Blood Need Remake for better!

i just started to play as Blood Death Knight and discover basically duplicate spell of blood boild on talent tree which blocks good talents, and force you to choose this talent (Death’s Caress) - why blizzard ? its bad low dmg and duplite of better spell blood boil !

Why they cant put Consumption there instead or change it for something more usfull ?

also Blood DK is in quite bad Spot at the moment for PVP even it seem , for PVE it lack burst of aoe ( in my opinion - because i am already aware barking gonna start …) So blizz please consider making Blood DK slightly better, and maybe replace Bone Storm with some other usefull aoe ? like Blood Bats swarm surrounding player and attacking anyone who attack him and appying also bleed dot ? just help Blood DK please (Beggs on knees)

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I dont see why bdk are in a really good spot atm. I mean.

The only spec of dk that needs a rework is frost spec really.

i guess u didnt play blood dk then and see the talet tree , the Death’s Caress is usless and its waker then blood boil and you are force to choose it to get good talents

Death Caress is not useless though.
It gives you boneshield stacks, use you it when you don’t want to spend too much runes in Marrow so you can get stacks or refresh them.

Blood is ok in PvE and has one arena comp in arena iirc.

i personally dont think, and feel forced to get to other talents to use them why Consumption is not a choice there then ? for PVE its ok, its not best compare to other tanks, but for PVP its so bad…

Blood is doing fine, you’re talking about an a ability that’s purely used to retain marrow stacks of nothing is near by, or as a pull tool if you’ve got several mobs and not enough grips etc. really not sure what you mean

i believe the OP’s point is that blood, and the entire DK class could be alot better designed, and cared for.
be honest now, in any build do you take consumption or blood drinker? They used to be absolutely fearsome abilities that had great impact back in legion, then they have been sub par and now useless.

i cant speak for other tanks but personally, with my experience of being a semi casual all through this game is that DK design is made by people that dont care and dont understand it, or downright hate it/or an AI

Tank balancing for pvp wont come untill solo queue rbg releases, as for blood right now in arenas it’s fine i got to 2.5 last ssn with it.

I would love to see a dps option for blood dk at pvp .Less stam less healing but more dmg.

I don’t have any issues with Deaths Caress, even if it’s a niche ability. But I agree with the talent tree design. Build variations are lacking, and fun things like Bonestorm and Gorefiends Grasp are placed in spots where you can’t really take them without big downsides.
I can’t remember the last time I bothered changing my build. The only exception is in the class tree where I basically have to decide if I put 1 point in AMZ or something else.

So… Your asking if they buff the damage on a tanking class??.. Ive seen it all…
Are you having threat issues?? no
Are you having healing issues?? no
Are blood able to solo mythic 20-25s?? yes
Do DK need nerfing?? yes 100%

i think someone need doctor lol person broken on my post… help xD so how come DH can have outrageous dmg and DK not ? as tank specs … in comparison both HERO CLASSES !!!

In that case, good luck…
Oh BTW, Rets are getting buffed because Rets are the lowest performing DPS class so far and DK are in the middle…
Rets Bottom - Dk middle…

its not my fault pvp-ers moan too much and then pve is affected lol

you are lacking enchants. you are gemming stamina. you dont have a weapon enchant which is FREE for DKs.

and your problem is a spell you clearly dont understand ?

are you sure you are a human being ?

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Kind of a pitty that new dk races don’t get taught about rune-forging.
OP go to Acherus and enchant your weapon with Fallen Crusader in one of the many forges you can find, the spell is on your spellbook.

What???.. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Make sense?..

You will find PvP and PvE is seperate… :person_facepalming:

Works fine for me

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