Blizzard please open Character Transfer in prepatch

Dear blizzard many people in this game (not including my self firemaw for life<3) will need a server transfer in my guild on firemaw. We have 2 people on other servers that are prepared to transfer into our server in prepatch and they had no idea it closed when it did. Please open the character server transfer in the prepatch and even in TBC. It would be so much help to lots of people :slight_smile:


No they won’t, they have already said this.

They said it would be closed for “several weeks”

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From 30 april to either 1 june or 18 may is also multiple weeks :slight_smile: they expect to reopen the service when the process of snapshotting is over and the snapshotting of all characters should be done in prepatch since thats where we choose either tbc or classic

Hello yes! We intend to turn on the character transfer service soon after realms go live with the update next week. We need to keep transfers offline until we’re done snapshotting all characters, but that will be finished during maintenance, so realm transfers can be resumed thereafter.

On a related note, we’ve made a small change to realm transfer restrictions. Previously, a player-character was restricted to taking a maximum of 2000 gold with them. Going forward, that maximum has been raised to 5000 gold.

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Are you planning on enabling PvE to PvP Realm transfers, like it was back in original TBC?


That came in very late in TBC, 2 weeks before WotLK prepatch, so I doubt it, and honestly, I hope they don’t open that up until after the final phase of TBC Classic.

Anyways, planning on allowing transfers between accounts? I did it back in original TBC, will you allow it this time? (Even just between accounts on the same battle net account will suffice).

Thanks for clarification on when this service will return.

Is there any chance we will see something done to “reset” peoples transfer cooldowns before TBC launches? Personally, I transferred servers mid March and I kind of assumed back then that the CD would be done before TBC launched since we hadn’t even began beta testing and there was no release date available. Now I’m in a situation where I can’t transfer my character again until a couple weeks into TBC.

It’s probably also worth me mentioning that in Feb 2008 the CD on server transfers was reduced to 30 days.,%2F%20%C2%A317%20%2F%20%E2%82%A924%2C000.

I imagine there’s quite a few people in a similar situation to me who are still on a transfer CD (since we had no idea when TBC was launching) whom would like to reconnect with friends for launch.


This would let people with multiply accounts to get multiply level 58 boosts though so i doubt they will let it. I am not against it, i will actually take advantage if it if it will happen!

The wording here was really bad :frowning: we planned our upcoming server migrations around the 5k per char number which would allow me to transfer 30k worth of gold. But according to your support article ( that 5k limit is only for level 70 characters?
We wanted to escape the toxicity of PvP servers and move to PvE, we specifically didn’t want to level up on a PvP server just to be able to transfer everyones gold :frowning:

Edit: Also, back in 2.4.3 the limits was higher (51+ 5k)


Would love to see to be able to transfer from PvE to PvP realm…
Leveled in PvP friend plays on PvE, transfer there, the playing stops, get stuck
Like atleast an option to ‘’ go back ‘’

Another guild here that planned a move with your words of 5000g cap, is the help article wrong about the 2000g limit for level 60s??


What about Faction change?

You really need to clarify yourself here, I’ve just went to transfer and it says the limit is 2000g, not 5000g as clearly stated in this blue post. There is no levels mentioned, just that the maximum is going from 2k to 5k. I’m very frustrated after a week of wanting to move and now I’m stuck, again. Don’t make me do a “Well thanks Blizz” post.

Please explain why this is not in the game as you clearly stated? Why am I still limited to only 2000g? Why did I spend a week looking forward to this from official information and now I’m disappointed.

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So it’s an incompetent blue post, as EU website for TBC Classic realm transfer shows this:


I’m never, ever, trusting anything I see on these forums by any blue poster again. Just a bog standard forum user spouting nonsense.

Edit: So I guess this isn’t something Blizzard wants to talk about, ticket I put in this morning had a duration eta of 24 hrs, went to 22hrs then went to over a day and duration is just getting longer and longer, currently at 1 day 1 hr. I put a ticket in a few days ago with a 24 hr eta and someone got back to me within 30 mins.

Just completed a transfer with 5,000 gold on a level 60 char. So yet another wrong Blizzard help page. Hopefully this info helps you guys wanting to transfer.

How? The transfer limit is 2000g

It must be misinformation on the help site. I transferred multiple level 60 with 4999g and it worked.


I would have loved PVE to PVP transfer, had offers on other servers but levelled on Mirage Raceway. Like my realm a lot but in the end friends wanted to go PvP realm for TBC.

It actually did get to the payment screen surprisingly, but it’s just sitting at “Please wait while we take care of some business”. Did it take a while for you?