Bnet - Appear Offline?

If I choose “Appear Offline” in Bnet, can my friends still see my activity if I play BGs or other things?

I know its work when your friend is playing a different game (Overwatch, HoTS…) but can you see you when you are in the same game as them?

What about if they added your separate WoW characters as friends too?

You’ll appear offline in and they won’t see you there but if they have your character in their friendslist and/or guild then they’ll still see you online.

Which sucks tbh… often times I just want to be left alone after a sh*tty day.


Hiding from Bastila in Azeroth won’t resolve your relationship issues, Revan…


Yeah… same here :frowning: I just want to have some alone time in the weekends.


You will appear online to them if you talk to them while hidden however.

Im hiding from Malak :smiley: I dont mind Bastila`s company ;]


No, but they will see your status changes and when it was last changed.

I removed all my characters from my raiders guild, and they do have to /who my alt guild, and I know one guy does it. But he (the raid leader) knows that when he whispers me on ‘pink’ he will get an “ignore”.

But people have left me alone since - pretty much.



So if I decide to go Offline for a few days but still playing the game 24/7 , will they still see “Last online activity 50 hours ago”?


Well I was last online 4 months ago, so yes, thats what they’ll see. Works probably better when they cannot /who you on same server, but classic people stopped whispering me, and most of my current realm guild stopped whispering me. And commenting me being online 5 am or something.

Just contrast is me being offline months, and last status change 3 weeks ago. I really did not think this trough, did I :frowning:

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Hm… I just goes Offline in Bnet, but when I enter the game I always have Status: Available with a green dot ;/

Can they see me then? Available, Away, Busy are the 3 choises. Or if bnet is Offline these 3 in-game online status options doesnt matter?

The status indicators for WoW and the launcher were originally 2 different systems. If you’re offline in the launcher, you’re offline to your battlenet friends, even with the green dot showing in WoW. WoW doesn’t have a dedicated offline status, unlike battlenet.

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This is correct. No matter if your game says you’re Online, you’ll appear Offline to your Battlenet friends.
I’ve reach the Offline status long ago (not ‘last time log’ that is) playing the game fairly often.

Doesn’t even have to be in the guild or if they have you on friendlist for them to see your character online. If you go offline and then queue for anything, while your friends are online on another server (Or if they just don’t have you on friendlist). They will see that your character has queued up for x. Although it will only appear for few secs.

As long as they’re the same faction as you they can still see that your character has queued up for something. Which sucks because Offline mode should do exactly what it means, because sometimes you just wanna be alone.


O… I was not aware of that :weary: now I have to be even more careful when trying to avoid people

Used to put myself on “busy” thinking that was clear enough but some still found a way to get offended :joy:

If you queue for content they can opt in for I believe they will see your character, if they have it on friends list or in guild…not sure about tag, haven’t tested extensively but i think that works too.

All the above is wrong .
If in offline mode the moment you sign for any que in guild out of guild or community or freinds list people will always see you in the quick join option.
Only way to stay hidden is dont sign up for anything.

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So… Im doomed then? :(((
I cant queue for BGs without friends seeing me.
I should remove some friends and go back to 0 in my list then :smiley:
Thank you, Blizzard!

You know what - you play and be alone if you want, if some snowflake gets offended over your “me” time, then its on them. Not you. Games are good way to escape from stress, least for a while and none should judge you for whatever preferences you have while playing.