Bots are mining 24/7

I am wondering why does it takes so much time to ban/suspend bots?
In badlands 3 dks (2 horde + 1 alliance) (Ashbringer) are mining the exact same route all day without stopping. It is more than enough evidence, but they are still going with the same name.
My question is what is the limitation that prevents the action against them?


I feel your pain… it doesn’t matter which zone tbh, most of the time there are more bots farming mats than actual players. Blizzard doesn’t give a F it seems… they milk us and then stop caring.
Disgraceful company behavior


Money. For ActiBlizz they are valid paying customers


The bots brings money to blizzard. And blizzard knows people will still play even if bots are present.


A typical bot network can run hundreds of bots concurrently on multiple accounts.

Each account buys a level boost $$$$$$ ta-ching!. Each account rolls a DK the remainder mostly level by running around in battlegrounds and leech XP. Once appropriately levelled they can get out into the world and start their farming operations.

Consequently Blizzard makes an absolutely massive amount of money from the big bot networks. The bot networks can easily shrug off the cost of running so many accounts and buying so many boosts as they become rich themselves through people buying gold, or paying for ‘powerlevelling services’.

Everyone’s happy save for legitimate players.


Same thing happening on Golemagg. The mithril are falling in price every day. Sad to see my farm being destroyed by bots since 2 weeks ago when they opened our server.

Maybe its too difficult for blizzard to reconize bots.

We are in 2022, there is not many of ways to treat that kind of new feature that botting is.

And dont forget that priorities are world of spyrocraft and incoming new bobby’s yacht.

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Tried to farm mithril ore in searing gorge, did 2 laps around the map, found a shocking amount of 0 veins…

So i went back to farming worms in storm peak

like ever company on plenet mean greed common ting this days gold farm so boring blizz claim want fair play but this problem only get worse even classic classic it problem chine gold seller so i dont relly see diffrend honest dont care too much some dont time farm gold so buy it not bad ting blizz dont want need implment token or somting left littel choice

i hope my english not too bad

before u sey it let me make it very clear some want raid dont want farm just raid dont want farm gold old days dont time anymore not young so just enjoh time wat why heve

Who cares about legitimate players? No one. Money talks.

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I reported a few Death knights but nothing seems to happen to them

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Some people here say that GDKP runs should be banned because it supports RMT. I think mining and herbalism should be removed from the game too for the same reason :clown_face:

A bots’ sub is actually better than yours, you may quit tomorrow, a bot will go on as long as the servers are online.

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I keep reporting 3 bots on the servers as well, but as I understand no action will be taken against them since they are indeed considered paying customers… BUT what can be done is place some Pacify buff on them which will prevent any action to be done from the bot side until removed.
They will still be logging but cannot mine/skin/herb and Blizzard can get their money (win for community win for company)

Is there any pacify buff can can even be applied without being in party?

You can’t even Power word: shield people outside your party due to weakened soul.

Blizzard will just ignore this topic and let it close after 2 months after no activity as they always do with uncomfortable topics even if it goes against the EULA:

License Limitations. Blizzard may suspend or revoke your license to use the Platform, or parts, components and/or single features thereof, if you violate, or assist others in violating, the license limitations set forth below. You agree that you will not, in whole or in part or under any circumstances, do the following:


bots; i.e. any code and/or software, not expressly authorized by Blizzard, that allows the automated control of a Game, or any other feature of the Platform, e.g. the automated control of a character in a Game;

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Can someone from Blizzard comment about this or is it the same old, thank you for reporting you are making World of Warcraft better place, and ignore the issue?

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At this point you should just bot yourself

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Look down the forum threads and find a thread that has a blue-post response to that wasn’t a thread by them announcing something. You’ll give up before you find one :smiley: