Breakfast Raiders! (Morning Raiding Guild)

Is an Alliance Morning raiding guild on the EU Server Ravencrest, we are focused on clearing current Heroic then moving onto Mythic raiding and trying to push for Cutting Edge each tier (well, we try!) All with the aid of our main sponsor, Coffee!

This Post:

Now that’s out of the way, the intention of this thread is to recruit you lovely peole that want to raid in the Mornings whilst still being able to secure an everyday life outside of gaming the rest of the day! We encourage wholesomeness, helping each other out and making it a pleasant time for everyone involved when online! We have a non toxicity policy which provides a haven for you whilst playing with us!

Raid times:

Wednesday, Friday and Monday 09:30-12:00 CET. We also have a Alt/Social raid on Tuesday a tier lower than our progress tier.

Our Current Progress will always be Updated at the Bottom of this Thread

What is Breakfast Raiders looking for? We are currently recruiting:

People with at least regular Heroic experience that wish to progress into Mythic raids.

Ranged DPS: Basicly any Ranged spec, but Ele/Balance/Hunter/Shadow etc are all good :smiley:

Melee DPS: Rogue, Monk, Enhance

Healers: Paladin, Priest (Holy/Disc), Resto Druid
Tanks: Closed

Exceptional Applications are always welcome so please do get in touch regardless!

What if Raiding ain’t my thing?

First of all, welcome to you too! And no worries my friend, raiding is not everything this Guild stands for - as much as daytime raiding matters to Breakfast Raiders , socializing, Dungeons, M+, PvP’ing and just chatting around means just as much if not even more. We believe a solid & engaging community is key to creating the right environment for successful raiding and everyday guild life!

Regardless of your ingame intentions we would love to have you on board to join in the fun!

Please add us on or simply join the Discord for more questions!

Bnet: MrMax#2149, HiddenSquid#2154120

Discord link: https ://discord .gg/ tmF8n5tKRb (Remove spaces)

I hope to be able to have a chat with you very soon!

Have a nice day and thanks for passing by!


As of right Now we are currentl 10/10 Heroic and 3/10 Mythic Castle Nathria, Mythic Inerva should die relatively fast and then on to sunny King :slight_smile:

update on Progress, we killed Inerva today making us 4/10 Mythic! we had a couple of pulls and got him down to second Phase 2! @10%

Sun king died aswell :smiley: 5/10M

Still 5/10M but pretty close to 6/10M 7% wipe

Recruiting Ranged & Warrior DPS :smiley:
ofcourse any skilled application will be considered!

socials very welcome aswell :slight_smile:

We’re 6/10M now and still looking for new range dps and warrior trials :wink:

Still looking for the last few people to bolster our ranks! :smiley:

Almost 7/10M! expecting Blood council to die tomorrow :open_mouth:

7% >:( next raid!

Just in case some might be confused, there isnt two morning raiding guilds called Breakfast Raiders, this thread is just a continuation of the older one.

It was getting too big!

<Breakfast Raiders> Alliance Morning Raiding Guild! now Recruiting! <-- old version

We will use this thread to continue our Mythic Journeys!

ps give ranged dps.

and the old one was a bit outdated :slight_smile:

Good morning Güete Morge Добро утро Dobré ráno God morgen Goedemorgen Tere hommikust Hyvää huomenta Bonjour Καλημέρα Jó reggelt (kívánok) Buongiorno Iterluarit Gódan daginn Subbakhair Buna dimineata Dobraye ootra Buenos dias God morgon Dobri ranok!

Well, that’s as many good mornings as I can handle for a monday morning.

6/10M Still raiding 3 mornings a week, in search of geared, good players to continue onwards. 7/10 about to go down next reset.

Come over and say hi! Let’s have a chat. :slight_smile:

7/10M - Anyone interested in daytime raiding <----- and has xp/motivation!

Please come on over say hi!

We also have socials if you are looking for an active daytime guild!


Looking for motivated talented players to finish off Mythic Nathria this tier!

Presently 7/10 and doing Sludge, come over and say hi!

7/10M - Recruiting a top experianced Holy Paladin to join our healing team, come over and say hi on our discord please!

Other quality players will also be looked at if you are interested in daytime raiding too!

:+1:t4: :100:

Morning, enjoy your Sunday coffee zzzzz!

Still on the look out for Holy Paladin, if your a dps and have great logs with Mythic Exp then please also come on over for a chat!


Actively Progressing on Mythic Sludgefist right now, Still in need of Ranged & Holy Pala for 9.0 and onwards!

Anyone want to day raid, during the daytime?!

Pop on over and say hi :slight_smile:

Progressing Mythic Nathria, socials also welcome!

Come join us !
Mythic Sludge is going down.

Still looking for Socials and DPSers for the Main team! :smiley: