Boost runs is destroying the game

In end the Retail is exactly what people really want, imagine that!


Why? People dont want to solo Quest 10-60 when they dont have to. Go make a mage or stop complaining about something that doesnt affect you.

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Ok so suggestions and ideas.

FIRST you have to decide what you want. Do you want Classic based on the 1.12.1 data or do you want a modified version, Classic+. This is a big question because in Classic+ you open up for all kind of changes and you may not like many of them.

I think that your idea is a good idea. It would make the game “better”. The problem is that this changed would be used as an argument to add all kind of changes… I know this is a slippery slope fallacy, but, we know for a fact what changes eventually lead to.

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This is exactly why Blizzard didn’t want to release Classic for so many years. The expansions cater to a completely different audience to what the audience in 2004-2006 was. Everybody back then had max. 2 years experience in a relatively hard game and was all enjoying it together: and now that isn’t true. The players are different now, and the game reflects that.

Boost runs are stupid, but they’re what happens when you take a 2004 game and put 2020 players in it.


I agree to an extent, but it’s also what happens when players are BIS’d and waiting for AQ40, they want to play an alt but they don’t want to repeat the quests they did before so they boost. That being said I herb and I’ve seen lots of horde and alliance in the 30-50 zones levelling the old fashioned way, I don’t think the problem is as bad as he makes out.

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Yeah it’s definitely not a huge problem. Unlike retail servers, where any trade chat is just constant spam from guilds boosting players through actual end game content. That’s a total crapshoot.


Well, seeing as there are no levelling dungeon groups and a lot of boosts, it is clear what people prefer to do / spend their time and gold on, no? You are the minority.

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Could it be a server population issue? I’m looking at LFG right now and it looks pretty healthy.

100% agree, tried to find grp to RFC and Wailing Caverns took me like 3hr (as healer) to find grp at peak time on Firemaw,

You literally spam that argument for months on the forums, boring…

Most people leveling now are leveling alts, going into RFC or Wailing Caverns would slow down their leveling, also they can have a 60 guildy kill the bosses for them and do the quests in minutes. Scarlet Monastery and up is where you’ll start to see LFG’s.

Over a year now in fact. But it’s not me who "spam the forums. New characters make very similar threads and I respond to them.

I am simply trying to get OP to think about what he really ask for. I don’t think he fully realize what the consequences are of his suggestion.

Basically. What are the odds that the game will become better with changes? It’s not like people generally are very happy with the changes we have got already. Many or most changes are a reaction to other changes and almost all threads use unrelated changes as an argument to add more changes.

Not really. Unlike real vanilla, classic has not a MASSIVE influx of new players every day.
Therefore you can’t find as many other noobs doing elite quests/dungeons, and for raiders leveling alts, buying boots is just straight up more efficient.
The only real difference is that the alt guys in real vanilla would not buy boots, but get boosted by guildies.

btw why does a lvl 14 paladin complain about this? can’t you find at deadmines group AT LEVEL 14?

Mate, let’s start talking about real ruining issues, like bots, no communication from Blizzard, layering and sh-tty servers.

Then we can talk about this.


Boosts do not ruin the game. People are paying to get boosted because there aren’t enough people running old content. This is the reason sharding was put into place.

Layering just doesn’t affect you at all. If people aren’t able to abuse it there’s no down side to layering.

How is a player playing the way they want to play stupid?

The other thing is the shortage of tanks, that at least is keeping the same as years ago.

I’ve seen enough people in the course of a hour to make several groups, lfboosts, but then probably still easier to pay, if u can afford it.

Oh looks like the child is insecure again.

Because I decided it is. Next question?

If you can’t support your opinion with some objective data how did you form it?

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