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I’ve already spotted a few bots and/or goldfarmers having uncommon activities for a normal player. Maybe it would be good to establish a list and some intervention brigade to cleanse the realm.

Desolace: 3 rogues bots underwater next to Shadowprey Village
Malofya, Venisara, Barbadon


Forum ban inc; naming and shaming.

The policy is in place for a reason, just because you do not like what they are doing and/or they are ignoring you doesn’t mean they are botting, report them to blizzard and let them and their (in their own words) great bot detection handle it.

Russian background on those names, 100% botting. Cheating is their national sport.

Seen a few bots in azshara, report them then kill for free honour.

that’s just simply rude and maybe even racist comment. And as a Russian there is nothing that says has a Russian background in those names


Absolutely not racist, russians are not a race.
And as russian you should recognize at least first word. And if you don’t, you should google it :slight_smile:

Oh sorry for picking the wrong word - xenophobic sounds better? =) And honestly have no idea what you are googling and what you were able to find out. In this spelling there are no words related to that

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As you said, I have in fact truely been banned for a time. Burocracy went crazy like in USSR, meanwhile the bots were and are still there, farming lobsters.
3 bots, 24h, 7 days… 20g/h, it’s Over 10.000 gold a week.

Once reported, I wonder why Blizzard representatives take so long to stop this, and bring way more strength to ban the one that open mouth.

You should be more lenient to your fellow russians, my russian friend.

Oh ))) $hit of tauren. whats happened there. ))))))
I assure you there is no Russian names in this list.

There only one russian speaking guild on this server - Torn Tongue.
If you see our members cheating\use bots. - you can call me directly.

bots do not speak

They’re too polite correct to respond with &erks )))))))

Yesterday’s night they went offline at the exact same time. I had then 2 options in Mind.

  1. Some blizzard representative made his work. O’RLY?
  2. They are in the same room, connected on the same line to the internet.

At morning one came earlier, the second 30min after, like taking his job, or being launched back in the game. This thing is getting serious. They took their place back, not interfering on each others lobsters’ cases, each one controlling one third of the quest zone.

The last one, seems less active, less online, like if it was launched only when bigger cash-flow is needed.

At this moment there is 2 “guys” doing circles deep in the waters of Shadowprey Village. And I wonder if it’s the same case on other realms.

They do not talk back because all they could say would be ))))))))))))

I newly raise this topic as the last 3 bots where killed, but a new wave - of the more likely same cartel - just came.
I spotted a place where they grow in level, Satyrnaar in Ashenvale. Curious fact, if you come and bother their grind levelling by your presence and your will to kill mobs there, some alliance hunter just logs in and try to kill you … and just let the bots continue their “duty”.

Those guys constantly underwater, I came to the idea to sell breathing pots on auction house to bust them. I found there was a indeed some market. But which market?! Only the same character is constantly buying those pots. And that character, is right now underwater in Desolace, fishing lobsters, with 2 other bots. They will be there for weeks.

In Feralas, there is like 4 bots as well.
One, orcist warrior, between Mojache & the far eastern alliance landing point, north of the road. A second, troll mage, «controls» the southern part to the road. A third, near the writhing deep. The team just kill wolves & bears there.
Once they get higher, they go to the ruins of Ravenwind, where a female orcist hunter currently is.

I wonder why so few action from Blizzard to keep a safe place here. The game has already been plagued by bots and goldfarmers in Vanilla’s past. I thought the mistakes made should have taught thou something in terms of latrines cleansing. Reality shows I was just wrong. I then came to google for a check. Seeing results, I realize it’s an industry. It’s all plagued.

Seeing the video recently posted by that podcaster in the US, the situation is not just localized to ZT.

So when will you act ?

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