Blizzard why do you keep ignoring reports about FULL premades in epic bgs?

It’s been going on since Vanilla, it just got worse and worse as time went by. They used to be few and far between and in the early days they weren’t that difficult to play against as most of them had just joined via LFG anyway. Fast forward to today and there’s teams been playing together for years, now all using disc and have substantially better gear than most randoms.

yeah ofc people have been grouping up sicne vanilla, im talking about the CURRENT premade situation has started being really impactful since bfa

It’s very rare I’ll have more than 1 in 10 games vs premade.

I do know a number of people have switched factions to Alliance since BfA, so that may be why Horde have been noticing an increase of ‘out of control!’ premades?

tbh why should they care it’s pvp when have they ever cared when it comes to pvp

Again, I can’t comment on how things stand right now, just how things seemed to me in the past. Then there was the fun times when like 8/10 on each side were bots, auto queuing all day and night, oh the joys

Premades are not “illegal”. Problem is that Healers have unlimited Mana. This will change in 10.2 and with high dps they or their targets will die faster.

premades in epic BGs are an abuse of game mechanics, they’re joining epic BGs with groups of 20+ players, generally on voice comms, hell you can see larkush streaming his premades, this is a plague that needs removing, as it’s technically griefing random players in BGs, ruining their gameplay experience, isn’t abusing game mechanics against the ToS?

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FULL premades are against the TOS. We’re not talking about a couple of friends queuing up but when those socalled friends suddenly are a whole raidteam of 40 players it’s circumventing the queues so they can cheat and get in together.
Don’t know what healers mana have to do with the premade problem.


I was doing E-BG all the time until 4 months ago. Almost EVERY MATCH was horde team PMG. All days. Same guys. That’s why i quit the game.

I came back 4 months later thinking they had found a solution to this. All the same.

“OMG zado pmg again”

For a random team, the game is over before it starts.

They have discord groups. They are divided into 6-7 different parties. They become que at the same time. And they do this all day long. Losers.

For what? Achievement? No. Any rank point? No. They do this because they like to crush the weak.

This is not game. This is trash. And blizzard is just watching this.

They do this because they’re losers. Entering with a strong grp, they gain superiority over the weak. Because other team is random. Sometimes there isnt even a healer among 40 people. Almost half have poor gearing.

If FULL pmg is illegal, do what is necessary.

There needs to be a cure for these game killers. I loved this game but now i hate it because of these guys.

Well the game goes better and better , look at the players quiting playing pvp , I waited 31 mins for a RANDOM bg and q’s are longer and longer ,blizzard developers dooing good job for sure , good they have big salaries and have no shame to take it . PvP content is also minimal we have 4 epic bg’s and 8 normal ones , and with a huge cross realm server base you need to wait 31 min or a minimum of 10+ mins to play a 15 vs 15 BG? and lets not even mention solo arena q times … developers after 20 years of wow experience with a huge behind budget this is what we get ?:smiley: Amazing dev team we should be PROUD!

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31 minutes? :stuck_out_tongue: its like 2 hours+ on horde some nights no que at all

That’s sad…

Premades play with maximum 4-5 groups, or 20 to 25 players. Beyond that it’s impossible to land all groups in the same bg. Then there are pre-made leader ethics, such as Rezal (retired)'s “everyone welcome” to elitist Pandora and her toxic racist lieutenant Iksy, who gather 2k rating players to crush randoms and seek not only to win but to setup a full blown spawn-camp. Zado (and I for that matter being in the same community) also gather players without selection on gear, Zado will queue with just 1 group as he will queue 4 groups. I personnally will play the whole spectrum, though I’m tired of mercing so not playing with Zado as Horde for now. Even I will enter a random epic alone and offer to lead all the randoms, with variable results, but more often it works out (if they give me lead at warmup and listen to a general strat to start with and to subsequent calls). I’ve even faced Zado and leading randoms a few times, he doesn’t mind and sees it as a healthy competition. Why doesn’t the opponent also elect a leader on the spot at warmup? There is a problem with random players, as soon as someone step ups trying to lead, he gets flamed by nay sayers or people who think they understand the best strat from last week’s gossip as to which base in IoC Must be taken for the bg to be won, not even making room for other possibilities.

So if anything I should there should be more premades, to compete with rotten premades (such as Pandora’s) and also when there is a bg premade vs. premade with overall equivalent gear, it gives in for really epic battles.

And when someone offers to step up, give them a chance. Can’t be worse than doing random things.

It’s weird, I haven’t come across an Alliance premade in months, but face Zado on an almost daily basis for hours on end in EBGs. On occasion there would be someone willing to take lead on Alliance side (maybe it was even you, Ballistix) but those instances are few and far between.

Zado will play a lot for a month, then not play for a month, etc. Right now there is no daily premade on Alliance as Larkus only plays Horde now. He handled Rezal’s raid for a while but no one cared to take it over. So anyway my point is it doesn’t have to be me. Anyone can step up and use /rw raid warnings, world markers, etc.

All the other premades are ok, but mine is rotten.
How much does it bother you that you failed our trial?


to compete? so why are u guys dodging then?
absolute rotten for having requirements and not boosting green gear ppl who cant even press their buttons right.


At the time I was playing 3 premades: Rezal’s, Fado’s and yours as a curiousity.

So I didn’t care about your “trial”, but I cared that your lieutenant Iksy then later came on Larkus’ and flamed Zado with racist slurs.

Your premade is rotten coz you cast your players for an easy, 0-strat win. Rezal was a much better premade leader than you. He would win by pure strat with full green pickups against a higher dps set of random Horde.

You on the other hand can’t win without your 2.4k rating players to crush the opposing randoms by sheer overwhelming damage. Your premade is also closed on recruiting, therefore pointless to new players, a parasite to spoil the random epic battlegrounds. Whereas the rest of us premade leaders will lead with just 1 group and take our chances.

Naming and shaming on forums is forbidden.
And your accusations are insane and absolutely out of order.
I organise and structure my Community the way I want, since I created it.
You cried big time cause you got kicked out, is this some sort of retaliation?

I am happy I am not a pvp player and you have no idea how bad pvp is. It is completely unbalanced and out of control from Blizzards side. Would be nice if you fix pvp issue by less interrupt, stun, damage and there are alot more to add. You cant do anything!

It is absolutely disaster pvp in wow, it is not working so well no. What about scale in pvp so everyone can play fair? Green vs epic is a big no, it is just wrong!!! Green should be like good as Epic if it is scaled. Thanks!

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