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Sometimes. They still put Khadgar, Velen and Illidan centerstage.

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Well the two latter hadn’t seen much in the way of story action anyway, so I don’t consider that a major issue. Khadgar was kind of side-lined for Argus, in favour of Magni, Velen and Illidan

The point being, at the start of Legion anyway, we had far more in the way of supportive characters being the centre of focus and new characters like Farondis, Thalyssra and Mayla and overall, the story was quite decent.

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I still firmly believe that ‘Battle for Azeroth’ solely exist to tie up some of the loose ends. Throughout Legion there was this big set-up for the whole Light vs Void conflict. In Nighthold you saw a corrupted planet, the same one which appeared after the Argus raid again, you had a Lightforged dreadlord, and how Light and Void are both similar but different in their approaches. How the Light turns someone into a zealot, while the Void drives you mad. Not to mention the idea Blizzard was kicking around to show a ‘World of Light’, where everything was silent and souls encased in crystals.

None of these plot points is picked up again in BfA. Well, except the madness but this comes from an Old God (the last one who is still a threat and problem to Azeroth) and maybe the Light-Death-relationship but as off now only in a book and finally Calia enters after two and a half patch. Oh, and Aszhara also exists and was a problem for the world. And then there’s the whole deal with Sylvanas and probably some unresolved faction problems.

Right now we are basically clearing up Azeroth and finish all of its problems.

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They covered the indispensable bases in order to have something resembling a known face when they introduced their playable races an expansion later.
All their new protagonists ended up being the poster faces for allied races, or supporting characters that helped their leaders gain something resembling a background.

The overarching plot, still relied on pulling towards a temporal neutrality the same bunch of people we’ve known for years. They even went ahead to retcon Illidans backstory to have an extra one.

Unless there is some fresh feature that somehow involves everyone and that sparks Blizzards interest to develop a new set of character in a wide range of themes (mainly because they feel they NEED to do so), the above seems unlikely for our “old” races.

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It still happened though.

If it happened an expansion ago, where the story was better told (with some questionable areas I grant you), then it certainly can happen again - especially with characters who’ve already got lore development. (Rommath, Lorna, Victorie to name just three)
If the silent characters can give us a better story than the main leaders, then put the silent characters in charge of the story in the next expansion and temporarily end the stories for the main faction leaders.

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I am on the I don’t care what happens to Sylvanas train, I did like this character back in warcarft 3 but since then she just isn’t the same people can argue against what I am going to say, but its simple and this view is shared by many.

She is simply the Lich Queen and more importantly doing so of her own free will, This doesn’t mean “look evil character hate” but its more a what a joke you have become Sylvanas you have become the guy you hated the most and worse its a cliché.

But fear not Sylvanas fans no matter what happens to her you have other dark rangers to follow when shes gone, dark ranger velonara for one is pretty much Sylvanas 2.0

She also does not seem to like sylvanas very much almost sees her as Sylvanas saw arthas if that helps.


Careful what you wish for. If Velonara were to become the next Forsaken leader, she would first thing raze your precious monastry down to the last stone😏

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Thanks to Sylvanas that’s not a problem anymore besides Velonara had her chance and I guess FAILED like every other time the place was raided.

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Speculation: A possible setup for Warchief Velonara?

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She does have some added stuff in the PTR but na she would of been given more spotlight if that was to be the case.

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If Blizzard are saying she won’t die then she absolutely will. They’ve lied to people before to subvert expectations in this manner.


That’s a pretty great example to be honest. Been a long time since I played that awesome storyline, but it could be applied in WoW as well.

The backlash and feeling of everything crumbling around the player during that storyline made me gulp and teary.


By the way, demoting the player character in the eyes of his faction could also be a way to effectively divorce the player story from the faction story, so that there can be faction conflicts without the player being a central part of them. If the player story is not the faction story anymore, Horde and Alliance can be at each others throat, although you are working in the shadows with “heroes” from all races on your world-saving stuff. That wouldn’t have to mean that there would be no faction-specific content or no faction based pvp, but it could be more of a side feature than a main feature… and people could even be able to choose which side they would support…

Well, a gnome can dream.


I decided to add something that’s been going on my mind lately.
Regarding this topic and why Sylvanas won’t be killed this expansion.
“War Crimes”.

My question:
Will we see another book about our new “Evil” Warchief written by Christie Golden, in the end of the next expansion ?

My answer: Yes.
It doesn’t need to be about a trial, it may be about her memories.
In example:

  • Why she decided to burn Teldrassil.
  • Was Malfurion her true target or she predicted, that Anduin would siege Undercity and Saurfang rebelion from the start ?
  • Did she sent assassins to enfuriate Thrall and make him coming back ?
  • Did she ever planned to win this war from the start or it was just all a diversion so the Alliance and the Horde would come together and fight N’Zoth ?
  • What she plans to do about her after life ?
    I believe only Nathanos knows at this point her true intentions.

If we notice Garrosh life span, we met him in TBC and he went all the way through WoD where he was finally killed by Thrall.
So a grand total of 5 expansions.
4 if we count only the time he starts leading the Horde.
Sylvanas started as official Warchief in Legion, it’s on BfA that we are truely seeing her actions as Warchief.
Saurfang, Baine and Thrall so far only have the support of Anduin, Jaina and Shawn, it’s not clear how much support can the Alliance provide to the rebels.
From the Horde only the Tauren and Thunder Bluff are with the Rebels so far.
Lor’themar and Thalyssra may join later, but so far they are cards out of the rebels deck.

Garrosh by the end of MoP only counted with the support of his Kor’kron guard and some goblins working for him.
Sylvanas has been with the Horde since Thrall created it in Vanilla.
Not only that the Darkspear, Orcs are leaderless, unlike in MoP where Vol’Jin actively worked against Garrosh and this works on Sylvanas favor.
This topic has been debated many times and I think the writters are doing it on purpose.
Remember a race without a leader is much easier to manipulate and as stated by Zarao, all seven races of the Horde were present in Teldrassil, except the Zandalari because they were not part of the Horde at that time.

I see Garrosh and Sylvanas as two lemons.
Garrosh was squeezed untill the last drop, when they had enough of him they killed him.
That’s what will happen for Sylvanas, unfortunately.
For me the time they had the chance of doing something good about her character, it was during WoTLK and they blew it.

That’s my opinion.


Also focus on smaller more down to earth stories of local zones.
you know we wont loose and bad guy will ultimatly loose for world ending plan, or else well no game left.
But a small fishing town or that farmer you help vs bandits or so, they could live,die,prosper due your actions and well you wont know what will ultimatly happen, the fate of such smaller scale events in uncertain/unknown.

and in such smaller scale they can do more aswell cause its for that 1zone not effecting evrything ingame.


Well, we could have lost in WoD without permanently hurting the game… I’m still annoyed that they didn’t destroy Draenor to showcase the Legion’s power… sigh

Yeah… There is a FFXIV sidequest that really impressed me more than it probably should have… It’s just a quest to get the meat for a last feast for some dying guy… and when you come back he is already dead. It’s a very, very minor failure, but it really did have an impact for me.

So… it doesn’t even have to be the zone’s theme or a villain, failure can spice up the game experience tremendously, as long as they give it any emotional significance at all.

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I like how you ignored all other allied races. Shows how relevant they are :wink:

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