Boomkin , Ele , Rogue 5/8M LF mythic raiding guild 2/nights a week !


Hello we are 3 ex hardcore players Looking for a 2 Nights a week Mythic raiding guild.

Who we are
We are 2 brothers and 1 friend who enjoy playing together however we are not bound in a raid. If one cannot preform to his ability and is benched on his performance then so be it. We want whats best for the guild and the progress of the guild for progression. Also too add all 3 of us have been playing this game on and off for 11 years and have a fair bit of experience.



Ele Shaman

What we are looking for:
A guild that can provide us with high level raiding and cutting edge without having to raid 5 times a week.
That have an active guild with players that dont just log on for raids then log off again.

What you will get from us
We will give 100% during raids and progress.
We will come to raids prepared with boss knowledge aswell as raid consumables.
We are all above the ages of 28 and we have a mature attitude.
We enjoy Killing boss and progressing
We are always using Simcarft and Theory craft to better our performances and welcome critzm if there is something we do not see.

Why are we only 5/8m you might ask
Reason is we have been struggling to find a guild that is active and have the skill base to progress. We also all rerolled late into the expansion since we started the expansion with the idea of doing mythic+ as a main focus.
We have decided we want to focus full time on raiding again and enjoy playing the game at a high level.

Warcraft Logs
This is a difficult one as when you are progress with a bad guild its very hard to get good logs. All 3 of us are capable of 99% perf for ilvl while doing mechanics provided we are given that chance.

Raid Times
We can raid any days of the week
We are also only wanting to raid 2 nights a week.
Due to only raiding 2 nights a week we also want a raid spot provided we preform ofc.
We will also have 100% attendance without a problem provided no emergency ofc.

Please feel free to add me on Bnet so we can discuss anything more that is needed. We are also willing to faction and server change.



IF you’d be fine raiding 3 days a week and xfering alliance, we’d have a core spot for all 3 of you to trial for.

(Laorii) #3

Hey! This is my recruitment: [H-Draenor] DHX - Heroic and mythic raiding We raid 2 days a week at present, clearing through our farm mythic, progressing further and clearing heroic if there’s time. Best to read the post and if it interests you give me an add on battletag LAORII#2787, or one of the other officers listed in the post. Cheeeeeeers! :slight_smile:


Update : I’m 1 of the 3 players,
I’m currently playing 2 characters at the moment, 1 of them is the elemental shaman above (Crisham) which I have recently just geared up, I just want to add that I’m able to play either elemental shaman or warrior which ever is needed more.
Here is a link to my warrior as well.


There you go dudes, good luck!


Evening, if you have any interest in 3 nights a week then please get in touch.


Still looking


I have added your battlenet I’m Icecube#xxxx. We are 8/8M raiding guild 3/7


Still havent found a home