Blizzards pathetic response to 20% of Stitches server dying to their issues

You don’t disconnect on Stitches either. Your character cannot use it’s abilities or respond to you clicking or pressing keys. And you just read in chat that your character has died.

You do when server crashes. And that is what happened and killed loads of people.
The click problem does not exist on the other servers, it’s “only” insane slow when logging in, entering an instance etc.

The funniest thing is that they are probably the ones who are testing the servers and that is why they are not working well.

I’ve got the same problem, ticketed, GM replied Stitches has issues they are still looking into.
For now they ask us to be patient and hope they are resolved soon so our character can play again.
Not much but that’s what I got.

That would be great!

Here the response of a GM from my ticket :

Hi Mike!
I’m Game Master Ocestoalsi, here to help you!

I see that your hardcore character has died. We completely understand your situation, but unfortunately the Game Masters aren’t able to revive this kind of character in any situation. If you have been the victim of a lag, please find more information at this link: Hardcore servers lag [20/09] - #106 by Tyrskorn-2108

Don’t hesitate to get back to us if you have any further questions. Have a nice day!

MJ Ocestoalsi

Yeah really poor service quality, not gonna tolerate this any longer.


just canceld my sub… if many people do this too, they maybe begin to think about their “billion dollar company” cause money is all they want (My Lvl 56 died on flight…)


Did the same here, unsub.


So you guys are unsubbing because of something that all of you did accept while creating your character? That your character’s death is permanent no matter the circumstances? Which means even due to server lags or the server crashing and which is clearly stated before?

Why did you guys even play HC when you are clearly not happy with the requirements you need to accept before being able to finish the character creation?

I know that it sucks to lose a character this way and you can blame blizzard for their bad server infrastracture (which is not only a classic HC thing btw). But blaming them for not doing a rollback or reviving characters is just wild and completely out of touch since they were very clear about this from the beginning.


Well i think some peoples brain are washed and dampend by playing to much in first place.

So do your micro brain understand that we all know that , we agreed to the therms of blizzard saying that there is no revive.

However that beeing said, its obiously that it is blizzards fault that 2k people died because of server laggs.

That means yes i agreed with the therms but i also have the power if i dont agree too unsub same as the other personson who died because of blizzards server issues.

So you cant force people keep subing because they agreed to therms.

Our move is to unsub because we dont agree and now its blizzards move.

My personal sub is ending in a few minutes and i will not act like nothing happend :smiley:


My sub is running out on Sept 30.

I treated WOW as just a casual way to spend time in the past several month. (really casual way. - Last time when I logged in and played daily was TBC classic)

As many people on the forum I could play something else, which by the way next to wow I’m doing it currently.
So I would say this wipe affected the casuals like me more than the Hardcore players who are logged in daily 6+hour. (because a, it happened on the weekend, b: They lost a lot more IRL time, as HC players speed level up anyway…)

Do you think if you work or have other commitment, will these ppl will start over? No.

(and most of these ppl have the capability to play other games as they have the money and PC to run other games they like.)

What this boils down, is the person who pays do think that they are getting or not getting the enjoyment and service from Blizzard they are expecting.
For me, I would say no, for others yes.

Let this issue gone, I don’t expect any revive (even though I think Blizzard should have acted), so either you can accept this and play again or unsub and go play other games.

(Also you can unsub for 6 month. Which means you could buy like 3 AAA games discounted which are good and you can enjoy your time with it) - RDR 2 was like 19eur on steam which imho worth it, but anyway not focused on that, you get my point imho.)
And after 3 game and 6 month without wow you can decide if wow worth your time and money.

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I’ve been playing on Nekrosh for the last few days and I’ve not witnessed any significant lag compared to my previous experience on Stitches

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But I read posts that characters also died on Nek’rosh due to the lag.

I was there yesterday morning and I hardly felt any lag tbh

They accepted that their character wouldn’t be restored, not that they will keep paying for low quality service that is Blizzard server policy.

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How do you know it’s 2K. Just curious.

From the various logs people were using when it happened?

Least we can see that there are 2k less players in queue now as well.

The only way we can make blizzard make a move to fix these issues is to collectively unsubscribe because money is the only language they speak.


I haven’t lost a character in the great purge, but I can completely understand why people are upset. Despite server lag and disconnections being mentioned in the T&Cs for playing Hardcore, I find it pretty unnaceptable that the infrastructure wasn’t in place to account for that.

It sounds like another quick buck opportunity if I’m being honest, and is indicative of the fundamental issue with capitalism. Rip your customers off. Answerable to noone.

The game mode as a whole is fantastic, but anyone inhaling the copium on this issue needs to have a word with themselves. Demand more. You’re literally PAYING for this sh*t.