Block Raider IO from your game

during early days of this IO hell, players were accepting 1k io for keys no big deal, but now everyone wants 2k io, even for low keys

i have 1.5 k io, and i get declined in 90% of the time

players with low io score looking to get hard carry by 2k io players, and players with 2k io are accepting players of the same io score

the longer this idiotic website keeps running, the more things get harder for players

block it from accessing your game data

or maybe take a second, and look at your game design and figure out the issues that forces players on using 3rd party systems and demanding unnecessary data to play the game

do something


Then 90% of your runs would not finish. BfA dungeon design forced RIO validation to much higher degree than Legion. Plus 2K is pointless if you don’t check amount of logged runs - to detect boosted.

And Blizzard created in game group and guilds you can join to run M+ without random PUGs.

I have a lot on my mind to say to op, but ill probably get hated here and there so rather not.
Rio is probably one of best things thst could happen to m+, only thing blizz could do is put it to their game as base thing, same as pvp rating, give us rewarda achieves etc. We need rio, because we either wanna same level players in or group, or better one so they can teach u something.
If some1 high io is making group and he doesnt wants u in it he probably has reason for it…


OP run your own keys. Simple solution really.

And when you do invite people based on ilvl only, this works specially well in runs over 15


so in order to play the game i have to join guilds, and in order join guilds i have to go to 3rd party website and apply from there and upload logs from another 3rd party system, tell them about my life etc…


Either it should be in game or should be banned. I would totally love Blizzard to start stealing some addons by adding them as in-game feature~ little effort and you can gloat that you are doing something. We dont even have map coords :rofl:

Stop outside sites from getting rich on your back Blizzard :sweat_smile:


Unless you want to run keys way above the gear limit, joining a guild isn’t really this complicated.

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Its a moot point blizzard have already stated they are bringing there own version in SL .
All this post is going to do is go around in circles just like the other 1000s of threads before it.
Last seasons IO means nothing with new gear (corruption) and affix .


I mean a minimum of conversation is kinda acceptable to be invited in a closed circle of like minded people since that’s essentially what guilds are. Requirements will depend on the content orientation of the guild. But most casual guilds will accept you after a quick chat.

There are also beginner friendly keystone communities like Zen Horde. I like Zen Horde a lot and I even timed +15s with them. I think on Alliance side there’s “Calm Keystones” but I never ran with them. Calm Keystones on Horde side is pretty inactive

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People would still use selection criteria even if RIO didn’t exist, and they would likely be steeper. Fewer people would invite randoms at all. At least with RIO, you can work on your score by yourself (over time, and with your own keys). It is a more accurate representation of your experience than the alternatives.

I’d not worry about getting rejected right now. I’ve decent gear and around 1700 score, and I currently get rejected from the +6s that everyone runs. There are MANY people applying and groups fill super fast. It’ll level out over the next few weeks.

And don’t automatically assume you get rejected because of your RIO score and not because of your class, item level, or simply a million of applicants.

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I guess people, who want to ban Raider io also want to ban armoury - same thing. Just one has quicker summary.


It’s the start of the season.
Everyone it’s pushing toward +15s for weekly chest, for now it’s one of the best ways to get gear without spending much time on HC raiding.

rIO is a useful tool. If you need more score you can push your key and choose what players you want in your group.

You can play the game without a guild. The purpose of guild is to find players akin and make your gameplay easier.

Guilds that use 3rd part websites are high end guilds that look and require experience players.
Would you invite someone who hasn’t done a +17 ever? If your intention is to push at those levels and you’ve several experience players, then I think it’s not a good idea.

You can push high end dungeons without guilds, in order to do that you need to find a group and make your own premade.


if by armoury you mean gear, than i have high level gear that didn’t fix the issue

but if you mean players have to check armoury for achievement in order to participate and play the game, than there is flaw in their design that forced players into acting in such a way


Whats the flaw? There is no problem making sure people are “qualified” to do the role they are applying to.

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The design is taken straight out of real life tho.

Think applying for a job and the role of CV. CV here is condensed into a few lines. Key owner is employer, you are the potential employee.
Employer wants some assurances that the person who gets to be hired is capable. So does the key owner.

You’re literally arguing against human nature, which is a fighting windmills kind of thing.
Imo, you should put a little bit of effort into the step by step plan that was outlined for you above. It might not go as smooth, but its doable.

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Honestly Armoury should be banned too ; Alternatively all players should have option on their account to toggle on or off if they want to have profiles open to view for others ; Where’s the privacy policy ?? Really don’t want some scrubs to check my armoury and judge me by it ;


like i said in my post, im qualified for what im trying to play, but i cant cus people asking for higher score for no reason, why do i need 2k socre to play low keys ?

you can’t design a game based on real life structure, people playing the game for fun not for work

I’m not asking for things to be handed to me, my issue is why can’t i play for what im qualified for without having to stress and wait hours to get to play it

you are exactly right tho, this seems like work than gaming

You’re expected to… seek out likeminded people… to do group content… in an MMO…

This is madness I tell you!



I’ll always use as many tools at my disposal to try and assess someone’s ability so I can pick the best player from the 15 DPS that instantly apply to a M+ group that already has a tank&healer.

RIO to stay! I only wish it was easier to find out at a glance who paid for boosts for high score, and who routinely does higher level keys, because right now it’s a little too time consuming to weed out the low skilled!

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If people with better gear and experience queue up for the job, why should you be picked?
The only reason to “ban rio” or “hide armory” is to hide the fact that the competition is better than you.

If you want to play what you are qualified for, make friends and play with them. Randoms are under no obligation to pick you because you have a real life.

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