Blizzards Incompetency

You nerf the ability to farm honor for the r14 gear.
You didn’t fix a bug so people who have never been in a raid, get 8/10 locked.
You changed UBRS from 10-15 to a 5man? Not 100% on this.

So what are we supposed to do?
We can’t PVP
We can’t PVE

How are you going to push the pre-patch so fast, and so quickly that you screw up so many core features and systems, how is this even possible? Embarrassing is an understatement.

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I bet you were in the #nochanges gang now they fix a bug and your malding. Classic Andy boys

Well, you’re wrong there.
I came to WoW for the TBC-Classic, nice try though. Probably should stop watching Amsongold.

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Tbf the honor nerf is applied to everyone. Let’s also add to the incompetency that they stated via a blue post that gold caps would rise from 2k to 5k when realms opened again after prepatch for realm transfer, which hasn’t happened and shows for level 70 only on their site now, but you can’t level past 60 currently and obviously was meant for level 60 transfers.

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