to queue with more than 2 groups. Although that is usually enough to ensure a one-sided win if you have a proper composition, it would surely lead to less premades overall.


dude, they are even ignoring reports about boosters giving free wins to random teams through non-participation for mmr drop purposes and boosting for money which is directly against ToS. And you are talking here about legit mechanics allowed by the game because no rules in ToS for it :rofl: believe me, devs don’t care much about pvp


this might be the only time i agree with this sitting camouflage anticap with pet hunter watching me die 1v6

i tried prem few times, and i literally fell asleep by the 2nd or 3rd bg at the graveyard with flags

When it comes to knowledge and capability I’m pretty sure Blizzard can make anything they want gamewise, if they want to.

There’s a difference signing up with friends in a 5-man group and then organising a FULL premade with 40 players :stuck_out_tongue:


This is the reason I quit playing last time, been out of the game for about 18 months and I know for a fact that absolutely nothing will have changed now I have come back, I won’t be wasting any of my time in BG’s this time though as it is 100% pointless, shame too as BG’s are the only thing that ever really kept me playing this game. Once I have finished doing all the main quests in Dragon Isle, I’ll be quitting again as there won’t be anything left in the game to keep me here.


WoW devs do not care about PvP. Their focus is graphics, measley clunky story, Raid Bosses and Mythic speedruns. :face_vomiting:


#banzado in ten words

im glad people like you exists and speak up

everytime we presented this issue the forum folks were like “who cares about bgs”

meanwhile millions of players quit the game because of how onesided games are and they feel like they are just wasting their time queueing up.


I’ve been saying the same thing for many years now, on and off on old accounts and characters. Each time I quit this game has always been due to the state of BG’s. There were premades back in vanilla but they were few and far between compared to how things have been over the last decade and more. I would literally spend the whole day, every day in BG’s and they used to be such fun, entertaining games for the most part, win or lose but these days its just stomp or be stomped with no middle ground and absolutely no fun. I can’t even imagine it’s even fun in a premade, like what satisfaction can you possibly get from it? I’ll never understand it.

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I can’t speak for premades, but I’ve played in a few & there’s a bunch of good things about them.

First few games I played grouped was a world of difference compared to playing with randoms.
Healers were on-point, players peeled for each other. Dedicated leaders who know & call tactics. All players listen & follow orders. Less toxicity (in my limited experience), no one points fingers & blames individuals for mistakes/low healing/low dps.
The opposite seems true in Randoms.

I do prefer to play solo, but only because stomps/gy farming is boring / not challenging.

Premade vs premade should be encouraged/promoted. I don’t think they should ‘ban’ premades without giving those (not insignificant number of) players an alternative, like Rated Epics -or legitimise full premades & pit them against each other, before stopping players circumventing the group cap.

Also, imo, players against coordinated premades dont get to complain about the randoms that show up in their teams.


Yeah I get all that but there has to be some line in the sand of what is just casual battlegrounds that people like me, can just hop into. When you’re in a full group of organised players using comms and what not, then it’s not casual or random. There should be options for both, cos if I was in an organised group of players then I wouldn’t want to be competing against anything other than the same. It removes the beauty that used to be completely random games of hoping you’ll bump into some familiar faces every now and then and not really caring about the opposition, cos they’re all in the same boat as you, just there for a laugh and trying to win the game. When most games you’re facing full on premades then all of that fun for the random, casual player is removed from the game. Just saying, there should be a venue for both options cos the current system keeps a lot of players away from the game. I’d have been a constant subscriber to the game over the years based on there being that casual, fun venue for PVP but as ever it just gets swamped with premades so for the likes of me I’ll be doing the main drudgery of the questlines until my brain ceases to care any more, then that’ll be me gone, along with my monthly sub.

Aplogies for the rant and wall of text :smiley:



Is this a Horde-specific issue?
I roll more Random games than vs premades.
(I did run into the same pre-made twice in Epics once, but I played a few 10mans, then specific-queued an Epic to break the queue-sync I seemed to have vs the pre-made).


Always unfortunate to see another player quit, but if it’s affecting your mood that much, Godspeed :saluting_face:

I can’t honestly say if it’s Horde specific as I haven’t played Alliance for a long, long time, maybe I just have crap luck but I’m pretty sure there’s plenty players on either side would agree they face way too many premades, perhaps saying ‘most’ games is a little over the top but it was certainly more often than not, when I was playing the BG’s that is. I have only been back in the game a few weeks and haven’t bothered with BG’s at all, based on previous experiences and also from seeing plenty of posts on here I just haven’t had the will for it.

I’m a bit away from 50 now and have ADHD so being in organised groups just doesn’t work for me, random BG’s used to give me the stimulation that no other games or anything else since have been able to come close to. Would imagine there’s a lot of people with very similar issues.

I’ll probably have a look in a few BG’s sooner or later before I have another hiatus just to see for myself again :smiley:


Premades have been here for a loooooong time but in DF it’s so out of hand imo. They were there in season 1 but not so much…at least not when I was playing. Now in season 2 more than 50% (it’s crazy) of my random epic battlegrounds in one evening are premade ones and always with the same guy…again you all know who.

It really is a sad state of affairs. I yearn for the days when 2 sides would be evenly matched and the games would swing one way then the other, up to the end. Real nailbiting and fun games that you didn’t even mind losing as the game itself was so entertaining, over the years since, I found that to be 1 in 10 games if you were lucky.

nah, this all started during bfa, but the scale started tipping over time because most of the good players stopped figthing eachothers and joined forces, and the one left inevitably quit

before bfa i have no idea, as i was not playing bgs since mist of pandaria, so i cannot exactly tell if that was going on before too.